This is the Bongobongo Jackpot prediction page where you get weekly jackpot tips for the newly launched Bongobongo jackpot. If you have been keen enough then you must have noticed there is a new flashy betting company in town. It is called Bongobongo and it offers weekly jackpots.

If you would like to know more about this company Bongobongo, I have done a full review where you can get reasons to start betting with Bongobongo. Spoil alert; it is one of the best betting sites I have ever used.


  1. Understand how to bet on the Bongobongo jackpot

  2. Go to Mpesa

  3. Go to send money

  4. Enter Mpesa number +254700926210

  5. Amount Enter 250/-

  6. Enter Pin and confirm to send

  7. You will receive the Bongobongo jackpot tips immediately after payment.


The Bongobongo Jackpot is a 2 million shillings jackpot that has 12 games weekly that you have to correctly predict in order to win the money.

Bongobongo Jackpot Bonuses

Bongobongo offer jackpot bonuses for 10 or 11 correct predictions of their jackpots. 

According to the Bongobongo jackpot page you should follow the following steps and guidelines in order to place your bets:

How to play

Jackpot options available:

  1. JPAUTO (Auto Jackpot / Lucky Dip)

  2. JPFAV (Favorites Jackpot / Play the low odds)

  3. JP#PREDICTIONS (Make your own selections)

To play send the Keywords "JPAUTO" OR "JPFAV" OR "JP#PREDICTIONS" to 29646 and receive a free jackpot entry for the particular jackpot.

To get a list of the games, send Keyword "JPGAMES" to 29646.

The Jackpot is based on Twelve (12) pre-selected soccer events + Three (3) pre-selected reserve games.

The Jackpot will only have a 3-way market (1X2).

Ticket Price

The entry ticket is Ksh.10

The first entry via the shortcode is FREE

N.B. For any amounts sent via the paybill for the jackpot that is higher than Ksh.10, the system will only deduct Ksh.10 for the Jackpot entry and the balance will be sent to the customers betting wallet.

Own Selection via MPESA Paybill

For a customer to make his own predictions for the Jackpot via the paybill, they'll have it in the following format: JP#Prediction

  1. Go to MPESA

  2. Select Lipa na MPESA

  3. Select Paybill

  4. Enter Business Number: 499995

  5. Enter Account Name: JP#11122X12XXX1122

  6. Enter amount: 10

  7. Enter MPESA PIN

Auto Jackpot via MPESA Paybill

  1. Go to MPESA

  2. Select Lipa na MPESA

  3. Select Paybill

  4. Enter Business Number: 499995

  5. Enter Account Name: JPAUTO

  6. Enter amount: 10

  7. Enter MPESA PIN

Favorites Jackpot via MPESA Paybill

  1. Go to your MPESA

  2. Select Lipa na MPESA option

  3. Select the Paybill option

  4. Enter Business Number: 499995

  5. Enter Account Name: JPFav

  6. Enter amount: 10

  7. Enter MPESA PIN

SMS Jackpot

  1. You have to send "JPGAMES" to 29646

  2. Then you will receive an SMS with the Jackpot games and we give an example with the jackpot procedure.

  3. Send JP#[Predictions] to 29646 ... for example: "JP#x1211xX2x122112"

  4. You will get back an SMS confirming the bet with jackpot id, the predictions, and the start and end date of the jackpot.

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