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I would like to take this chance to let you in on a few developments. I am kindly asking you to quit asking our customer care agent for fixed matches. According to my research, fixed matches are NOT real. Maybe we as punters are too suscpicious of players, or they are a product of a disgraced conspiracy theory at best. If they were real, then why no tipster seems to have them?

I think it is beneficial to clarify this so that you can clear your minds off fixed matches. Besides, so that you may stop looking for fixed matches each time ending up scammed. All you need are good tips. But remember, we still have good predictions, based on analysis of statistical data like past matches and player form.

If you happened to have read my previous article on fixed matches, then I apologize for the change of stand. I was wrong on many levels. First, I had little information, which we all know is dangerous and of course, misleading. Now I have the full picture. Fixed matches are a myth. Stuff of imagination. Please dont lose more money to fake tipsters promising you fixed matches. You know better now.


I will lead by example. Now that I know the disappointing truth, I will no longer talk about fixed matches on this website or any other. Otherwise it would be like repeating an old joke, or common folklore about ogres which no one has ever seen. Finally remember, betting is not a job. Bet reponsiblly, but find some constructve work or trade as the main source of income. I am also now looking for a proper job. Betting or tipping should be a hobby. Keep betting for fun, but do not get addicted. Besides, bet what you can afford to lose.



Never settle until you make a life for yourself and your family. Follow your dreams and try to achieve your potential.

Dont lose your focus or your spirit when challenges appear. Let challenges make you stronger, not wear you down. Live your life without needing validation from society. Dont be afraid to walk alone sometimes. Some journeys are best taken alone. Reach out your hand and embrace what you could be, not what you are. Your current circumstances dont define you.


Focus on becoming a better person every day. Small steps each day can make a big difference. The fact that you engage in betting does not mean you have failed. If anything, it confirms that you are willing to take risks. It is through taking risks that you can achieve what is currently, or was, considered impossble.


Therefore, dont not be afraid to start on that project, seek that job, find the love of your life or just simply, take another step towards the kind of life you want. Will it be hard? Yes. Will the quest to your heart's desires be dotted with challenges and obstacles? Yes it will. But then, its through pain that we grow. That pain, that tired body, that bruised pride....That is like fire that smelts you into your most desirable person.


The willingness to walk that extra mile and transform your life and the lives of your loved ones is holy and noble. So, dear gambler, get moving towards your mountain top. Let every step you take ignite your soul and unlock the impossible. And when you get to the mountain top, you will look down the mountain and say, "That was painful, but it was worth it. 

So believe in youself today. Not because you want to be great but because greatness is already your second name. If you dont believe in yourself, nobody will. If anything, most around you will underestimate you. But you are made of something stronger. When people try to bring you down, remember, it speaks more about them, not you. Weak people will always conform, join a crowd where they get a voice, and critisize or demonize you for trying something different. Raise your head above the noise and keep going. Because greatness lives in you.


Do not expect to be aplauded, just give yourself a chance at success and get started. 

I believe in you, dear customer, and I wish you the very best.


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  1. Malmo - Ifk Goteborg(1) Odds: 1.51

  2. Aizawl Fc - Kenkre Fc(1) Odds: 1.42

  3. Pyunik Yerevan - Fc Noravank(1) Odds: 1.44

  4. Sirius Fk - Hammarby(2) Odds: 1.66

  5. Hoang Anh Gia Lai - Jeonbuk Hyundai(2) Odds: 1.64

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Atsv 1898 Erlangen vs Tsv Karlburg(1)

The first sure bet prediction today is a actually a fixed match from the Bayernliga, a fancy name for one of the Germany Amateur leagues. Although TSV Karlburg actually forced a draw against ATSV 1898 Erlangen last year August, the previous match before that they had to endure a 5-0 loss to the hosts.

Today's match may be more of a thrashing than a fair match. We can expect at least 3 goals for Erlangen and at most one for Karlburg.

If you are interested in making a correct score prediction bet for this match then 3-0 or 2-0 might be some of your excellent choices.

To give you a perspective of the two teams' current form, Karlburg have not won any of their last   matches. They have lost 5 of them and only managed a single draw against Wurzburg. Consequently, they have only accumulated a meagre 20 points from 24 matches this season. They are at position 14 on the Bayernliga table.

This is in stark contrast to the 51 points accumulated by Erlangen who are sitting comfortably at position 4 of this amateur league.

The sure bet prediction for this game today is a win for ATSV 1898 Erlangen.

Al Ain vs Al Wasl Dubai(1)

Al Ain vs Al Wasl Dubai is the match from which we get our 2nd surebet tips today. Al Ain is a strong team currently sitting at position 1 on the Arabian Gulf League of United Arab Emirates.


Al Ain have garnered 46 points from 19 matches this season while Al Wasl Dubai have only managed 26 points from a similar number of matches. The later is at position 7 on the table having won both of their last 2 matches.

In head to head historical statistics, however, Al Ain has a comical record against Al Wasl.

As matter of fact, when playing at home, Al Ain have never lost any of their last 14 H2H matches against Al Wasl Dubai. Although this does not mean an automatic win for Al Ain in this upcoming match, it atleast demonstrates their dominance.

The intelligence collected by Surebet staff indicates that the trend will continue and Al Ain will carry on their dominace into the future.

The sure bet odds for this game is therefore a win for Al Ain.

Folgore/Falciano vs Fc Fiorentino(1)

When playing at home, Folgore/Falciano, also known as Falciano Calcio have not lost to Fiorentino in their last 4 head to head matches. This is an impressive feat given that the two teams are of almost equal strength.

The last 2drawsof 1-1 each,however, may have been raising eyebrows because of the manner in which they happened. Fearing any further scrutiny, these teams may try to avoid a draw in this upcoming match as much as possible.

Falciano, at position 7 on the Campeonato Sammarinese will not back down for the 9th placed Fiorentino. his match is therefore a Surebet in favor of the home team.

Habenhauser Fv vs Tus Schwachhausen(2)

Our 4th sure bet today comes from another Germany amateur league called Bremen Liga. The home team, Habenhaus, has lost 5of the last head to head matches against Schwachhausen.

Schwachhausen have actually have recorded spectacular wins like 5-1, 1-5, and 2-7. This is demonstrated superiority over Habenhausen.

Although Schwachhausen Tus are playing away today, this is not reason enough to expect less than excellent performance from them.

Currently, Schwachhausean are at position 10 on the Bremen Liga table having scored 54 goals and conceded 59 goals this season. Habenhauser FV, on the other hand, are at position 17 having scored a meagre 35 goals and conceded a whole 78 goals this season a lone.

Habenhaus' poor defenses and a weak striking force will see them lose terribly in today's match.

The sure prediction for this match is a win for Schwachhausen.

Curzon vs Brackley Town(2)

Curzon vs Brackley Town form our fifth sure tip today. Curzon are hosting a top team in the English amateur league. Brackley Town, the visitors, are currently at position 2 on the league table with 77 points. That is 34 points more than the 13th placed Curzon.

The last 2 head to head matches between these 2 teams ended in draws. This is a reason to keep them from aiming at a draw. As you know these amateur leagues partake in match fixing, but not in this game. Brackley town have a title to chase. They will probably win this game with a big margin.

The Surebet analysis shows that a win for the away team might be a good bet for you today.

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