Fixed matches are games which have a predetermined outcome. There are usually few fixed matches at any given time and may be in and between days or weeks. They are a source of great profits for those who have the information.


First let me make it clear that fixed matches are illegal in many countries around the world. I however insist on the fact that Surebetsite is registered in Kenya, which has no law that prohibits accessing, distributing or using fixed matches. FIFA has no mandate over the operations of Surebetsite. Any attempts to criminalize our fixed matches service will be met with furious lawyers in any court of law.


Surebetsite started out in 2016 and immediately embarked on a tough road towards making contact with various players and match officials and league managers in different parts of the world. We then strategically came up with a program where each player or manager would ask us for match fixing opportunities for profit. Each fixed match costs us thousands of dollars paid indirectly to players or officials. In return, we get them to fix games for us.

This might sound expensive both in money and other resources but the returns are great.




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Ksh 10,000


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Fixed matches have been a highly controversial issue for centuries across most cultures where gambling existed. Not because fixed matches are illegal in the first place but if they even exist. I personally know many people who swear with their lives that fixed matches do not exist. I also know some who claim that almost every match in football is a fixed match.

So who should we believe? Those who say fixed matches exist or those who say the opposite?

Back to the basics, let us first understand what fixed matches are.

According to Wikipedia, match fixing occurs as a match is played to a completely or partially pre-determined result, violating the rules of the game and often the law.

“The most common reason is to obtain a payoff from gamblers, but teams may also intentionally perform poorly to gain a future advantage, such as a better draft pick[A] or, on paper, a less eminent opponent in a play-off.” Says Wikipedia.

Fixed matches, therefore, are matches whose results or certain outcomes of the match are manipulated by players or match officials such that the outcomes of the match correspond to pre-determined results.




The most pervasive reason for match fixing is greed by highly influential gamblers. These big fish make arrangements with players and/or match officials such that if a certain outcome was ensured they the players or match officials get to receive a certain amount of money. This is more common in lower tier leagues in rich countries and most leagues in developing countries. Players in these leagues are not paid much, creating a fertile ground for corruption.

To have players or match officials fix a match for you, you need to pay a certain amount of money whose amount is determined by the country, league and the nature of the game e.g. friendly or end of season matches.

The mafia who fix these matches can pay as little as 1,000 USD or as high as 10 million USD. After fixing the match, they go ahead and place their bets in offshore illegal (and often Asian) betting markets where regulation of betting activities is either non-existent or ineffective. By being certain of the upcoming outcome of the match, the mafia place huge sums of money in stakes thereby reaping big from the deal. These mafia are therefore enabled to fix even more matches to feed their insatiable appetite for dirty money.


It might have sounded as a genius idea when tournament officials decided that after the elimination stages, the results of the matches determine the opponent in the next level of the tournaments. This however has turned into a nightmare for FIFA as there is documented evidence of teams opting to play in a certain manner such that they can face a less formidable opponent in their next matches as they progress in the tournaments.


If losing a match means qualifying to the next round and facing a less formidable team them a team may decide to intentionally lose the match. We all know losing is much easier than to win a game. It is almost child play to have your team lose a match. Anyone can do this probably including my grandmother especially if she was the captain of the team that needs to lose a match.



Referees are known to fix matches for their own selfish gains. They are usually influenced by their associates who pledge or pay certain amounts of money to influence match outcomes in favor of a team or other less significant outcomes.

Referees can partake in the following types of fixed match outcomes:

  • Number of goals

A referee can play a major role in influencing the total goals scored in a match. If a referee wants over 2.5 goals to be scored he can invoke false or slightly acceptable actions such as giving penalty kicks, red carding a crucial defender for one of the teams et cetra. These actions, which might seem innocent on the surface, can lead to more goals being scored in a match thereby ensuring over 2.5 goals are scored.

  • Number of Yellow/Red Cards

Referees have the power to give out yellow or red cards whenever they deem appropriate. But “appropriate” is a vague word. A referee may give a yellow card where a red card is “more appropriate” or give out a yellow card where a verbal warning is the best judgment. This discretion left to referees can lead to avenues to fixed outcomes in football matches.

  • Number of penalty kicks

Penalty kicks is another area which can be used easily by referees I fixed outcomes. A referee can give out more than usual penalty kicks and that could mean a lot of odds on the betting sites. The referee’s associates, who are often prior to the expected outcome, then make a killing after the match by taking advantage of the high odds offered for the “unexpected actions” carried out by the referee.


Fixing a match is as simple as ABCD…+ $$$.

The above is not some sort of a complex formula. Fixing a match is really as simple as ABCD. The one other component that you have to throw in is some money. In the section below I want to give the 10 steps of fixing a match. Please do not take me wrong, I am not teaching you to go and start fixing matches. Football is a beautiful game that should be saved from the ugly underbelly of fixed matches cartels. This article is only meant to boost your understanding of how fixed matches come by.


The first step is to identify a league whose players are subjected to low wages and lax regulation mechanisms. These kinds of leagues are abundant in developing countries in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.



Among a league of teams, there is always a few teams that are struggling financially at any given time. Such a team is likely to be behind in wage payments, have low player and staff morale and they form easy targets for fixed matches propositions.



You then have to approach a few team members and know them personally. With the increased use of social media platforms, it is easier to know where players or officials hang out, what they do when not at work and if they are wallowing in financial strain.


The more financially strained a player or official is, the better. Speaking of financial strain, I must let you know that league players in countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria or Ghana are paid a paltry 200 to 500 USD per month. This is not only far below their initial expectations when they join the leagues but also demeaning to them as national icons who are expected to lie large, or at least comfortably.



The next step after knowing your target player or official is to assess their temperament to make sure they cannot react aggressively in case you offer them a proposal for a fixed match. Be sure to create some trust at this stage. Make it clear that you have a proposal I mind that can change his financial status. Do not mention the proposition at this point.



After creating trust, tell the player or official that you are ready to give a good amount of money and in return you may want them to fix a match for you. Be specific on the amount you are ready to offer. Do not offer too much or too little. In developing countries like in Africa, 5000 US Dollars is a good offer for a fixed match. Besides, be familiar with the league’s fixture and be specific on the match you want fixed.


For best negotiations, start with low stake matches like those at the beginning of a league or at the end. This especially applies when you want the team to “intentionally lose” a match. At the beginning of a league tournament, a team may be willing to lose in the hope that they will have a lot of time to recover. Near the end of the league, a team may be in a position where a win or a loss does not accrue much benefits or loss. These are the best matches to target.



If your proposal is accepted or held pending, you can move on to assess the different persons that will need to be privy to the conspiracy for it to work. This may include some or all players, match officials, club officials or the club owner. Note that most fixed matches are played without the knowledge of every team member or officials. Talk to your target to keep the number of people in the know as low as possible. Only essential people must know the plan. By essential I mean those that have to carry out the plan on the pitch especially.

Make sure your request is actionable and realistic. You cannot, for instance, ask for a correct score fixed match unless both teams are involved. You cannot also ask for a team to lose by a large margin in a way that may look suspicious.

It is at this point that you also ask to know the decision maker who players obey. This might be the coach, the training manager or the captain.

Also, do not forget to check out on the betting sites the expected odds for the outcome you have planned for. The odds determine the profit and you should always ask for moderate to high odds. By moderate to high odds I mean 2 to 5 odds. Any odds lower than 2 may be too small to fork out 5000 USD for. More than 5 odds might seem not only unrealistic but too daunting to achieve on the pitch.



After identifying the decision maker, make plans and meet him in a safe place away from public eyes, in the company of 1 or two more people for security reasons. Make sure your meeting is well planned and no footprints are left behind. Carry with you a simple written agreement that may not be legally binding but crucial for interpersonal agreement.


Also carry with you cash money in large denominations in order to keep your luggage small. Upon signing the agreement forms, give the money to the decision maker. Make it known to the decision maker that huge amounts will be at stake and the promised outcome has to materialize by all means. Tell them that consequences of falling back on the plan may have unpleasant consequences.



After the agreement is made and documents signed, it is finally time to plan your own harvest. Using the odds you were offered, calculate how much you will need to stake to recover the cost of the fixed match. When you get that amount, multiply it by 5 and the result should be your stake. By so doing, you will be assured of a profit 4 times the cost of your fixed match.

You should prefer betting overseas and not in the country where the match is being played. It would be harder to be busted by betting companies overseas as compared to the local country.



After the match has played and you won the money, make sure to withdraw the money from your betting site unless you use a betting agency. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the best payment methods for betting activities. Avoid platforms that limit the amount of money you can withdraw or send online.



During the meeting with the decision maker, you paid a deposit of half the amount. Assuming you paid 2500 USD, then it is time to pay the other 25000. Make sure you deliver the money to the decision maker using the agreed method at the agreed time and place.  Make sure to thank all those involved in the success of the fixed match.



The first fixed match deal is usually the toughest because it is marred with mistrust, suspicion and low familiarity. After the first match, the opportunities for more fixed matches increases dramatically. Make sure you make it known to your contacts that you are available for more business. Let them know how to contact you if they need cash I exchange for another fixed matches. Discuss with them about covering their tracks and using encrypted communication methods. Let them know you are willing to offer even better terms in the future.


Well then, match fixer, there you are. Your ten steps of fixing a football match are crystal clear. What you will do with that information is up to you. I hope I have driven the point home that fixed matches are a real thing and there is even a manual for it. Anyone with money can do it including you.



Fixed matches are a hot commodity in 2020. Exercebrtaed by the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of people are out of work and have resorted to betting to get by. The very primal human instincts for risk aversion, many people are really interested in getting betting opportunities than carry no risk. What other betting method can beat fixed matches in this area? Of course none.

Tipsters who have access to fixed matches are therefore making some good money. Unfortunately, the genuine providers of fixed matches are not the only ones making money. Many scammers who falsely claim to offer fixed matches are making a killing too. It is always good idea to find out if your source of fixed matches is verified by the Tipster Association.



Any philosophical argument I can make about the importance of fixed matches in society will be met with harsh condemnation from betting companies and self-appointed morality judges who live in their politically correct bubbles.

I will therefore do an illustration and leave the rest to your personal judgment.


Isholah is 40 years old and lives in Nairobi, Kenya. He has a wife and 3 children who he struggles to take care of from his little shop that sells sugarcane juice. He has life savings of 100 USD.

Isholah has tried his hand in betting for years and he almost made one million Kenyan Shillings, was it not for an Egyptian team that failed to score thus spoiling his GG(BTTS) prediction and the whole slip. He has however kept a promise not to stop betting until he makes it big. He believes he can change his life by betting regularly. Despite all indications that more and more losses are inevitable as a punter, Isholah is not a weak man.


He won’t give up. Isholah even paid 10 USD to a tipster who claimed to have 100% sure predictions. The tipster was so convincing Isholah made a record bet stake of 50 USD. As you might have guessed, Isholah lost his mind when the ticket flopped and down the drain went 50 USD to the betting firm and 10 USD to the sneaky tipster.

Enter fixed matches.

Isholah’s wife, Nyaguthii is a praying woman. Many a times Isholah claimed that it is the prayers of her wife that keeps him alive. He believes without them he will be dead or mad in a heartbeat. It is no surprise Isholah believes his wife’s prayers led him to meet a person who has a sister who knows a friend whose brother organizes fixed matches.

Ishola had his 40 USD when he met the person. Without much theory, I will represent mathematically how his 40 USD grew to an astonishing amount.


$40 X 4.2 = $168


$160 X 2.7 = $432


$400 X 6.5 = $2,600


$2000 X 1.74 = $3,480


$3000 X 4.1 = $12,300


Isholah’s $40 USD is now 12,300 USD after 5 bets only. You see, Isholah has spent 40 years of his life believing that even dreaming of owning over 1 million Kenya shillings in cash was delusional. He now has more than 1 million Shillings and for the first time in his life believes he can own more, dream more and do more. Fixed matches have changed his life dramatically. He can’t wait to receive more fixed matches in the future.

The end.


Isholah represents the dream of many people in the world today. The ugly face of poverty showed itself to them the moment they screeched their first cry at birth. They have done so much in the hope to get out but like quick sand and wet clay, the more they pull the deeper they sink.

The million dollar question is, what if, just if, a million poor people got just 7 fixed matches of about 5 odds each back to back? Will they still remain poor and hopeless?


Who are these Mafia we keep hearing about in the media, documentaries and studies? Who are they and who knows them? What are they made of?

If you have been following fixed matches scandals in the last 2 decades, you might have realized that a small country in Asia seems to come up a lot.

Singapore is a small city state in Asia. It is best known for its young tech savvy population and its story of rags to riches. In a country that is not known for splendid football or massive casinos, we find a mafia group that controls football match outcomes all across the globe.

A small group of betting mafia in Singapore are known to have organized fixed matches in as big leagues as the English premier league. They control many leagues in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. They are even known to have organized fixed matches in Inter-country matches and word is, in the world cup tournaments.

On a smaller scale, some tipsters are already working together in pooling resources and using them to organize fixed matches. In Africa for instance, Surebetsite is the main organizer of fixed matches. Due to unlimited resources, however, Surebetsite organizes fixed matches in only 7 of the 52 countries in Africa. The rest are controlled by the Singaporean mafia.



The Singapore mafia has an elaborate network of players, match officials and football federation officials. The 10 steps I gave in an earlier section come from their playbook. They follow the 10 steps to influence matches in various countries and leagues.

The fixed matches they organize are usually kept a secret save for the players of the individual teams and their officials who may be in the know. These types of fixed matches usually never see the light of day on betting tips websites. The fixers are opaque and rarely create avenues to any betting tips website to sell their fixed matches. Unless, of course, an insider leaks the information.



Excuse me if I sounded happy about the status quo of fixed matches. I stated the facts and facts are not supposed to be pleasant. The fact is that I am jealous that some mafia from Singapore can control fixed matches in over 100 countries while local people cannot benefit from them.

My opinion is that fixed matches should be controlled at country level. If a country has no laws against match fixing, then even the government should have plans on how its youth can bring in foreign revenue by using local fixed matches to bet and make profits from foreign online betting platforms.

I however do not want to sound whiny. I am calling out for all tipsters in Africa, Europe, Asia and South America to join me in forming a Tipster Association.

This proposed association will elect leaders and committees for various regions and countries. These association leaders will be allocated resources by the association to lay the foundation of having tipsters fully control fixed matches in the world.

Members of the tipster association will have unlimited access to all available fixed matches to give to their paid clients only. They will also get access to industry gurus, opportunities for backlinks and many other benefits.



We are aware of your plight. If everything was OK on your end you wouldn’t be on this page wanting to know more about fixed matches. You are in need of some form of financial freedom. Do not feel bad about yourself, it is totally fine to be in that position. Millions others are going through the same situation as you. The question is what do we do now?

About 250 tipsters from mainly Africa and Europe are organizing themselves into an association. This tipsters association’s main objective is to pool resources and organize fixed matches in over 180 countries in the world. I ask you to follow this upcoming body closely and after formation you will see the displayed members who will be selling the fixed matches organized and funded by ourselves.


The tipster will o longer be the one to “find” fixed matches but instead will be “organizing” them. For now, keep working with your fixed matches’ tipster to offer you what they have as you wait for the association to start operations on 18th September 2020.


The most popular way fake tipsters use to trick people is by using half Time/Full Time betting market. He starts by making sure there is a large enough number of people, say 90 people, they divide them into 9 groups of 10 people and send a match to the 1st group and share that it is “fixed” for 1/1 a win for the home team in the 1st half and for the whole game.


The other group is given X/X, draw at halftime and X throughout the match. The third group has 2/1 for away team to win in the first half then a comeback in the second half.

They do this and by the end, the 9 groups of 90 people receive fake tips. Since there are only 9 possible outcomes for the HT/FT market, one group pf 10 people get lucky and receive the correct prediction. These ten people become the target of the scammers. They lie to them and tell them how their "fixed matches" have helped them win. They then coerce them into paying to get more tips.

Unknowingly, the 10 initially lucky guys turn into the unluckiest of the 90 people because they end up losing huge sums of money to the scammer. Please shun tipsters who exclusively deal with HT/FT tips.


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  9. Are your fixed matches real? - Absolutely real, and the most accurate.

  10. Do you offer free fixed matches? - Yes, but the free fixed matches have no guarantee.

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