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  1. Trabzonspor - Hatayspor(1) Odds: 1.55

  2. Parma Fc - Bari(1) Odds: 1.93

  3. Kf Fjallabyggd - Volsungur(1) Odds: 3.35

  4. Hnk Sibenik - Istra 1961(1) Odds: 2.25

  5. Fh Hafnarfjordur W - Augnablik W(1) Odds: 1.07

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Surebets are predictions whose chances of coming true are near 100%. A sure bet therefore must have over 90% chance of occurrence. This means that 9 out of ten of the time, the prediction comes true on average. Anything less than that does not qualify to be called a surebet or sure bet.

Surebetsite is an acclaimed provider of sure bets, sure bet tips and predictions. Our winning rate is a solid 93% on all services or packages. The main question among many of our users is why we do not offer 100% sure bet predictions. The answer is simple, we are human too, and nothing that has not happened yet is ever 100% sure.


The Surebet Question is a contagious and polarizing debate about the existence and use of sure bets in betting whose conclusion is that surebets exist in plain sight for anybody who can recognize them.


It is official that using surebet strategies such as arbitration and live betting, you can easily make your own surebets. Anybody could do this is you can crack numbers fast and strategically. Like in most areas of science or art, Sure betting has rules, guidelines and commandments. If you use them and use VIP tips that are both analyzed and verified by experts, then you can surely achieve consistent profit from your betting.

In the traditional way of using surebets, the element of Surebet shoulders is one that baffles many. If you are a Professional Arber, then our VIP tips comes with numerous surebet shoulders that guarantee profits regardless of the outcome. Surebet Shouders are those matches that provide the chances for arbing successfully.


The profit margins from such surebets might be low but this is solved once you get the Advanced Surebet & Arbing Spreadsheet that you can use to spread your bets in a way that maximize profits in case of a target outcome, and returns the full stake amount in case of any other outcome.

One factor that affects the profit margins of surebets and even determines the very existence of an arbing opportunity is the profit margin sought by the bookmarkers that you use. Getting good profits from Sure bets therefore depend on how well you know about using of bet exchanges to increase your profit margin.

Finally, make sure you understand the shortcomings of betting arbitration to avoid disappointments and losses. You must have all bases covered if you are to make consistent profits on bookmakers or betting exchanges.



Surebets do exist. To find surebets you need to use surebet finders or a program that calculates odds offered by several bookmakers to identify those that provide an opportunity for sure bets to exist. Surebets exist due to 2 main reasons:



Odd movement or odds fluctuation is the main reason sure bets exist. Bookmakers change odds for each event constantly as a result of demand and supply. If a significant number of people bet on a particular outcome, the odds go down so that the outcome becomes less attractive to others.


The opposing odds, on the other hand, goes up as the bookmaker tries to encourage bets on it. Bookmakers do this to balance the risks and ensure a profit for the house because the house always wins.

Fortunately for arbers, some bookmakers may be slow to update the odds even as others have them updated. This is where the arber comes in and takes advantage in such a way that whatever the outcome, a small profit is guaranteed.


Some bookmakers make errors in their odds. Odds for some events are listed significantly higher than they are supposed to be in regard to the average odds among other bookmakers. These errors, although rare, provide fertile ground for surebets to exist.


There are many surebet alert services that can help you identify such errors and capitalize on them. Since the errors might last for only a few minutes or hours, you may need to be quick in identifying and exploiting the errors before corrections are made. Remember, the corrections do not change the odds in your already placed bet slips.


The above 2 reasons for existence of surebets are solely applicable for pre-match bets. Majority of sure bets in reality happen during live matches. Each event in a match causes some changes on odds.


Time is big factor too. As time passes, odds like for Over or Under market change constantly. Each goal, shot on target or yellow card has an effect on some odds. With a good live betting strategy, you can have numerous surebet opportunities for any game.



So, yes, surebets do exist and it is possible to bet without losing. To achieve this, you need to learn about arbitrage betting, register on some surebet finder websites and on multiple bookmaker websites. It is not all roses in this art of surebetting.

There are shortcomings of arbitrage betting you might need to overcome to turn a meaningful profit from surebetting.

We also have a surprising and enlightening answer for you if you need to know if fixed matches really do exist.


Betting Arbitration is betting on outcomes without the risk of losing. Guaranteed profits for a bet whatever the outcome is the basis of betting arbitration. Many people have asked me before if surebets really do exist and it is for that reason I am dedicating this article to writing on all you need to know about sure bets and arbitrage betting.


Most bookmakers protect themselves from running losses by optimizing the odds in their book such that they don’t provide arbitrage opportunities. This they do by providing odds that are lower than really are supposed to be.


Odds are a representation of the underlying probabilities for an event. Like all probabilities, the joint probability for a certain set of odds should add up to 100%. For instance, the probability that a match that plays to conclusion ends with a home win, a draw or an away win is unsurprisingly 100%. Those are the 3 and only outcomes available for a full time Win-Draw-Win market.

If the probabilities were accurately reflected in bookmaker odds on their websites, then the house would not turn a profit. The value of wins by the punters would cancel the value lost by those that lose.


The gains and profits would cancel out.

It is for this reason that bookmakers mark down the probability for outcomes across the board such that if you added the underlying probability you would end you with a percentage that is greater than 100%.


For decimal odds, the underlying probabilities of an event are simply the inverse of the odds. For instance for a match with a home win odds of 1.5, the underlying probability for this outcome is 1/(1.5) which is 66%. This means the home team has a 66% chance that it will win.

For a full set of the above match, which in this example we use Juventus vs Torino, the odds are as follows:

Juventus win: 1.5

Draw: 4.13

Torino win: 6.64

Below is a table of the reciprocals of these odds:

As you can see, the percentages do not add up to 100%. The extra 5.94% represents the profit margin of the bookmaker. They have to do this to turn a profit on this set of odds.

As a gambler, betting on any of the odds above does not provide you an advantage; rather, you succumb to the rule that the house always wins. There is no arbitration opportunity in this game even if you divided up the stake money in whichever manner.



Now that I have shown you what an arbitration opportunity is not, let me show you what an arbitration opportunity look like.

Consider a second match, Hannover vs Koln with odds and the reciprocals as in the table below:

In this case, all the 3 probabilities add up to 91.66%. Whenever you see th