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How to Find the Best Betting Sites in Scandinavia

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Ready to take your love for sports to the next level? Becoming a sports punter is an excellent idea. Not only does it make you more conversant with many sports, but it also motivates you to attend games or watch them on TV.

Luckily, sports betting is legal throughout Scandinavia. But before you place your first bet, take time to pick the right bookmaker. Think about it. Your bookie choice impacts your betting experience: user-interface, bonuses, payout speeds, everything.

In that case, wouldn’t you want to bet at the best sportsbook in Scandinavia? If you answered Yes, learn more bookies in Norway and Sweden below.

Local versus Foreign Bookmakers

Betting websites in Scandinavia can be categorized into two: local and foreign companies. Home-based bookies have been licensed in Norway or Sweden. On the flip side, offshore operators are regulated in the UK, Malta, or the Americas.

Which ones should you choose? Easy: the most reliable, best-rated companies. In other words, don’t select a betting app based on where it’s located solely. To expound more, only one company has a license to provide betting markets in Norway: Norsk Tipping.

Although it provides a decent range of betting markets, it lacks regular bonuses and competitive odds. Things aren’t different in Sweden. There aren’t many bookies licensed in the country. And that means the best bookies are mostly located overseas.

Betting Markets

The main reason you want to join a Nordic betting site is to bet on your favorite sport. Maybe you like football, rugby, basketball, hockey, or eSports. Above everything else, you want a site that features your preferred sport.

The best bookmakers in Scandinavia provide hundreds of betting markets. So, it’s hard not to find a site that supports your favorite sport. They differ, though, in the number of leagues and daily markets.

One bookmaker could feature football games from Norway and the top European leagues. But it might not have many matches from North America. Or it might not support minor leagues or international games.

With that in mind, find a bookmaker that provides an extensive list of betting markets. This site has a list of some great betting websites in Scandinavia to check out. And the best part is that these companies are top-rated, meaning they’re excellent in all areas.

Competitive Odds

Most people don’t know this. But one of the traits of a great betting website is having competitive odds. You want a company that helps maximize your profits when you win. What’s more, it should have value odds—undervalued matchups.

Of course, betting websites are in the business of making money. So, many of them provide a low of low-value odds and only a handful of qualify odds. If you want to find a site with consistently great odds, the easiest option is to compare several top-rated companies.

Sports odds are things you can check. As such, looking at two websites can show you the one with great odds and the one to avoid. Another option is to use an odds-comparison tool. This means visiting a website that compares the odds of popular games as provided by top betting sites.

Then you can bet at websites with the best odds for every game. Truth be told, that’s an excellent way to maximize your profits. You don’t have to use one site continuously. Instead, you compare odds and invest your money where you have the best deal.

Free Bets and Bonuses

Let's face it. We all love freebies. Naturally, that means we prefer betting sites with bonuses to those without. Luckily, many bookies in Scandinavia have bonuses for nearly all types of punters.

New customers get free bets or deposit-based bonuses. In contrast, loyal customers have odd-boosters or loyalty points. And if you're a VIP player, you receive much bigger rewards, cruise ship tickets, and even an assistant.

Why do sportsbooks give out free bets? Nothing sinister really. The competition is high, and so they want to have an advantage over everyone else. Another reason for giving out freebies is to encourage loyalty.

As such, find and use free bets whenever you qualify for them. However, read their terms and conditions beforehand. Nothing is more frustrating than creating a betting account and claiming a free bet only to find out you can’t fulfill its terms.

Payments and Limits

Back when online sports betting was banned throughout Scandinavia, not many banks processed payments to sportsbooks. Gladly, those days are gone. Nowadays, nearly every bank, credit card, and e-wallet let you deposit and withdraw money from popular Scandinavian bookmakers.

To be clear, though, betting websites determine which payment methods you can and can't use. So, check around to ensure that bookies support your preferred payment companies. If you like PayPal, look for a casino that supports this e-wallet.

In contrast, find a Bitcoin sportsbook if you're into crypto payments. Like bonuses, reading terms, and conditions is also essential. You'll discover minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits. Also, you'll learn the withdrawal timeframes and anything else related to payments.

Unique Betting Features

No one wants to bet on a bland website. You want to follow the action: in-play, mobile betting, ACCA-boosts, and partial cash out options. To expound more, in-play helps you wager on live sports games. It's exciting, and odds the change pretty fast.

On the flip side, mobile betting is self-explanatory. It revolves around betting on your iPhone or Android device. ACCA-boosts, in contrast, increase your profits when you pack several bets into one and win.

Another unique feature is partial cashout. It's an option to withdraw some of your profits before a game you bet on is over. Let's say you bet on an accumulator bet of five teams. Four teams play, and all your predictions are correct.

Some bookies can let you withdraw some of your estimated profits before the final game is over. That way, you avoid any disappointments with the last match. On the other hand, bookies ensure they keep some of your profits.

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