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Have you ever thought about how to bet on football matches and win every time? Have you also thought that this is totally possible? Well, it turns out, you are right, there is a way. Knowing how to bet in football matches and win is a cool thing, and everyone wishes there was a magic wand that acts like a soccer betting winning formula so we don’t have to lose even once.

Unfortunately, you and I know that most people tend to lose more than they win in football betting. That is why I did a research on the betting industry, techniques and strategies to come up with this article that explains exactly how to bet on football matches and win whichever your country.

I shall however take you through the concept of betting itself so that you are grounded to understand the philosophy of betting and why it puzzles and mesmerizes many a people.

Note that if you have no means or time of going through with the details I am about to reveal below, you can use sure bet tips and predictions from Surebet. Surebetsite is the leading provider of sure win tips and fixed matches.


Betting is as old as humanity. It comes in many forms across diverse cultures. Since the stone age human beings have differed in opinions about likely outcomes of events. The human nature dictates that no one can predict future outcomes 100%. This uncertainty leaves room for people to put stakes on their opinions which they often deem as superior, or more likely.

For example, two people in an argument about an election outcome involving two equally popular politicians may promise to pay each other 10 coins in case the outcome differs from their opinion. In any other name, such an activity can still be referred to as betting. The 10 coins at stake for each party is called a wager or the stake amount.

A simple bet as this has a good chance of coming through for either party because the probability involved is like that of tossing a coin. Either politician A wins or B wins. The probability of such a bet is 50% or ½. Modern sports betting on the other hand is more complex.

Modern betting involves placing a wager on an outcome of a match prior to the commencement of the match or during the match. The wagers are placed with legally registered betting companies known as bookmarkers.

Some prefer to place wagers with illegal entities called bookies because of their capability to offer credit. As a sports betting beginner or enthusiast, you could have a better experience placing bets with legal bookmarkers than illegal bookies.

You can place bets on virtually any sport from soccer (the most popular), hockey, handball, rugby, baseball, track cycling, dog racing or horse racing. The simple advice for bettors is to place your wagers on the sport you understand most. For the vast majority, it is soccer, but if you understand or have more interest in another sport then just let that sport be your major focus in betting. When you place a bet, the probability of winning the bet depends on many factors.

First, it depends on the kind of bet you placed. Did you place on the home team or away team? The stronger team or the weaker team? Did you bet on a single event or multiple events? Did you bet on an event with high or low odds? If you do not understand what I mean, read on. I shall clarify each and every statement here.

Finally, the concept of betting is now almost universal. If you have never placed a bet before, it is highly likely your family member or your friend has. It is very popular especially since the start of the 21st century. And the reason? Yea, simple.

The stakes involved. Betting comes with a promise of making some very high profits when you are extremely lucky and informed. A recent win of a massive 2.2 million dollars by a Kenyan young man is an example. He had staked $1 only. The media then comes in and shouts about those winners from the roof-tops.

Everyone wants to live a good life; everyone wants to win a mind boggling amount like 2.2 million or more from a small stake like $1. That explains the betting frenzy that has swept across Africa, Europe and most of the world. But how are such colossal amounts won? Through what is referred to as jackpots. Here on Bet-pass we have a page specifically dedicated to jackpots analysis and as you stay with Bet-pass, you will understand what jackpots are and why you should try your luck on them as well. Welcome to the interesting yet tricky world of sports betting.


Kenya is a strong betting market. In a 2015 study done by Price Waterhouse Coopers on the African gambling market, Kenya emerged as the home of the betting population.

The Kenyan youth took the top as apparently the most addicted and maybe the richest of all youth in Sub Saharan Africa, if the amounts and frequency that showed up is anything to go by.

Betting Companies are always on the lookout for such behaviors and before even a research is done to reveal the obvious, they would have minted millions out of gullible punters.

We are simply a betting nation.

Therefore in a nutshell, we have no shortage of betting companies in Kenya.

The following are the most popular sites that you need to start with.

  1. Betpawa

  2. Sportpesa

  3. Betika

  4. Chezacash

  5. Betyetu

  6. Eazibet

  7. Betway


Some betting companies offer bonus and other incentives for first time users. Start with taking advantage of such initial offers; you may not get the chance later on when you become an existing user. Visit all websites of the companies, do not leave out any. Sometimes bonuses come and go depending to company strategy. So keep checking.

in the process of learning how to bet on football matches and win, ensure you take advantage of these betting bonuses. One good company to use their bonus is Palmsbet. You can go ahead and research more about it

palmsbet banner 100% bonus
Get 100% bonus the first time you bet on Palmsbet Kenya.


Some companies give better odds on some markets such as GG, NG, overs and unders.

According to experience, the trend may be interrupted once in a blue moon whereby the usual low-odd companies give higher odds but on average, there are better sites to be using than others. The smaller companies give better odds than bigger companies.

It is up to you to find out which ones. However, if you are a member of Surebet, then you can be guaranteed to receive a full report and advice from us besides updates when changes emerge.


All betting sites in Kenya accept Mpesa payments and process Mpesa Withdrawals. You however should know that the time it takes to receive money after withdrawal from your betting account varies from one site to another.

You can experiment and find out the ones which make immediate transfers after withdrawal.


Match analysis is very important before making any betting decisions. Most sites have analysis systems integrated with their core betting system. The quality of analysis however differs from one site to another.

Check out the sites and see the kind of analysis they display and make your choice.


In making the decision of the website to use for your betting, ensure you consider all the above factors. However, if you need to make real money from betting, use the Surebet daily tips and betting predictions.

All the best in your betting journey.


After getting your grasp on the betting sites, the next step is to know which leagues and teams you need to put bets on. Despite the Kenyan betting companies crying wolf of the newly implemented higher tax regime on their earnings and some having withdrawn from supporting local sports, truth is Kenyans hardly if ever bet on local matches.

They are rarely available on betting platforms anyway. Little wonder the average gambler is not moved by the crocodile tears being shed by betting companies. Regardless, over 80% of Kenyans bet on the following 5 leagues:

1. English Premier Leagues - English

2. La Liga – Spanish

3. Serie A – Italian

4. Sportpesa Premier League – Kenyan

5. Bundesliga – Germany

6. Champions League

It is a good idea to start with these common leagues because it is easier to get crucial information on these leagues in the internet or through soccer chats with friends. What you need to understand is that each league is unique in their style of playing, scoring and management.

Some leagues on average score more goals than others. Some have a tendency to have more goals in the second half while others in the first. Get to know a league well before betting on the respective teams. A smart and serious gambler would download historical data of major leagues on their computers or have a trusted site from which they can gather statistical information from.

This is crucial since most trends in major leagues tend to perpetuate on average. For instance, Spanish leagues have a history of more goals being scored per match compared to Germany leagues. Would this not come handy when placing a bet on the Overs and Unders market? I guess yes.


If you toss a coin, the probability of getting a head or a tail is ½. The odds for such a toss is 1:1 meaning if you bet 10/- for a head, you get 10/- on top or lose 10/- if you lose.

In soccer betting, the odds are displayed in decimals. Below see the basis.

Assume you play a game of choosing one lucky number between 1 and 5. It means the probability of getting the lucky number is 1/5. It also means you get 5 credits for 1 try. Thus the odds could be stated as 1:5. If the numbers were 10, then the odds would be 1:10. But it would be more difficult to win a bet of choosing one number out of 10 than choosing one number out of 5.

Sportpesa odds screenshot - Sample betting markets -odds. You need to understand betting odds
Sample betting markets -odds. You need to understand betting odds

Therefore, the bigger the odds are, the riskier the bet. Also note that for any match, we have the home team, whose odds are called “1”, away team whose odds are called “2” and a draw whose odds are called X.

Now consider a match with the following odds:


This table shows odds for arsenal and Chelsea(fictional).

1.38 is the odds for HOME WIN. In this case the home team is arsenal and the away team is Leicester. 1.38 means if you stake 100 on arsenal win, and it goes ahead to win, you get back 1.38X100=138/- thus making a profit of 138. This profit looks small, but it also means you are very likely to win the bet.

As a rule of thumb, the lower the odds, the higher the chances of winning. Besides, the larger the odds are, the lower the chances of winning.

This therefore means that if you bet on Leicester will see you getting 9.2X100=920/- thereby making a profit of 820/-. However, the chances of winning that profit are slim. The weaker the team, the higher the odds. I hope you know better now.


The secret of the bettors who get good returns is proper research. They always dig the internet for historical data and statistics thereby noticing trends that guide to intelligent betting. Bet-pass has now taken away the pain of hopping from one website to the other in search of match analysis and statistics.

Get to know how the historical data trends. Know the chances of winning before betting on a match. Bet-pass will assist you in this area.

It is very important to know what you look for when researching for a good bet. To start with, do not start over with a pre conditioned mind and a strong bias.

Some statistical data may shock you and show you how foolish it is to have prejudice. Let us assume you wish to place a bet on a match between Girona and Getafe. The first step should be to find out the league standings of each of the two teams in the league they are playing. In this case, you may find out that Girona is number 3 while Getafe is number 14. That should tell you something, right. It simply means regardless of any historical data you may come across, Girona is in better form currently than Getafe.

Premier league table screenshot
Reaserch is important for betting, Unless you are using Surebet Kenya tips.

The second step should be to look at the odds given. The odds for Girona in this case could probably be something like 1.8 against a draw of 4.2 and a 5.8 for Getafe. The bookmarkers would have shown you already that Girona is expected to win at least in terms of popular opinion and current form. Up to this level of information, the safer bet you can place is a Home win (1) for Girona. However, this may not be the best bet yet, you need more information.

Third, you should look at the Head-to-Head statistics. This basically means looking at the past results of the two team’s matches. You may get data showing in this form:


This is what we call Head-to-Head data. As you can see for the last 5 matches, Girona has won 4 while Getafe has won none while they drew once only in 2013. Now in soccer, trends seem to stand the test of time.

This does not mean Getafe cannot win in this match and sink your bet in case you bet for Girona, it only means Girona has a very high chance of winning this match. Now you can comfortably put your money on Girona, but wait. One more thing, you need to find out if there are unique circumstances either in Girona or Getafe that may determine match outcome.

Now you have to use your browser and find out if any of the following factors are at play in the team’s current form:

1. Any injuries to the top performers

2. New top-rated signings

3. Change in management

4. Team morale

The above listed factors are more powerful in determining match outcome than most people think. They are the main reason a team like Southampton give thorough beatings to giants such as Chelsea and Manchester City.


Do not stake all your money on matches. You should ideally use less than 20% of your lose money on betting at any given time.

Betting more than 20% may lead to frustrations; remember you can never be certain in betting. This is a very important point, don’t ignore it. When you win a bet, do not stake all the winnings in other bets. Instead save some and use the rest to bet.

If you lose, don’t stake bigger bets with the aim of recovering the lost amount. This will only lead to disappointment. Always bet rationally and level headedly. Before deciding how much you may stake, determine your actual financial position, feed your family, pay urgent bills and pay some debts.

The remaining amount should now be available to bet with. It is also not a crime to hold on some of the expenses in a bid to make more money through betting so as to settle the bills more comfortably.

However, if you find yourself in such a situation, you need to be sure of winning, or at least somewhat sure. I advise you to use professional betting tips and prediction sites such as Bet-pass or Surebet Kenya to get the best choices. It will save you the agony of losing your tightly budgeted money.

One thing you should always remember, do not high bet with amounts of money on multi bets. They are very difficult to win. After all multi bets give very high combined odds, good reason to bet minimum amounts to get large winnings. It is totally stupid to place a bet on 7 combined outcomes(multi bet) with Ksh. 10,000 at stake. Any bet with odds over 10 for instance should never attract more than Ksh. 100 from your pocket.


I have done a comprehensive article on how to bet on Sportpesa and you can find it by clicking the link. However here is a summary of how you go about the actual betting after you have followed the above steps.

a) Sign up on your favorite betting site.

b) Send money to the paybill number of your favorite betting company.

c) Go to the sites matches and sample the listed matches

d) Notice the date of the match and the odds involved.

e) Do your research on Flashscore, Soccerpunter or your site of choice and get conclusive insights.

f) Click on the odds you decide to bet on.

g) Enter the amount you wish to stake.

h) Finish the process according to the prompts.


Betting for profits needs some skills. If you are not ready to take time to learn new concepts and to use various techniques, you might find it hard to break even. I however believe that if you have read this far then you have what it takes to bet on football and win every time.

When you are in doubt of your predictions consult us and use our services. We only charge a small fee. In case of any concerns or comments feel free to contact me through:


Tel: +264700926210

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