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The Sportpesa Midweek jackpot is the 2nd most popular jackpot in Kenya. That is why we prepare for you the best midweek jackpot prediction to enable you to win at least a bonus for your money.

To get the predictions on your phone by text or get a password to the VIP prediction page send 250/= to 0700926210.

(Also see the Sportpesa Mega jackpot prediction.)


Below are this week's Sportpesa Midweek jackpot matches this week

  1. 03/05/23 Mjallby vs Aik Football

  2. 03/05/23 Sparta Prague vs Slavia Prague

  3. 03/05/23 Panathinaikos vs Paok Fc

  4. 03/05/23 Valencia vs Villarreal

  5. 03/05/23 Stuttgart vs Eintracht Frankfurt

  6. 03/05/23 Burton vs Cambridge Utd

  7. 03/05/23 Getafe vs Celta Vigo

  8. 04/05/23 Cd Palestino vs San Lorenzo

  9. 04/05/23 Colo Colo vs Boca Juniors

  10. 04/05/23 Club Guarani vs Sc Emelec

  11. 04/05/23 Norrkoping vs Hammarby

  12. 04/05/23 Empoli vs Bologna

  13. 04/05/23 Huddersfield vs Sheffield Utd

Below you will see free predictions for this jackpot. To get the VIP Midweek jackpot tips send Ksh. 250 to 0700926210.

Midweek jackpot prediction this week.PNG


  1. On your Safaricom line go to Mpesa

  2. Select SEND MONEY


  4. Enter 0700926210

  5. Enter amount - 250/= for daily, or 1000/= for weekly or 4000/= for monthly

  6. Enter your PIN then Confirm to send

  7. Ensure the name is LAMECK

  8. You will receive an SMS with your PASSWORD

  9. Go to login & ENTER YOUR PASSWORD. Congratulations, you are done!

  10. Time to receive predictions on your phone, email, and Whatsapp + a password for this VIP link:

If you have any queries about the Sportpesa midweek jackpot tips please call 0700926210


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Ksh 1000

Midweek Jackpot Prediction



Ksh 250


Sportsesa midweek jackpot is a smaller version of the sportpesa mega jackpot. It is by far the second most popular jackpot in Kenya. It comprises of 13 matches every week that play withn theweek as opposed to the mega jackpot whose matches play over the weekend.

The Midweek jackpot is however smaller and usually resets to 10 million each time it is won. This means that if the current amount of the midweek jackpot is 30 million shillings and someone wins it, the next mid-week jackpot will be 10 million shillings.

The midweek jackpot is however by far easier to win than the mega jackpot since it comprises of 13 matches as opposed to the mega jackpot which comprise 17 games.


Every one these days in Kenya is on the lookout for the next jackpot to win, and the midweek jackpot is one of them. There are things that you must however understand and practice for you to increase your chances of winning the midweek jackpot. Below I am going to list some of them.

1.  You need to understand football

To increase your chances of winning the Sportpesa midweek jackpot, it is beneficial that you learn how football works, what determines the outcome of a game and how different teams utilize their strengths in the pitch to win matches. You must understand that football, like any game, has no obvious winners and that those teams that are listed as stronger by betting companies do not always carry the day.

Men playing football.PNG

2.  Understand Odds

Betting odds are part and parcel of football betting. You should get acquainted to what odds mean. When the odds are big, it means the respective team is less likely to win. Smaller odds signal a bigger chance of winning.

odds on bwin - screenshot.PNG

3.  Understand bookies

Bookies is just another name for betting companies. You should get a good grasp of how bookies choose their midweek jackpot games.. For starters, bookies choose those matches whose outcomes are hardest to predict. For perspective, bookies choose those teams that seem to have similar form and comparable strength.


They then ensure that the match is happening such that the stronger team is playing away while the weaker team is enjoying the home advantage. This way, they are sure that such a game can go either way. That is why you should never just follow the statistics because they look fr matches whose statistics can be as useless as possible to the untrained punter. It is for this reason that you should always use tips from experts such as Surebet to help you out in making decisions about the mid-week jackpot prediction.

list of bookies or bookmakers.PNG

4.  Bet many times

It is clear that the chances of winning the midweek jackpot are small, although not as small as for the Sportpesa mega jackpot. It is therefore advantageous that you play the midweek jackpot as many times per week as your pocket can allow without causing you strain. If you have Ks. 1000 you can afford to lose, it is helpful that you bet as many as 10 times on the mid-week jackpot. That way, you increase you chances of winning this jackpot 10 fold.

try many times - quote image.PNG

5.  Pray

One of the midweek jackpot winners said that he really prayed to God for divine intervention, an act that led him into winning the midweek jackpot. As religious people, we can not rule out the importance of prayers in winning the jackpot. This actually means praying for good luck. This is where good luck as a factor that determines winning fall. After all, there is no known method to boost your luck except for prayers.

All in all, we understand you might not have the time to do all the above. That is why we are here. It is our job to help you make better decisions when betting on the Midweek jackpot. We, therefore, prepare for you the best midweek jackpot prediction. You are able to access it immediately by text and if you just subscribe with only 250/= to till number 5327441 (buy goods and services)

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