“Congratulations! You have won 10,000,000 for your jackpot bet #SBST123.” This is the text you probably have wished for since the day you discovered jackpots on betting sites. Theoretically, this would be the perfect SMS, since it would cause a near bursting of your dopamine sacs but would also change your life in many regards.

Unfortunately though, such a text or a call from the betting companies has proved elusive for the vast majority of punters. The reason is clearly not lack of trying. Fact is that millions of people across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia and many more countries have tried their hand in jackpot analysis and prediction.

It therefore should not come as a surprise to you that whenever a lucky son of a b***h gets their hand on the millions by making correct predictions; it is a news that ends up on the front pages of many countries.

We all love what several millions(in whatever currency) can do to our lives. We all want to end up on front pages of newspapers and be the talk of town fo weeks. We all need to pull our asses out of poverty, and quickly so.

The question is, therefore, where do we go wrong? What is it that former jackpot winners know that we don’t? Can the system be rigged by hacking or any other means? What really determines the winner between skill and luck? What are the chances we are talking about here?

Well, turns out, I cannot give you a step by step manual for fully scooping the jackpot but I can try. I can answer may of the questions you have and make you better prepared to win any jackpot or a jackpot bonus which should be magnitudes easier to win than the full jackpot.

Without much ado, let us find out what it takes to win a jackpot or jackpot bonuses.


For those who have no idea, a jackpot is a large amount of money meant to be won if you correctly predict a set of games set out by the jackpot owner. A jackpot owner is usually the betting company on whose website the jackpot matches are listed.

The number of games per jackpot can range from as few as 5 to as many as 20 or even more.

The jackpots may require that you predict the three way outcomes; home win, draw, away win. It may also involve other betting markets such as GG/NG, Overs and Unders, Correct scores and many more.

Below is a sample list of jackpot matches from Sportpesa for 30th and 31st May 2020:

30-May-2020 14:00 Holstein Kiel vs Arminia Bielefeld

30-May-2020 14:00 Karlsruher Sc vs St. Pauli

30-May-2020 14:00 Sandhausen vs Hannover

30-May-2020 15:00 Meppen vs Kickers Wurzburg

30-May-2020 15:00 Ingolstadt vs Bayern Munchen Ii

30-May-2020 15:00 Magdeburg vs Kaiserslautern

30-May-2020 16:30 Mainz vs Hoffenheim

30-May-2020 17:00 Zlin vs Banik Ostrava

30-May-2020 20:00 Diosgyori Vtk vs Mezokovesdi Se

31-May-2020 14:00 1860 Munich vs Duisburg

31-May-2020 15:00 Preussen Munster vs Hallescher

31-May-2020 16:00 Vendsyssel Ff vs Fc Fredericia

31-May-2020 17:00 Bohemians vs Ceske Budejovice

This is an example of a 13 match jackpot worth over 240 million Tanzanian Shillings. This is an average jackpot considering the amount is about Ksh. 10 million or 100,000 USD. There have existed bigger jackpots and some still do exist that are worth over 3 million USD. An example is the Betlion Goliath Jackpot of Kenya that premiered with over 3 million USD in 2019.

Some jackpots have a fixed amount that can be won while others increase the prize money each time the jackpot is not won. Some jackpots award those that predict a large percentage of outcomes correctly while some don’t.

There are, therefore, different types of jackpots you can bet on and you can read about them in a separate article I have prepared for you.


There are 10 rules to use when analyzing a jackpot. They are:

  1. Read the rules of the jackpot

  2. The less the number of matches the better

  3. Consider head to head past results

  4. Consider the current form of both teams

  5. Determine differences in home and away performances

  6. Keenly determine the team’s abilities to score and concede both home and away

  7. Find out the rankings on the teams’ league tables

  8. Avoid the Gambler’s fallacy

  9. Monitor odd and any fluctuations 2 days prior to the matches up to the moment of placing your bet

  10. Try multiple times and use double chance opportunities

Without much ado, we shall look into these 10 rules for analyzing jackpot matches into details. Note that the rules are not in any particular order and do not skip reading the details below as the juice is always in the inner chambers of the fruit.


Reading fine print might be the most boring thing to do on any particular day and I completely understand if you never ever read fine print. Well, I might have done it a few times in the past and boy, was I bored. For jackpots, luckily, you really do not have to read the fine print per se, but get the crucial information about the jackpot you are interested in.

Below are answers you need to seek from the information usually found right below the jackpot matches on any betting site:

  • How much is the jackpot worth?

  • How many matches do you have to predict correctly to win a jackpot bonus?

  • How much does the jackpot cost?

  • Does the jackpot allow double chance selections?

  • Is there a reward if you don’t get the bonus-winning predictions right but are the best yet?

  • How much tax is induced on the winning amount?

  • How often is the jackpot available to bet on?

  • What kind of predictions are required? 1X2, GG-NG, Correct Score etc?

  • Can you play the jackpot multiple times?

If and when you get the above information, then you should proceed decide whether or not you are going to play this jackpot. You really do not have to play each and every jackpot you come across. It is OK to be choosy and select these jackpots that suit your needs, are attractive to you as an individual and whose chances of winning it fully or partially are realistic.

It would not be economical for you to play a jackpot worth 10,000 USD that requires you to correctly predict 20 correct score outcomes correctly in order to win. Such a 10,000 USD jackpot should be ideally composed of less than 10 matches.


Unlike simple single bets, jackpots require that multiple predictions all go through for you to win. A combination of let us say 17 games will mean that if any of the predictions you make goes wrong then you don’t win the jackpot(at least in full). What does it mean however to correctly predict 17 games all correctly?

I wish not to take you back to the mathematics classes but here is a simple explanation.

If two teams (A and B) are playing and the outcomes are A wins, Draw or B wins, then the simplified probability of winning the game is 1/3 that means you have 1 in 3 odds to winning your bet in any of the 3 choices.

If you have to add one more match to your bet slip such that it becomes a multi bet of 2 matches, the probability of you winning the bet reduces drastically. This sis because the possible outcomes are no longer 3 or 4 or 6. They actually increase to 9.

Below is an example of 2 matches:

§ A vs B

§ C vs D

The possible outcomes are:

1) A win, C win

2) A win, C and D draw

3) A win, D win

4) B win, C win

5) B win, D win

6) B win, C & D draw

7) A & B draw , C win

8) A & B draw, D win

9) A & B draw, C & D draw

As you can see, the increase in the number of outcomes increase exponentially whenever a match is added to your bet slip.

To know the number of outcomes in a 3 way jackpot simply raise 3 to the multiple of the number of games in the jackpot. In the example above, the possible outcomes for 1 match are 31 which is 3. For 2 matches onward, see below:










From the above list you can see that the number of possible outcomes increases exponentially as the number of matches increase slightly.

For a jackpot with 10 matches, your chances of winning it is 1 in 59,049 while the chances of winning a 17 game jackpot like the Betika grand jackpot is 1 in 129,140,163.

I therefore advise you to choose jackpots with a lower number of games if you really want to win a jackpot any time soon.


After deciding that a jackpot’s terms including the number of matches are OK for you to try it, it is time some serious stuff, analysis. When analyzing your jackpot matches, make sure you have enough time. It is not a matter of perusing through statistics or analysis from statistical sites and count on your conclusions.

This is a matter that takes 7 professionals at Surebetsite 3 full working days to Do for jackpots such as the Betika Grand jackpot. A smaller jackpot like Shabiki jackpot Mbao take 3 professionals at Surebetsite a full day to analyse. As an individual, you should probably take at least 2 to 3 hours to do your analysis.

Careful not to digress, as the third rule, you should always have a close look at head to head statistics for each team you are looking at. Head to head matches simply means the past encounters the two teams of a specific match have had in the past. Assuming you are looking at Bayern Munich and Schalke 04, go back a few years and list (or see a list) of the past 10 or so similar matches to the one at hand. Be sure to deduce the following:

  • Which of the two teams has won the most games?

  • Which team has scored most goals during the past head to head matches?

  • Which team has had a streak of losses or wins at home or away?

  • Is there an emerging pattern like that of consecutive draws?

  • How often did both teams manage to score in a match?

  • If you happen to get the odds for past matches, is there a correlation between the odds of past head to head matches and the outcomes?

  • Does the trends in the last 5 games match with trends in the past 10 or 20 head to head matches?

Well after getting these facts here is how you are supposed to interpret them. In this case I will assume your analysis is for teams A and B.

  1. The team that has won the most matches is most likely to win the jackpot game.

  2. The team that has consistently scored more goals in past h2h matches is more likely to score more goals in the upcoming jackpot game.

  3. If team A has a streak of wins in the past few head to head matches, the streak is more likely to continue than to break. If both team A and team B both have had a streak of winning at home and losing away matches then the home team is more likely to win and vice versa.

  4. If a pattern has been noted in the past h2h matches, it is more likely to continue than to break.

  5. In case both teams have been scoring in most head to head games with No Goal reults being few and in between, the game is more likely to end in a draw that if No Goal results are many.

  6. If the implications of the odds offered in past head to head matches seem to correlate with the past outcomes, then the trend is likely to continue so consider the given odds very much.

  7. If the trends in the last 5 games seem to match those of the last 10 games then you should probably know the trends are hard-ingrained into those teams DNA and you should probably bet for the trends to continue than against them.


The past results especially those far into the pat may not correctly reflect the current form of the teams. A team can have great form in the first half of the season and fade off into mediocrity the second half. A very close look is therefore necessary if you are to come up with solid conclusions.

The best way to do this is to get the results of each team for their recent 6 matches in their respective leagues. Tend to ignore international friendlies and championships as these can prove misleading.

This is so because international friendlies are often graced by younger upcoming players and the subsequent results may not correctly reflect the strength of a team. International championships force teams to face some potentially very strong or very weak teams whose playing patterns may be confusing to players. The resultant scores may thereby be useless in coming up with useful inferences.

When you get the recent results, make sure to see emerging trends such as winning or losing streaks or barre draws. It has been discovered that most streaks last for 6 to 8 games. If a team is therefore on its 3rd or 4th leg of a streak, it is easy to bet your ass on the streak to continue.

Betting companies often offer the recent results of teams playing on their statistics section. It therefore should be easy for you to access that information and use it in your advantage in jackpot prediction.


Still on recent performances, it has always been known to betting professionals that most teams develop some weird strength or weakness when playing at home or away.

This step is essential in determining the home advantage and the away blues. As you may have realized already in your betting journey, teams are considerably stronger at home while weaker away. This is however more pronounced in some teams than others\

It is not uncommon to find a team whose success is almost entirely jeopardized by their away performance while being carried almost entirely on the shoulders of their home games.

Look out for the “extroverts” who tend to do very well while playing away. In fact, some teams do considerably better when playing away than at home.

If a team has less than average performance in away games and is playing away in your jackpot match then you should know they may have a hard time winning the match. Conversely, if the home team has a difficult home experience while facing a better than average away matches performer, it is OK to predict a win for the away team.

In the analysis of home and away performances, you should have a look at the number of goals scored and conceded while away and at home. A team might be losing home matches but conceding very few goals which should be a plus for the team in spite of the losses.

Similarly, a team may have won many home matches marginally while conceding a lot of goals in the same matches. This should be a red sign as far as the team’s defenses and tactics are concerned.


League tables are a great source of information for betting companies when assigning odds for teams. For the same reason, you should always use them to gauge the general strength of the teams involved. As a rule of thumb for betting companies, the higher the team ranks on the tables the stronger it is regarded and the smaller the odds they assign it.

While technically this should hold ground, it proves futile when comparing teams which have had a lucky streak or an unlucky one which disrupts the standings in their favor or otherwise.

While looking at the league table is important for teams separated by at least 4 positions and 5 points, the same can not be said for teams separated by 3 or less teams and/or less than 5 points. A stronger team may be lingering below weaker teams on the standings table for one reason or the other.

More importantly, check on the league table for signs such as number of goals scored and goal differences for better information to use.


According to Wikipedia,

The gambler's fallacy, also known as the Monte Carlo fallacy or the fallacy of the maturity of chances, is the erroneous belief that if a particular event occurs more frequently than normal during the past it is less likely to happen in the future (or vice versa)”

Say you are not a culprit? Well, this is an evolutionary outcome in humans that was shaped by experiences around them over the ages of development into modern human. Disasters such as earthquakes, locusts and tsunamis never seemed to repeat after striking, at least not after a few decades or so. As the old African proverb sums it up, “Thunder doesn’t strike a tree twice”.

The problem is even the wise African proverb has been debunked with records of trees having been stricken by thunder more than once.

What I mean is that after seeing results of team A and B drawing in 3 past matches, it is easy to say: Well this probably can not happen again this time, I will go with a Home win. Or away win for that matter.

Or if team A has won 7 consecutive head to head matches against team B, you may think the same win and end up betting on team B to win this time. It then comes as a shock to you after team A, the usual winner that is considerably stronger, naturally wins the jackpot game and shatters your hopes of wining the jackpot.

Gamblers Fallacy, is the name of this trick nature has played on humans. You should always avoid falling for this unschooled line of thought. Remember, betting companies present us with games with streaks and trends in their underlying statistics that easily lead most into the open arms of the Gambler’s fallacy.

Stay woke and trust your science. Science because it clearly says events such as soccer game results are mostly independent of the results of the previous matches. The only scientifically proven lines of thought for your jackpot game analysis are the ones I have discussed in this article.


If you are a keen punter, you may have realized by now that odds on betting sites do not remain constant prior to the match kick-off. In fact the odds start fluctuating marginally and sometimes dramatically several times starting as soon as the first few persons make their bets on the match.

You may as why this happens and the answer is clear; they fluctuate in response to the demand. Just like in economics, the odds are controlled by the forces of demand and supply. Whenever more people disproportionately bet on a certain outcome of the jackpit game(or any other match) the odds for that outcome starts plummeting.

Conversely, the odds at the opposite end of the targeted outcome start rising. This is essentially to convince more people into betting on the “other” outcome so that the betting books balance and the betting company don’t suffer losses in case the majority are right.

So why am I telling you to monitor fluctuations? Well, it turn out, most professional tipsters share well analysed tips with their customers or followers about the best team to bet on. These followers then place bets according to the advice they get. The results then start manifesting in the falling of odds for the outcome trumpeted by the tipster. An outcome whose odds are falling is a better one than the opposing ones MOST of the time but not ALWAYS.

Some tipsters are popular but fake. They mislead a lot of people who end up triggering the fluctuations only to get disappointed. So make sure to distinguish genuine fluctuations from useless ones.

A good fluctuation trend happens when the odds fall slowly but consistently. This is an indication that the sources of intelligence are many and coming in at different times. A one-off downward fluctuation that can be massive or not is a sign that a single or a few tipsters are doing their thing.

It is therefore important that you start monitoring your jackpot games ideally 3 days before kickoff and keep your records for analysis before betting.


As I said before, betting on jackpots is a tricky affair. More importantly it is a game of probability. However good in prediction you might be, it is hard to get all the predictions right.

Fortunately, there are few ways you can improve your chances of winning a jackpot drastically without having more information than you do at the time before placing the jackpot bet.

One of them is trying multiple times. Each time you place an extra bet on the jackpot you increase your cnaces of winning it by a certain factor. The second bet alone doubles your chances of winning the jackpot. That is big enough to encourage you, isn’t it?

Most betting sites allows you to place as many jackpot bets as you possibly can. The only constraint in this case might be your bankroll and your time and energy. I am however not as ignorant as to assume you have a bottomless bankroll. I know financial constraints are real. So please just bet as many times as you can without hurting your financial position or your credict facilities. Since jackpots are quite cheap, it is OK to try up to 10 times.

That mostly costs not more than 10 dollars in total and that is acceptable. Betting 20 or more times is not encouraged. If you have a gambling problem please contact for help.

The second way to improve your chances of winning any jackpot is using double chances. This is however limited to jackpots that allow that in the first place. In most betting sites, you can place up to 6 double chances if the jackpot has 15 or more games. Each time you include a double chance in your slip, however, you double the cost of your bet. Assuming the bet is 50 and you place 1 double chance, it will cost you 100. If you include 6 double chances you have to cough up 3200.

If you have the cash to spare, use double chances to increase your betting chances. This is especially useful when you have done a great analysis and find out there are a number of games whose outcomes you are not fully convinced. If you have opposing decisions to make for a few matches, and the money, why not use double chances?


You probably need and deserve the good life that can potentially start the moment you win a soccer betting jackpot. The cars, the mansion, the girls, the wine or whatever that makes your eyes spark with want.

While hard work is the safest and surest way to such a life, it more likely than not, will take you decades to reach there. A faster way to reach your dreams, jackpots, have already came handy for many. Betting on a jackpot is easy but winning takes a lot more. From choosing the right jackpot, analyzing head to head matches to scrutinizing current forms of jackpot matches, it is imperative that you got a lot to do before betting on a jackpot if you are to win.

Having read how to avoid fallacies like the gambler’s fallacy, got your lesson on how to increase your chances of winning any jackpot, it seems like time to start real jackpot betting.

I cant wit to hear from you that you have won a jackpot and changed your life for good. Don’t ask me what you can get for me if you use this information to win a jackpot or a bonus because it may be too much hahaha. However, I like a cold beer on a Sunday afternoon so I hope you can offer me that as you head for your exotic destination for a vacation fit for a royal.

Until then keep betting on jackpots. Keep doing the work above or simply use our services.

Surebetsite does all the above and 10 times much more as far as analysis for jackpot games is concerned. When and if the above proves time consuming and boring contact us and we will give you a professionally analyzed prediction for the full jackpot.

For only 3 dollars or KES 250, you get not only the jackpot prediction but also a multi bet prediction for the day to add some money into your pocket as you wait for the real jackpot windfall.

You can send the money through most payment methods such as Paypal, Skrill or Mpesa. For the first two send to For East Africans send to Mpesa no. +254700926210.




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