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Correct score predictions are some of the most popular tips in the world and for good reason. Correct scores come with huge odds. Besides, tipsters like us have made great progress in becoming experts in correct score prediction. You are guaranteed to win our correct score tips, especially if you subscribe for the VIP correct score membership. You can also get correct score fixed matches.

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I receive many requests from customers asking for correct score tips every day. In fact, correct score predictions are the most asked for tips for all betting markets. The reason is pretty simple; correct scores have the highest odds for any match on any betting site.

It is for this very reason that correct scores have gained a reputation throughout the world as the most profitable betting market. Like for anything that is adored and coveted, sure correct scores are hard to come by, but when you get your hands on some, they can change your life.

This article complements the previous article I had made previously on how to make your own correct score tips. While in that article I strictly advised you to use poisson probabilities in making your correct scores, I have come to realize many of you do not have the skills to do complex probability calculations. I have therefore decided to share with you these 5 secrets of correct score predictions that will make your work easier in identifying and using correct scores.



Many tipsters are infamous for duping their customers about the meaning of correct scores. Some unbelievably claim that correct scores mean they are correct. They, therefore, want you to presume that once they give you “correct” scores, then you must win using them. Nothing could be further from the truth. A Correct score is just an “exact” goals possible outcome in a match.

Like, 1-0, that is a correct score possibility. 2-2 is also a correct score possible outcome. In fact, most bookmakers list 29 possible correct scores on their websites for each match. Well, they are technically 28 since the last one is ”OTHER”, which means any other correct score possible outcome not listed by the bookmaker. So, the next time a tipster claims to have some “correct” scores, correct them by telling them they are rather “correct scores” or even better, “exact scores”.


Unless you have a set of correct scores that are fixed matches, do not combine 2 or more correct scores in one ticket or slip. For correct score fixed matches that are sure and guaranteed, there is no problem.

After all, the chances of 2 mutually exclusive and assured outcomes coming true are 100%. But if you are making your own correct score predictions then combining them into a multi bet will surely be self-sabotaging.

We have acknowledged that correct scores are incredibly difficult to predict. The average chances of winning a correct score prediction is usually about 3%. That is already hard enough. Adding an extra correct score to your slip, therefore, makes your chances of winning much, much lower. Since the matches’ outcomes do not depend on the outcomes of one another, to get the chances of winning more than one correct score you simply have to multiply the probabilities.

For example, assume the probability of winning any correct score bets is 3% per match. A single correct score bet, therefore, has a 3% chance of winning. A multibet of 2 correct scores has a chance of (3% * 3%) chance of winning, which is 0.03*0.03 = 0.0009 same as 0.09%. You are therefore 33 times more likely to win a correct score single bet than a correct score multi bet of 2 matches.I understand the prospects of an extremely large payout that comes with winning a correct score multi bet is very appealing. Just remember, that is only done with fixed matches, not predictions.


There usually are 29 correct score options to choose from for any match listed on a betting site. The possible outcomes include those that indicate a home win, a draw and an away win. The correct scores also encompass those that end in both teams scoring and those that have one team that fails to score, better known as no-goal.

Finally, among the 29 correct scores, there are those that are either under 2.5 goals scores or over 2.5 goals.Put simply, the possible correct scores can be sorted into different categories of scores.Below are all the 29 possible correct scores for any given match filtered by the corresponding win-draw-win score:Home win: 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 5-0, 6-0, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 5-1, 3-2, 4-2Draw: 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, 3-3Away Win: 0-1, 0-2, 0-3, 0-4, 0-5, 0-6, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 2-3, and 2-4.

As you can see, given you already have a sure prediction about the 1X2 outcome, you reduce the number of possible correct scores that fit into that prediction by a large margin. Using the 1X2 prediction as a filter may reduce the number of correct scores to choose from but not to a good extent. You may need another filter to complete the elimination process.


For instance, if you have already predicted a draw in a match, you remain with 4 possible correct scores that include: Draw: 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, 3-3. Assuming you have further knowledge that the match will end in less than 2.5 goals, that means only 0-0 and 1-1 correct scores are possible.

At this point, you may choose to bet on both the correct scores separately. This way, you are assured of a win in either case. Besides, the odds for correct scores are usually high, meaning even if you staked for 2 different correct scores separately and only one wins, then you are still assured of a good profit.


The process may get more complicated when you are dealing with home wins and away wins in a match predicted to end in more than 3 goals but the process is basically similar.

This is the elimination method that has been proved to be one of the most effective methods in predicting correct scores. Your win rate for correct score tips will go through the roof once you master this correct score prediction model.



As we have already discussed, fixed matches are a hard nut to crack. Whenever you have more than one match whose correct scores you feel comfortable enough to predict, make sure you place multiple bet slips for the same matches to increase your chances of winning.

The odds are usually high meaning you can still make a good profit if only you are confident enough to place multiple bets on the matches. For illustraton pirposes, assume there are two matches:

A vs B and Y vs Z

The correct score you feel is right for A vs B match is 2:0 while the best prediction for the Y vs Z match is 1-1.

In this scenario, it is good to select at least 2 correct score predictions for each game that you feel are most likely to come true. For A vs B, you might decide that 2:0 and 3:0 are the most likely outcomes. For Y vs Z, you may deduce that the match will end in a draw of 1:1 or 2:2Now that you have 2 correct score tips for each match, you may make 4 correct score tickets and place all of them separately.

This means that you will place 4 bets and have at least one win. Again for the purposes of illustration, let us assume the odds for the outcomes are:

  • A vs B (2:0) - 15 odds

  • A vs B (3:0) - 18 odds

  • Y vs Z (1-1) - 7.4 odds

  • Y vs Z (2-2) - 16 odds

Your possible correct scores and the corresponding odds are as shown in the table (2) below the list. As you can see, each of the bets will give you more than 100 odds. This means that even if just one of them came true, the profit will be massive.


This trick is a risk management strategy that is quite necessary when betting on correct scores. It is especially important when using the elimination method of predicting correct scores.


Most bookmakers offer odds for half time correct scores. These are correct score predictions for the first half of the match. While the number of goals expected during the first half of the match is usually low, the odds are somehow consistent with full-time correct scores on average.


The lowest odds are for the low correct scores such as 0:0 or 1:0. Any half time correct score with more than 2 goals usually carries huge odds. Some matches recorded more than 2 goals during the first half of the match.

If you are confident of a game you feel will have many goals, it is worth playing these first half correct scores. The rules are similar to the full time scores and all the above secrets still apply to this betting market.


While these are just tips and secrets of correct score predictions to help you make informed decisions about correct score betting, you can not always expect to win from your correct score bets by simply using these rules.

There is more to successful correct score betting than meets the eye at this point. You may need expert correct score tips to fully reach your profit potential for this market. Surebet helps you attain that potential within a week. Subscribe to correct score tips from Surebet and start making money from sure correct scores.


Many gamblers and football betting fans have a lot in common, we all like huge betting odds. It is however not easy to get high betting odds, of say, more than 7 in most betting markets that are easy to predict. The high betting odds are reserved specifically to hard nuts to crack such as correct scores and the exact number of goals.

What are Correct Score Predictions or Tips?

Correct score predictions are forecasts about the exact number of matches that are going to be scored in an upcoming game. These usually apply in football betting more as compared to other sports. This is because football (or soccer) is a low scoring game and therefore relatively easier to predict correct score outcomes as compared to other matches like basketball.

Correct score tips require that you be exact in the number of goals by each team and are different from total goals predictions. However, these are among the sure bet tips available on Surebetsite.

For instance, for a match between Arsenal and Liverpool, you would have to be specific like; (2-1) or (1-0).


Why are Correct Score Tips Difficult?

The number of goals that can be scored by a team is unlimited and independent of any other factors except time and the ability of the players. This, therefore, means any number of goals is theoretically possible in a game of soccer.

To grasp, however, the real reason why the correct score predictions are difficult, you have to go back to mathematics. Using the concept of combinations and permutations, you will realize that the number of possible outcomes in a game of football is almost infinity, theoretically and if no controls are made.

If we apply an artificial control on the number of goals a single team can score in a match, the number drastically reduces but is still very high compared to the number of expected outcomes for betting markets such as GG or NG.

Let us assume that a team can score a maximum of 6 goals in a match.

The number of outcomes possible in this artificial scenario is as follows:

Those are all the possible outcomes for the match if we assumed that no team would be able to score more than 6 goals in the game. They are 36 possible outcomes for a single match! That is quite a lot, no wonder the odds are usually as large as 100 for seemingly farfetched predictions.

To calculate the number of outcomes for the correct score given a certain control of the number of matches, simply use permutations.


For the above case, you simply use permutation function as 6P2 a permutation for 6 outcomes for two involved instances. It is like throwing 2 dice with 6 sides each at once independently and recording all possible outcomes, the results will be 36 as well.

So in short, that is why correct score predictions are such a hard nut to crack for most beginners.

They are, however, crucial for prediction of jackpots such as the Sportpesa mega jackpot prediction or when you feel lucky and wish to get correct score weekend tips.

correct score tips


Apparently, different countries have different patterns when it comes to scoring and subsequently correct scores. It is already clear to many that some leagues tend to score highly while others seem to have a shortage of goals. Below we are exploring the peculiar correct score trends for a number of countries. These will help you predict correct scores more accurately.


Please note that this is a generalization meant to give you a clear perspective. This information alone is not enough to help you make informed correct score picks. However, combined with other pieces of information such as Correct Score trends for specific teams, you will be nearing perfection in your correct score analysis and prediction.

To come up with these analysis results we did an analysis of 229977 matches from 42 leagues across Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australia.


Before we compare countries let us first see how the correct score global trends or averages look like.

  • The most common correct score result is 1-1. This outcome showed up in 27687 of the 229977 matches under review. 1-1 correct score result therefore made up a staggering 12% of all outcomes in the matches.

  • The second most common correct score outcome is 1-0 which appears in about 10.5%. The following 8 correct score outcomes follow in the listed order:

  • 2-1 comes in third showing up in 20412 out of the total 229977 matches. This makes up 8.8757% of the matches.

  • Closely behind is a 0-0 correct score which formed 8.0286% of all outcomes.

  • Wrapping up the top 5 correct score results is 2-0 which occured in 17695 of the matches representing 7.6942% of all matches.

  • 0-1, 1-2, 2-2, 0-2 and 3-1 are the next 5 most common correct scores globally after showing up in 7.6221%, 6.5828%, 5.0357%, 4.5774%, 4.2365% of the 229977 matches respectively. A bonus correct score tip is 3-0 which comes in at number 11 but represents a very close number of matches as the 3-1 score.

What we learn from this analysis is that to be on the safe side in majority of the correct scores you make then make sure you consider those top 10 correct score outcomes listed above. It is foolhardy to come up with ridiculous correct scores such as 5-0 or 7-2.

For context, the 5-0 and 7-2 outcomes only showed up in less than 1% of all matches. This means you are ten times more likely to win a 1-1 correct score prediction than a 5-0 correct score prediction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are correct scores always Correct?
    Correct score fixed matches are always correct. Correct score predictions, on the other hand, are made by tipsters as tips and are not always correct. Even the best correct score prediction websites in the world sometimes lose in their CS prediction.

  2. Is it wise to maxbet when betting on correct scores?
    Like for any other betting markets, it is not wise to maxbet on predictions. Correct score predictions are especially hard. You should therefore, abstain from maxbetting with correct score tips. I would only maxbet if the correct score odds were fixed with a manipulated and guaranteed outcome. Betting with about Ksh. 1000 (4000 Naira) is considered on the higher side for a correct score. Make sure not to exceed the 100 dollars mark for any correct score prediction.

  3. What are free exact score tips?
    Free exact score tips are same to free correct score tips.

  4. Does the betting website I use determine if I win a correct score prediction?
    No. You can win or lose a correct score tip regardless of the betting website. It is however important to note that some betting websites might provide better correct score odd. Examples of such websites include Betika, Betpawa, Sportybet, 1Xbet and Sportpesa for Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana, Bet9ja for Nigeria and Dafabet for Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Asia in general. The odds on the names websites can expecially be enhamced if you place a correct score multibet.

  5. Is it possible to get 100% sure correct score tips for SRL matches?
    No. SRL matches are monitored by powerful AI algorithms and are hard to be manipulated into fixed matches. SRL predictions are generally harder to predict than normal football matches.

  6. Which other sites would you recommend to get good correct scores?
    As much as Surebet is the best provider of correct scores in Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya and the world, there are a few other websites that give modestly good correct score tips. They include Confirmbet, Primatips, Betnumbers and Mybet. This is not an endorsement of the above mentioned websites.

  7. How many matches are given in the VIP correct score package?
    4 matches are given daily in the correct score VIP package.

  8. Are correct scores available today and on a daily basis?
    Yes, we have free and VIP correct scores today and they are available daily.

  9. How can I get VIP correct score predictions today?
    To get VIP correct scores today simply register and make a payment of Ksh. 1000 or 4000 naira or 65 cedis or 12 dollars to subscribe. You will then receive the VIP  correct score tips by SMS and email.

  10. Do you odder correct scores on Telegram or WhatsApp?
    We do not have a telegram channel or WhatsApp group for correct score members. However, if you subscribe, we can send you the tickets via WhatsApp or Telegram.

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