The Surebet team is comprised of over 10 employees who work round the clock to provide value for our clients. They are from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Most of them have worked before in the betting and sports industries and are therefore oases of highly valuable expertise.

Below are the top managers at Surebet who steer the team to ensure you win everyday.

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Lameck Nyakundi

Africa Manager

Nyakundi heads the Surebet office in Nairobi Kenya. He has experience as a sports commentator in TV stations in Uganda and Zambia.

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Rick Morgan

Europe and Americas Manager

Mr. Morgan joined Surebet recently after his company bought 40% shares at Surebet. He oversees the European and Americas business.

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Andre Raviera

Asia & Middle East Manager

Mr. Raviera joined Surebet in April as a partner. He has experience as a rugby coach and in betting consultancy.

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Over a billion people in the world have tried their hand in betting, often ending up losing lots of money. Someone has to come to their help. Surebet helps those who engage in betting to make meaningful profits through the use of our famed sure bet tips, predictions and fixed matches.

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