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Evidence of a match being fixed may have serious implications that vary depending on the nature of the fix and the position you are. For players, team managers and match officials, evidence of a match being fixed can lead to being banned from the sport. As a gambler, however, there are no laws prohibiting you from accessing this page.

Here , we share evidence for free fixed matches to show you the process and reason to believe our fixed matches.

The content herein has to be updated every 24 hours.


Evidence that Jihlava vs Varnsdorf is a fixed match

On the night of 19th July 2021, the Surebet fixed matches finder showed an alert of a sharp and unexpected fall in odds for a home win in the Jihlava vs Varnsdorf match. Odds which were at 2.4 for a Jihlava win suddenly fell to 1.62. That was a 32.5% drop within few seconds just after 9:30 PM.

The first impression was that a "whale" had just bet a lot of money on Jihlava and sent the odds plummeting. We however had to confirm with Tipster Association if they had any knowledge of this match being fixed. The answer was a resounding yes.

After a few hours, we realized the odds were still going down and reached a low of 1.51. This is not very usual in fixed matches. Usually, only a single dip is expected as the sponsor of a fixed match places his bet. Numerous smaller dips indicate more than one entity had the information. We decided to dig deeper by contacting our Czech Republic agent for fixed matches.

His response was that the match was fixed not for monetary gain but for clout.


Apparently, Jihlava finished 6th on the FNL league after a hard season. The whole team from players to managers felt good about it and are looking forward to clinging onto the top 3 on the league this season.

This match against Varnsdorf is the very first match of the league. Varnsdor, who finished 14th on the FNL table last season, are not so confidence about much this season after failing to secure good players during the transfer season which kicked off earlier in Czech Republic.

Jihlava thought it was a good idea to approach Varnsdorf for a fix so that a win is guaranteed for them. This way, they will start at a high note and fight their way to the top 3 positions if the FNL.

Financial constraints at Varnsdorf disnt help much. The players and managers accepted the deal.

Our agent added that it was necessary for Jihlava to make the deal since although having finished 6th last season while Varnsdorf finished 14th, the latter has a way to upset Jihlava.

In fact, Jihlava have not won any of their last 4 matches against Varnsdorf. Varnsdorf actually won 3 consecutive matches against Jihlava before a devastating draw in May 2021.

So basically, Jihlava is quite scared of Varnsdorf and that is how they decided to go for a fix.

I hope that clarifies to you how and why this game is fixed.

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