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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

It is now clear in the betting community that the sheer majority of matches on betting sites are electronic games followed closely by electronic games.

One question is however pressing? Exactly how well do you know your players in the electronic games. Well, if you have been an ardent fan of electronic and simuated games for years, then you are fine o go. However, if you are a beginner in the electronic games you might as well be confused and losing a lot of stake money while betting currently.

Below is a quick guide based on data of the last one month since electronic games started dominating betting sites.

Number of players

There are currently just over 200 distinctive players plain matches that we are placing bets on. These are the same games we give in our sure bet predictions and fixed matches.

They are actually 205 to be precise and they are very diverse in both backgrounds and performance.

Below is a list of some of the players and their current players and the evident patterns of their performance.


So far Poss has the highest winning rate in electronic games. He has played dozens of matches recently and he cannot stop winning. Some of the leagues he has made appearances on include Cyber Championship league, Germany Cyber Star League, Spain Cyber Star League, Copa America,England Cyber Star League and even the Cyber World Cup.

2. Baphobet

At a respectable 2nd place is Baphomet who has played a total of 84 games, 67% of which he won. Baphomet has only drawn in 15 of the 84 games and lost in just 13 games. He has therefore won 4 times as many games as he lost.

This is a player who sometimes provides our sure bet predictions since I know for sure his opponents who can never win a match against him. With a little more hard work, Baphomet may become the best electronic gamers of the decade.

3. HBK

HBK is a mysterious figure who has played in the following leagues: a) Electronic Leagues - France Cyber Stars League b) Electronic Leagues - Cyber Europa League c) Electronic Leagues - Italy Cyber Stars League d) Electronic Leagues - Cyber World Cup e) Electronic Leagues - Germany Cyber Stars League f) Electronic Leagues - England Cyber Stars League g) Electronic Leagues - Cyber Champions League h) Electronic Leagues - Spain Cyber Stars League

HBK has a winning rate of 65% and his winning rate keeps improving every day. It is a seriously good decision to bet on matches played by HBK especially when he is playing away. He has not only kept improving in general performance but also bettering his away record which is way better than his home record. HBK has won 40 of his 56 away matches losing 12 and drawing in 4 of them. He has one of the lowest draw rates among the players of the electronic leagues.

4. Walker

In the 4th place is the first player in this list who has recorded more draws than losses. Out of his 121 draws Parker has won 64%, drew 21% and lost 16% of his matches. He is known to recover well after defeats and making at least a draw before the match ends. If Walker can playwith the same zeal and focus as he does when he is a goal or 2 down he could effectively push POSS from the top of the list.

He is a good player but he may need to work on his focus. In the mean time, you can place a draw bet on Walker and almost a quarter of the time you will win the bet.

5. REM

Topping the top 5 electronic/esport players this month is REM who has played 115 matches in April so far and has won a respectable 61% of them. He has also drawn in 17% and lost 22% of the matches. REM has played more away matches than home matches and he seems to have a balanced performance. Below are some of the leagues REM has played in the last month: a) Electronic Leagues - Cyber Champions League b) Electronic Leagues - Cyber Europa League c) Electronic Leagues - Cyber World Cup d) Electronic Leagues - England Cyber Stars League e) Electronic Leagues - France Cyber Stars League f) Electronic Leagues - Germany Cyber Stars League g) Electronic Leagues - Italy Cyber Stars League h) Electronic Leagues - Spain Cyber Stars League

If you are going to bet on REM, then draws may not be your best bet. Over 2.5 goals , however, may be a good bet since over 80% of his matches have resulted in more than 2.5 goals. He has one of the highest goal scoring rates in the electronic leagues. You can also get more over 2.5 predictions for REM and others on or over/under 2.5 goals tips page.

6. Mistyeye

At position 6 in terms of performance is Mistyeye who participates in the following esport tournaments: Electronic Leagues - France Cyber Stars League Electronic Leagues - England Cyber Stars League Electronic Leagues - Italy Cyber Stars League Electronic Leagues - Cyber World Cup Electronic Leagues - Germany Cyber Stars League Electronic Leagues - Spain Cyber Stars League Mistyeye especially likes to represent Spain in his matches. At 56%, Mistyeye’s winning record is good enouh to be in the top 6 because, well, it is 6th overral. Mistyeye is also the 2nd on this list to record more draws than losses after Walker. Unlike REM, Mistyeye’s matches do not seem to end in over 2.5 goals as much, but a respectable number of them end in GG or Both teams to score result. He is defitely one of the few esport players I can recommend you to place this kind of bet on. This buys from the fact that he can really score and, yes, he can concede in equal measure.

7. Nicolasrage

The sevent on this list of glory is Nicolasrage who has recorded even a greater ability to have his matches with over 2.5 goals result than even REM. While the percentage of under 2.5 goals results in the esport matches currently stand at over 53%, Nicolasrage’s games have only finished with under 2.5 goals 15% of the time. That is over 3 times the esport average. This essentially means, so long as the odds for Nicolasrage matches have offd of over 1.15 for over 2.5 goals then you have a value bet. The bet part is that the odds are usually much higher. Betting companies have not collected enough data to base odds on individual players, instead using the esport averages. You therefore should not be surprised when you find odds for over 2.5 goals being about 1.6 for matches that Nicolasrage is playing. He is also among the few electronic players whose correct score tips have been making a hit 95% of the time here on Surebet VIP correct score prediction page. More generally, Nicolasrage has won 46% of his games, drew in 17% of them and lost 37% of his game. His winning rate is however 7th overall and it deserves some respect as the first on the list to have the best below-50% win rate.

8. Orlovsky1

It is possible that you know Orlovsky1 better than most of the above players. This may be because of knowing him personally or watching his matches but most importantly because he has played the largest number of games of any of the first 7 players listed so far. In fact, Orlovsky1 has played more esport games than any other player so far in the last month. Except one player called Nikkitta. It is therefore likely you have ben placing bets on his games if you have been betting actively in the last month or so. So, Orlovsky1 is the best “big player”. Out of 443 matches, Orlovsky1 has managed wo win 42% of his games, drew in 34% matches and lost in 24% of his games. As you can see, yo are most likely to see Orlovsky1 draw in a match than see him lose a match. In this top ten esport players list, Orlovsky1 has the highest draw rate. Interestinly though, only 46% of Orlovsky1’s matches end with over 2.5 goals. Most of his games are under 2.5 goals type. This is because he plays areally defensive game. Most of his opponents get demoralized with his relentless defense and that is when he strikes. This type of strategy is known to resuly in many draws for reasons not yet known to me.

9. Arcos

Second from bottom of this great list is Arcos. He has played the second higest number of matches in this list. Out of his 326 matches, Arcos has won 42% of them, just like Orlovsky1 but has marginally lower draws but higher losses. Arcos’ matches are also 30% more likely to end with under 2.5 goals than Orlovsky1. Only 37% of his games are over 2.5 goals and 45% with GG or “Both Teams To Score” as some of you call it. “Arcos is a determined player” said one od Surebetsite’s analysts, “But he need to convert a lot of his draws into wins because he has the ability. What he is lacking is the will. I believe Arcos will become the best big esport player in the future.” He added.

10. Readingclub

Reading club has played less than half the matches Arcos has played. Out of his 140 matches, he managed to win 41%, draw in 22% and lost 37% of matches. His favourite esport tournament is Italy Cyber Star league but he also has played in the following leagues: i. Electronic Leagues - Cyber Champions League ii. Electronic Leagues - Cyber Copa America iii. Electronic Leagues - Cyber Europa League iv. Electronic Leagues - Cyber World Cup v. Electronic Leagues - England Cyber Stars League vi. Electronic Leagues - France Cyber Stars League vii. Electronic Leagues - Germany Cyber Stars League viii. Electronic Leagues - Italy Cyber Stars League ix. Electronic Leagues - Spain Cyber Stars League

In what looks like home shyness, Readingclub is much more likely to win when taking the away team than home team. He has won nearly half of all the 69 away matches. When playing at home, however, Readingclub has only won 28 of the 71 home games.

Like other large players above, Readingclub’s games are more likely to end with less than 2.5 goals.

I know this list is not enough to enable you make accurate betting decisions but it will sure help especially with games involving these 10 great esport players. You can go ahead and do your own research on each and every player (they are over 200by the way) but remember to always be careful.

One thing I should clarify here is that the team a player is representing has little to do with the expected outcome. A very poor player can represent a big team like Liverpool and the team’s name may incorrectly lead you to place a bet on it. I agree most of the players whose matches are listed on betting sites are professionals who have been thoroughly vetted but like in every industry, there is always a more competent professionsl.

Surebetsite takes pride in knowing and keeping record of each and every esport match these players engae in. We also know some of the players personally.

Instead of losing your hard harned cash on blind bets, register on one of our VIP packages and get surebet predictions.

Our VIP matches have more odds than our Premium package but less odds that the Fixxed matches package which is the most recommended.

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