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Free Football Betting Tips Today 3rd April 21

Today we have prepared free football betting tips for you to use in making some money. These free tips are not supposed to be staked with huge amounts because they are not sure bet predictions found on the members only pages. To get 100% sure tips visit our VIP page and register.

Before you scroll down to the bottom, I would like to give you an example of how our VIP tips are changing lives. About a week ago, 24 year old Thomas Maina registered for our tips from the US. I was curious to know why a Kenyan sounding guy was registering with a US number. When he chatted me on WhatsApp asking for tips he told me that he had been thrown out of his house in Detroit USA for rent arrears having lost his truck driving job. He was on the street.

He registered for VIP tips for $12 and told me he wanted about 20 odds to bet with $85 he had in his betting account to raise the $1100 he needed for rent. To cut the story short, Maina won the bet and below is the screenshot he shared with me. He now has 3 more weeks to hustle for next month's rent. Surebet wishes him well.

Would you like to win even more money?

Then head to the VIP page and order your VIP ticket.

Without much ado let us see today's free tips.

How to use the 1X2 tips

These 5 1X2 tips have an expected win rate of 60%. This means it would be detrimental to place all the matches in one ticket. To be on the safe side, please make sure you place at most 2 tickets per match. Nea Salamis will of course beat Ael Limassol. This you can be sure it is a surebet and actually a fixed match. Learn more about fixed matches if you don't know what they are. As for the other 4 games, use your own discretion.

How to use the Free GG/NG betting tips

These are not sure bets or fixed matches. They are mathematical predictions. You can also find similar matches on the free tickets page. You can combine the first 2 games into one ticket and the other 3 into another GG/NG ticket. Remember Sportybet has some of the best GG/NG odds.

How to use these Over/under tips

There are special guideline on how to bet on over/under tips. Make sure to check them out before using this ticket. One of the rules is that you need to place them in single bets as opposed to multi bets.

How to use these correct score tips

I know you might be tempted to use these correct scores. I really advise against doing that. We only give free correct score predictions because of public demand. However, these free tips have a win rate of below 50%. The VIP correct scores are the real deal. Surebet will not be accountable for any loss that may arise as a result of using these free correct score tips.

How to use these Half Time Tips

Half time tips on this page are low odds picks. You predict if a match is going to have at least one goal in the first half. The teams we have selected above will most likely manage one goal during the first half. You can place multi bets of 2 or matches per ticket.

How to use the free Asian Handicaps above

Asian handicaps are for those experienced punters. The + means that a team is playing away in most cases and vice versa. You are guaranteed a refund of part of your money in some selections. Some selections guarantee a full refund even when your main bet does not go through. I advise you to bet single matches for these Asian handicap tips using a larger than normal amount. Before betting though, make sure you understand all about Asian Handicaps.


When you use free betting tips, do you bet on large amounts? If you have been doing so then you are missing out on potential profits. Surebet is a business and it wont stay in business for long if we gave you the best tips for free. That is common sense.

To get the best tips go to Surebet and subscribe then pay. You can pay easily through PayPal to the email address Or simply pay Ksh. 1000 to till number 5327441(buy goods and services).

Check out more payment options on the payment methods page.

Till tomorrow, regards.

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