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Updated: Feb 6, 2021

These are surebet tips and predictions for this week. They are tips for Tuesday (23rd), Wednesday (24th), Thursday (25th) and Friday (26th) June 2020. Fell free to scroll down to the day you want to see tips for. The tips are arranged in the order above.

Aside from the dates, these are betting tips for the most popular matches of the week. The analysis is given for each match and the prediction is made according to the results of the analysis by the Surebet Team.

These tips are not the very best for the day. They are here because te matches are popular. The very best predictions with 100% probability of winning are in the VIP and Fixed matches section. Updgrade to any of our packages for tips that are secure, guaranteed and best for high stakers or those with serious needs that cannot be solved by taking chances.


Leicester vs Brighton - Home Win Prediction

Arsenal fans found it hard to accept the outcome of last weekend's match when they lost to a low-ranking Brighton. Many said it was a matter of chance and lady luck shone brightly for Brighton. Myself being an Arsenal fan I was not happy at all. At the office, other members of our Surebet Team were quick to laugh at my disgust. One of them however had rightly predicted a Brighton win in the match.

He claimed that Brighton have taken their train in very seriously lately. The number of sessions Brighton squad has taken to the training ground during and after the reopening of the English premier league is much higher than that of most EPL teams.

The motivation is the fact that at position 15, they believe the only way to get away from the relegation zone is by putting their best foot forward.

As Leicester wasms up to pumped up Brighton this weekend at King Power stadium though, they are unlikely to sneak through the defence Leicester has prepared for them. In addition to enjoying home support, Leicester have consistently showed they are very serious in maintaining a bigger than life image in the English and European soccer scene. They are well prepared, motivated and focused. Brighton, who have not won any of their last 7 games is not at all a match for third placed Leicester.

The sure bet prediction for this game is a win for Leicester.

Tottenham vs West Ham

There was a time the name Jose Mourinho used to send shivers done the spines of the team playing against the one he managed. Well, no so much any more. But one thing remains true; that he is a formidable coach.

On Tuesday as he hosts West Ham at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the fact that they have lost 4 home matches in a row brings a lot of discomfort to Tottenham fans. Will this be the 5th loss in a row at home for the Spurs?

Well according to our team of experts, that is quite unlikely. West Ham is a weak team who have won only one of their last 6 matches. Besides, they have lost all of their last 6 away matches. The fact that they are right above the relegation zone on the English Premier League table does not help matters either in terms of motivation. Well, they may need to avoid relegation at all cost but Mourinho's ego is at stake and it is known to move mountains when push comes to shove.

The surebet prediction for this match is a win for Tottenham Hotspurs.

Levante vs Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid have won 4 of the last 6 head to head matches with Levante. Levante are also 3rd on the LaLiga table with 52 points from 30 matches. This is a far cry from Levante's 11th position and 38 points. Levante have however recorded 1-1 draws in 3 of their last 6 matches raising the question of if they may jinx Atletico Madrid in today's game.

Atletico however are very focused on clinging on the 3rd spot on the LaLiga especially now that Sevilla have already caught up with then in the number of points save for goal difference.

With Alvaro Morata and Joao Felix both in good form for Madrid, it will definitely be an uphill task for Levante to pull another draw at let alone a win even though they are playing at home.

The sure bet tips for this game is a win for Atletico Madrid.

Valladolid vs Getafe

When playing at home Valladolid have not lost to Getafe in their last 5 encounters. This is obviously worrisome for Getafe despite the fact that the latter is ranked 10 positions better than Valladolid on the LaLiga table.

Getafe has won 2 of the last 6 head to head matches, Valladolid have won once and they have drew 3 times in those matches. Both teams have however managed 3 draws each in their last 7 LaLiga matches.

At position 5, Getafe has mnaged 48 points from 30 matches and have amassed an impressive 10 goal difference between those scored and conceded. Valladolid have 33 points and are placed 15th on the LaLiga table. They have a negative goal difference of 11 due to both poor striking power and equally poor defense.

It has proved hard though for our team to agree on the winning team since Getafe might be a stronger opponent but they are known to be weak in the face of Valladolid especially when playing at José Zorrilla.

One thing we have agreed though,is thatthe teams will not be able to score more than 2 goals in total during this match. A bet for under 2.5 is therefore the most plusible for this game.

Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao

If Barcelona loses to Athletic Bilbao in this game today, it would be the first time they do so when playing at home against Bilbao in 23 encounters. While I try as much as possible to avoid the gambler's Fallacy in determining the prediction for this game, all indications show that Barcelona are not as strong as they were during those other 22 games.

They are however a very strong team and one of the best clubs in the world. At position 2 on the LaLiga, Barcelona have 65 points, 23 more than 11th placed Athletic Bilbao.

Although Barcelona have not managed a win against Bilbao in the last 4 matches, they are hungry for the top position and will definitely take this opportunity to destroy Athletic Bilbao's hope of winning against Barcelona which, if it happens, will be a badge of honor for Bilbao.

Unfortunately for Bilbao, Messi and squad will be focused and deadly as usual. The prediction for this game is a win for Barcelona at Camp Nou this afternoon.




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