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Updated: Feb 19, 2021

The Sportpesa Mid week Jackpot is at Ksh. 57,717,938 and that is a lot of money. It might not have the allure of the Sportpesa Mega Jackpot but the mid-week Jackpot ia worthy its salt at the very least.

We have done analysis of the mid-week jackpot below.


Below, let us have a brief discussion of each team’s form by looking at their recent performances.


Ingolstadt faces Sandhausen at home even as the former has suffered 5 consecutive losses from all tournaments. Their 2nd Bundesliga form is not any better with 3 losses, One Draw and only one win.

Sandhausen on the other hand has seen better luck. Overall, they have had 3 losses, one draw and one win in their last 5 matches from all competitions. In the 2nd Bundesliga games, they have recorded one win, two draws and two losses.


HOME WIN: 2.48

DRAW: 3.07

AWAY WIN: 3.12


Sheffield Wed is trying to recover from a beaten up premier league form having lost twice, drawn twice and won only once. They lost to Birmingham city (1-4) and Bolton Wanderers (2-1). They drew against Everton (0-0) and Arsenal (1-1).

In their overall form, Sheffield Wed won twice, drew twice and lost once. They are therefore, on average form.

Middlesbrough on the other hand comes to this match with a stellar performance in the Premier League. Of the last 5 premier league matches, they have won 4 of them and lost only one. Middlesbrough won against Newcastle United (2-1), Liverpool (0-1), Sheffield Wednesday (6-1), and Bury (1-4).

Everyone holds their breath to see if Middlesbrough will repeat of a thrashing like the one they last gave to their visitors this week, Sheffield Wed.


These are among the bottom teams in the 3rd Liga of Germany.

Meppen, the better performing of the two, is number 16 out of 20 in the 3rd Liga with 12 points. Grossaspach other hand is number 18 with 11 points from 11 matches, averaging one poitt for each match. This dismal performance of these teams does not make prediction of the outcome of the match between them any easier.

However, while Mepen has won the last two matches, Grossaspach has not won a single match in the last 5 it has played in the 3rd Liga of Germany.


Home Win: 2.5

Draw: 3.0

Away Win: 3.0


Kaiserslautern will be hosting Uerdingen at the Fritz-Walter-Stadion on 20th October 2018 for a lively duel.

The hosts Kaiserslautern who are currently number 9 in the Germany 3rd Liga, well understand that their visitors Uerdingen are currently the 2nd placed in that league with 22 points from 11 matches.

Kaiserslautern has won only 2 of the last matches they have played, drew in 3 and lost one.

Uerdingen on the other hand has won four of its matches, drew in none and lost two.

Uerdingen however performs pretty well when away and this should worry hosts Kaiserslautern.


Sportfreunde Lotte faces an uphill task of hosting the league table leaders VFL Osnabruck.

Lotte has gathered only 12 points from 11 matches compared to their visitors who have done 22 from the same number of matches.

Sportfreunde has won 2 of the past 5 matches, against FSV Zwickau (2:1) and Carl Zeis Jena (2:0).

They lost to Kaiserslautern (2:1) and drew against Fortuna Koln (1:1) and Eintracht Braunschweig (2:2).

VFL Osnabruck on the other hand is at the very top of the Germany 3rd Liga with 22 points from 11 matches. They have won 3 of the last 5 matches they have played. They won against FSV Zwickau(0:1), Fortuna Koln (1:0) and Kaiserslautern (2:0).

They drew against Carl Zeis Jena and lost to Karlsruher SC (0-1).

It is very unlikely that Sportfreunde can command a decisive win against VFL Osnabruck in the coming Sportpesa Mid-week Jackpot.


In the last 2 years, Ascoli and Carpi have met 4 times. Of these Ascoli won twice while Carpi won twice as well. No draws.

In the last 6 matches, Ascoli has won only one match lost two and drew in 3 of them.

Similarly, Carpi has won only one of its latest 6 matches. They have drawn in 2 and lost a whole 3 of them.

On the League table standing, Ascoli has accumulated a paltry 6 points from 6 matches while Carpi has accumulated 5 points from 7 matches, even more pathetic.

This is clearly going to be a lazy match with Ascoli having an edge against their visitors Carpi.


As Cosenza and Foggia meet, it is good to note that they are at the bottom of the Serie B table. Foggia, which is currently number 16, is only ahead of Cosenza by goals having garnered only 4 points from 7 matches.

They have shown poor performance in the Serie B and may even be fighting relegation this season.

Foggia has however shown a lot of improvement recently, having won 3 of the last 5 matches they have played in all tournaments.

They won against Padova (2:1), Benevento (1:3) and Ascoli (3-2).

They however lost to Pescara (1:0), Palermo (1:2) and Crotone (4:1)

Cosenza on the other hand, only won against Francavilla (0:2). They however drew with Livorno (1-1), Perugia (1:1) and Carpi (1:1).

They were beaten by Cittadella (2:0) and Cremonese (2:0).


Home Win: 2.69

Draw: 3.18

Away: 2.75


Zaglebie is currently at number 15 out of 16 in the Ekstraklasa league of Poland with 7 points from 11 matches. That is very bad performance by any standards. They are going to host Miedz who are number 12 out of 16, with 12 points from 11 matches.

Zeglebie has not won a single match in the last 5 they have played.

They lost to MKS Korona (3:1) and KS Lechia (4:1). They drew with MZKS Arka Gydinia (2:2), Gornik Zabrze(1:1) and KS Kracovia Krakow (1:1).

Miedz has won only one of its past 5 matches, lost two and drew in two. They won against Zaglebie Lubin (2:0), drew against Wisla Plock (2:2) and Piast Gliwice (2:2).

They however lost to Legia Warszawa (1:4) and Lech Poznan(2:1)

Miedz might have a slight edge over Zeglebie in this coming match of the Sportpesa Mid-week Jackpot.


Home Win: 2.58

Draw: 3.22

Away Win: 2.69


Currently sitting at the 20th and 21st position of the English Championship league, are Millwall and Reading respectively. They have both played 12 matches each this season, with only 10 and 9 pints to show for respectively.

In the last 5 matches, the two teams actually have performed the same with each wining in only one, drawing one and losing 3.

Reading won against Aston Villa (2-1) drew against Nottingham forest (2:2) and lost to QPR(2:0), West Bromwich Albion (2:0) and Sheffield United (2:3).

Reading won against Hull city (3:0), drew with Brentford (2:2) and lost to Norwich City (1:2), QPR (0:1) and West Bromwich Albion (4:1).

This is a hard match to predict but a draw is quite likely.


Home Win: 2.50

Draw: 3.20

Away Win: 2.87


This is going to be a match of losers meaning one of them might finally get a chance to record a win after 5 consecutive no-win shows.

Cardiff sits right at the bottom of the English premier League table having lost all of its 5 matches.

They lost to Arsenal (2:3), Chelsea (4:1), Manchester United (0:5), Burnley (1:2) and Tottenham (1:0). Clearly, Cardiff has been turned into a punching bag by fellow teams in the EPL. However, it is clear that most of the teams that trashed them are top teams. This is therefore a reason to give Cardiff some benefit of doubt.

Coming from a lot of shame, they might put some effort to redeem their chances of not facing relegation soon. As things are, they have 2 points from 8 matches. I hope they are not out to break a record in poor performance.

Fulham are not doing so well either. They have drawn in two of the last 5 matches while they got beaten in the rest 3. Not far away from the bottom, they are currently number 17 in the EPL with 5 points from 8 matches which is still pretty pathetic.

I would expect Cardiff to take this advantage and give Fulham a beating to redeem themselves and save face.


Home Win: 2.3

Draw: 3.5

Away Win: 3.10


With 9 points from 12 matches, Preston currently is number 22 in the English Championship League.

They have recorded one win, one draw and 3 losses in the last five matches they have played.

Even worse off is Hull City which has 8 points from 12 matches and sitting at number 24. Hull city have not won a single match in the last 5 they have played. In fact, save for one draw, they have lost all the other 4.

Preston, having beaten Wigan Athletic (4:0) last week, they have a huge morale and could prove winners, especially now that they are at home in the Deepdale.


Home Win: 2.64

Draw: 3.34

Away Win: 2.69


Ipswich sits at number23 in the English Championship league table with 9 points from 12 matches. QPR is doing slightly better, at number 18 with 14 points from 12 matches.

QPR has registered 2 wins, two losses and one draw in the last 5 matches they have played.

They won against Millwall (2:0), Reading (0:1). They drew against Derby County (1:1) and lost to Norwich City (0:1) and Swansea city (3:0)

Ipswich has had one win, one loss and 3 draws in the last 5 matches.

They won against Swansea City (2:3), Lost to Middleborough (0:2) and drew with Bentford (1:1), Bolton Wanderers (0:0) and Birmingham City (2:2).

QPR is a better bet for this match for you to boost the chances of winning the Sportpesa mid-week Jackpot.


Home Win: 2.69

Draw: 3.12

Away Win: 2.80


Unlike most of the matches on the Sportpesa mid-week Jackpot, which are “loser games” meaning they are composed of teams at the bottom of leagues; this will be a winner’s game.

Sheffield United is currently at the top of the England Championships table with 25 points from 12 matches.

In the last 5 matches, they have decisively won 4 and only drew on one.

They won against Preston North End (3-2), Millwall (2-3), Blackburn Rovers (0-2) and Hull City (1-0).

They however recorded a barren draw with Birmingham City (0-0)

Derby County on the other hand are at number 8 with 18 points from 12 matches.

In the last 5 matches they have played, they only won against Brentford (3-1).

They lost to Bolton Wanderers (1-0) and drew against Blackburn Rovers (0-0), Norwich City (1-1) and QPR (1-1).

Here Sheffield will have to win this match given their top current form.


The Sportpesa Mid-week Jackpot is definitely worth trying out this week. To get full analysis and our prediction for the Sportpesa Mid-week Jackpot and the Sportpesa Mega Jackpot please send 250/= to till number 942028.

Feel free to talk to one of us on 0700926210.

Remember, nobody wins without trying. You got to make your own luck, and we are here to support you.

Good Luck from Surebet Team!!

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