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Get the best Half time full time tips are also known as HT/FT tips or Halftime/Full time tips or predictions. After you register for our Halftime-fulltime predictions we send you at least 5 matches of odds between 3 and 20 each. This adds up to great total odds. The full time/full time betting market is one of the most profitable.

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Half time tips & Predictions


The half time full-time market is probably the most interesting betting market under the half time category. Denoted mostly as HT/FT, you are supposed to predict the outcome of the first half and the second half separately. For instance, you can predict that the home team wins the first half and the away team wins the 2nd half of the match. Note that the two halves are treated independently, meaning a team can lose the second half and still win the overall game.


Assume team A and team B are playing. Team A is at home and team B away. Below are the meanings of the notations used in this category:

HALF TIME FULL TIME: 1/1 – This means that the home team scores more goals than the away team in the second half and scores more goals than the away team in the second half independently.

HALF TIME FULL TIME: 1/2 – This one means the home team wins the first half and the away team win the second half.

HALF TIME FULL TIME: 1/X – Here the home team wins the 1st half and neither team scores more than the other in the 2nd half.

HALF TIME FULL TIME: 2/1 – Away team wins 1st half and the home team wins 2nd half.

HALF TIME FULL TIME: 2/2 – Away team score more goals than the home team in both halves.

HALF TIME FULL TIME: 2/X – Away team wins the first half and the second half ends in a draw.

HALF TIME FULL TIME: X/1 – No team scores more goals than the other in the first half and the home team wins the second half.

HALF TIME FULL TIME: X/2 – 1st half ends in a draw while the away team wins 2nd half.

HALF TIME FULL TIME: X/X – Each team scores an equal number of goals in each half.



It can be challenging to predict this type of bets without expert knowledge. I will, however, share with you a few statistics and insights to help you in making an informed decision for this half time full-time predictions.

First, note that this betting market has 9 possible outcomes which I have listed above. This market usually comes with enhanced odds due to the number of possible outcomes. The odds for each of the listed bets will depend on the initial win-draw-win odds.

At this point, it is good that you get the picture of how frequent each of the above bets is in matches.

The graph below shows the 9 types of HT/FT bets and the corresponding number of times they were true in 12,834 matches.

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A layman, when asked which of the two halves of a football match usually records more goals gave a prediction that it had to be the first half. She justified her answer, quite intelligently, that before half time players are full of energy and motivation.

What do you think of her thoughts? Well, I guess she could make a good engineer or wife, but never a good psychologist or gambler.

Turns out, the first half records only 43% of all goals scored in football matches. This information comes from an analysis of 12,385 games from 17 leagues in 10 different countries in Europe. A spot-check on the averages for other leagues and countries across the world give the same picture.



The simple reason why the second half is the highest scoring is that the pressure to score on players during the second half is higher than during the first half. The pressure is directed at them by the team management and fellow players.


During half time rests, the coach shouts plead with and talk the player into promising more hard work, cooperation, and tactics during the last half of the match.

The second half, therefore, starts out with players whose adrenaline levels are risen. It is a fact that most players actually play to their potential during the second half. Human beings are animals too and as with all animals, they work best when faced with a threat, in this case, the threat of reprisal and condemnation if they do not win.

Having said that, let me take you through some interesting statistics about half time predictions & results.