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Our fixed matches are 100% sure and guaranteed. When you have fixed matches, you do not worry about losing. The fixed odds may not be very high but you can leverage the certainty of the fixed matches to place bigger wagers to boost profits.

Before using our fixed matches, make sure they are legal in your country. Some countries have prohibited planning, executing or knowingly profiting from fixed matches. Some other countries do not have such laws, meaning the use and sharing of fixed matches is legal.


Surebetsite is registered under the Companies Act 2015 of the Laws of Kenya, giving us the rare advantage of engaging in fixed matches legally. Fixed matches are legal in countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa, most Eastern European countries and Asia.


Today's free fixed match comes from a scandal stricken league of FNL which features the Jihlava vs Varnsdorf match. This is one of the very first matches in the FNL for the 2021/2021 matches.

In fact, it is the first match for both teams. Jihlava, who have not won any of their last 4 matches against Varnsdorf are feeling confident enough to be among the top contenders of the league after emerging 6th last season. They, therefore, decided to fix this game. See There is enough evidence that Jihlava vs Varnsdorf is a fixed match.

Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/23.7.1

League: Czech Republic - FNL 21/22

Fixed Match: Jihlava – Varnsdorf


Fixed match status: Verified

Odds:_1.89_     Results: Upcoming

How to use the free fixed matches

The free fixed match is a legacy of Surebet where we give one or two fixed matches every day for everyone and anyone to use. The one rule you must observe is that you must not combine the fixed matches with other external selections whether from our VIP package or from your own selections.


Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/22.7.1
League:  International Clubs - UEFA Europa Conference League
Fixed Match: Larne vs Agf Aarhus
Fixed match status: Won
Odds: 1.75     Results: 2:1

Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/22.7.2
League:  International Clubs - Club Friendly Games
Fixed Match: Sl Benfica vs Lille
Fixed match status: Won
Odds: 7.82     Results: 1:0

Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/22.7.3
League:  Iceland - 2 deild
Fixed Match: Reynir Sandgerdi vs Haukar
Fixed match status: Won
Odds:4.32     Results: 0:0

Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/22.7.4
League:  Ecuador - Serie B
Fixed Match: Cumbaya Fc vs Gualaceo Sc
Fixed match status: Won
Odds:1.78     Results: 2:1


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23RD JULY 2021

Total Fixed Odds: 57.92


Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/23.7.1
League: Austria - Erste Liga

Fixed Match: Skn St. Polten vs Rapid Vienna Ii

Fixed match status: Verified
Odds:__     Results: Upcoming

Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/23.7.2
League:  Germany - 2nd Bundesliga

Fixed Match: Schalke 04 vs Hamburger Sv

Fixed match status: Verified
Odds:__     Results: Upcoming

Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/23.7.3
League:  Austria - Bundesliga

Fixed Match: Sturm Graz vs Rb Salzburg

Fixed match status: Unverified
Odds:__     Results: Upcoming

Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/23.7.4
League:  Poland - Ekstraklasa

Fixed Match: Lech Poznan vs Radomiak Radom

Fixed match status: Verified
Odds:__     Results: Upcoming

Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/23.7.5
League:  Denmark - 1st Division

Fixed Match: Ac Horsens vs Hb Koge

Fixed match status: Verified
Odds:__     Results: Upcoming


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Total Fixed Odds - 80.32

Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/24.7.1
League:  Russia - 1st Division
Fixed Match: Volgar Astrahan vs Neftekhimik
Fixed match status: Verified
Odds:__     Results: Upcoming

Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/24.7.2
League:  Russia - 1st Division
Fixed Match: Fakel vs Tom Tomsk
Fixed match status: Verified
Odds:__     Results: Upcoming

Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/24.7.3
League:  Slovakia - 2. Liga
Fixed Match: Partizan Bardejov vs Fc Stk 1914 Samorin
Fixed match status: Unverified
Odds:__     Results: Upcoming

Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/24.7.4
League:  Czech Republic - 1. Liga
Fixed Match: Sparta Prague vs Sigma Olomouc
Fixed match status: Verified
Odds:__     Results: Upcoming

Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/24.7.5
League:  Russia - Premier League
Fixed Match: Lokomotiv Moscow vs Arsenal Tula
Fixed match status: Verified
Odds:__     Results: Upcoming




Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/25.7.1
League:  Romania - Liga I
Fixed Match: Farul vs Gaz Metan Medias
Fixed match status: Verified
Odds:__     Results: Upcoming


Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/25.7.2
League:  Chile - Primera Division
Fixed Match: Huachipato vs La Serena
Fixed match status: Verified
Odds:__     Results: Upcoming

Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/25.7.3
League:  Ukraine - Premier League
Fixed Match: Desna Chernigov vs Chernomorets Odessa
Fixed match status: Unverified
Odds:__     Results: Upcoming

Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/25.7.4
League:  Croatia - 1. HNL
Fixed Match: Hnk Rijeka vs Istra 1961
Fixed match status: Verified
Odds:__     Results: Upcoming

Fixed Match No. SurebetFXM/25.7.5
League:  Czech Republic - 1. Liga
Fixed Match: Fc Zlin vs Slavia Prague
Fixed match status: Verified
Odds:__     Results: Upcoming



Fixed matches are games which are manipulated to produce predetermined outcomes. Players, match officials and other opaque figures are often the perpetrators of these match fixing activities that are both unethical and sometimes illegal.

Many people question the existence of fixed matches. Proof of players that have been baned from playing football and clubs that have been fined or investigated for match fixing are evidence enough that fixed matches really do exist.

The more important questions you should ask yourself are:

  1. How are fixed matches planned and executed?

  2. How can I identify fixed matches?

  3. Are fixed matches really that evil or unethical to use?

  4. Are fixed matches the holy grail of the betting predictions?

  5. How can I get real and genuine fixed matches?

Below we will try to answer some of these questions for you to get a better understanding of how fixed matches work and why you stand a chance of benefitting greatly from them.



Fixed matches are some of those evils society invents to circumvent the harsh reality of chance and chaos. By pre-planning the outcome of a given match, the perpetrators are entitled to financial gain through betting huge sums of money on the games.

We have done a full article on how fixed matches are planned and executed and you can find it on our blog.


In a nutshell, players are often approached by well-oiled individuals or entities and coherced into accepting bribes in exchange for a particular outcome in an upcoming match. This often ruins the integrity of the game and may inflict reputational harm on all that are involved, even the club itself.

When a particular outcome is agreed upon, the players, referee and match officials may work together to make sure it comes to fruition.


In one of our separate article, we have detailed how to identify a fixed match. While having conncetions with the fixers is the easiest way to identify a fixed match, there are other proven methods of identifying these games.

One of the most reliable one is the Surebet Fixed matches Indicator method invented by Surebetsite. Using the indices and metrics that appear in odd movements of matches, a match can be determined as fixed when certain patterns or irregularities appear days before match day.

A sharp sudden fall in odds for a particular outcome is often the clearest indicator of a fixed match. Using the corruptability index together with the Surebet Fixed matches indicators makes it easy for anyone tracking odd movements for select matches to indentify the fixed matches with an accuracy of almost 100%.


Surebet guarantees all the fixed matches through our Guarantee Policy. Unlike other types of predictions given by Surebetsite, fixed matches are supposed to be 100% sure win and therefore safeguarded by a binding policy.

Below are the details of the Fixed Matches Guarantee Policy. Read them through to make sure you understand how to place your fixed matches bets within the jurisdiction of the policy.


The term and conditions contained on this page are exclusively for the guarantee of fixed matches. For the general and other terms visit our terms and conditions page.

  1. All fixed matches have a winning rate of 100%. Any lost fixed match means the subscribe is entitled to a refund consistent with our Return & Refund Policy.

  2. The availability of fixed matches is not always consistent. Every subscriber will have to bear with us on the days we do not offer matches.

  3. Subscribers are guaranteed at least 10 odds per day. There is no upper limit in the number of odds that may be availed to subscribers.

  4. Fixed matches subscribers are guaranteed a profit of at least 10X their stake in a day.


At Surebet, we track down various types of fixed matches to make sure no leaf is left unturned. Remember that many participants in the fixed matches subsector are aware of tracking mechanisms put in place to detect fixed matches. They, therefore, come up with many ways of fixing the matches. Below we shall see some of the most common types of fixed matches.

Half Time/Full Time Fixed matches

When there is collusion among team members or match officials to make sure a certain outcome happens during the first half of the match, the resulting fixed match is called a half time/full time fixed match. Some call them HT/FT which clearly is the short form of halftime/fulltime. This is one of the most favorite type of fixed matches besides correct score fixed matches that we will discuss further below. European and Asian punters love this type of fixed matches given the relatively lower number of possible outcomes and the higher odds in the betting market for HT/FT.


Number of goals

Some fixed matches use the Over/under prediction model. A match can be fixed to end in more than 1.5, 2.5 or 3.5 goals. Do not confuse this with under 1.5, 2.5 or 3.5 predictions. It is much easier to manipulate a game to end with more goals than less goals. This is done through facilitated or “assisted” conceding. The team fixing the game can easily manipulate their concession than scoring. This is best when the fixed match is “one-way” meaning only 1 team knows about the fixing. When the fixing involves both teams playing, then under 1.5, 2.5 or 3.5 fixes are possible.


1X2 fixed matches

Some teams agree on which team should win the match. It can be the weaker team that usually carries large odds or the stronger one with smaller odds. Whenever the weaker team is fixed to win, the sponsors usually pay higher amounts and eventually make more money. This type of fixed matches is popular in countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Tunisia.

Correct score fixed matches

The most challenging but also most profitable type of fixed matches are correct score fixed matches. These are usually 2-way fixed games where both teams know what to do beforehand. The odds are usually sky high and the whole team earns a lot of money from the fix. The sponsors also pay a lot of money to get the matches fixed into correct scores and in return earn dizzying amounts of money within 90 minutes. Many Nigerians for instance are known to buy correct score fixed matches and benefit from them greatly.

First Corner Fixed Matches

Some forms of match-fixing are usually so subtle that you can barely even suspect it happened. This includes the first corner match fixes where one team makes sure they give the first corner shot to the opposing team. The rest of the match goes on normally except the first corner. In such games, a player may make a seemingly stupid mistake of awarding the opposing team a corner shot too early in the game. Behind the scenes, people make guaranteed profits from the “stupid move”. This is the favourite match fixing technique for goalkeepers.


The above types of fixed matches are not in any way meant to be conclusive since there are many more ways to fix a football match. We have prepared a full article about all the types of match fixing that players and officials have evolved to use throughout the history of fixed matches.


  1. How do I get fixed matches for today? - You can get fixed matches by subscribing to our daily fixed matches package. Visit our payments page to pay and we shall send you the fixed matches by email and by phone(Whatsapp or Text)

  2. Can I subscribe for a weekly package? - Yes

  3. Do you offer any guaranteed fixed matches? - Yes

  4. Is there a monthly package for fixed matches? - Yes

  5. How can I be so sure about your fixed matches? - We are the best providers of fixed matches. Our sources are real and accurate. Our tipsters have over 1 decade of betting tips experience.

  6. How can I pay for the fixed matches? - You can pay for our fixed matches through credit card, Paypal, Mpesa or MTN. Vsit our payment page for more details on payments.

  7. Can I get fixed matches for tomorrow? - Yes

  8. Are your fixed matches the best? - Yes

  9. Are your fixed matches real? - Absolutely real, and the most accurate.

  10. Do you offer free fixed matches? - Yes, but the free fixed matches have no guarantee.

Over a billion people in the world have tried their hand in betting, often ending up losing lots of money. Someone has to come to their help. Surebet helps those who engage in betting to make meaningful profits through the use of our famed sure bet tips, predictions and fixed matches.

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