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Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Anyone who has ever participated in betting or gambling can attest to the fact that it is a frustrating affair. Nobody loves losing money. Unfortunately, losing is the name of the game of betting for the vast majority of punters.

Below I will show you some tricks of finding sure bets. The process can be done by anyone using only microsoft excel. You dont need programming skills to be able to get sure bets.


  1. Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet such as Google sheets

  2. Basic mathematical skills

  3. Access to the internet


Visit any betting site that has printouts for upcoming games and download the games in pdf or in csv. In this example, I will use the Betika website. Please note that you can use absolutely any other webste to achieve similar results.

The image above shows the page on the Betika website when you click on the "PRINT" icon on the top of the homepage. On this page, you have to consider the date of the matches you want to predict. There is a dropdown under "SELECT PERIOD" which allows you to choose the date. You can choose from matches playing today and for the next 6 days. You can also choose games for the following week.

What you need to consider also is the number of matches per day. Usually the default number is 100 on Betika but can be different on other bookmaker websites.


Before you do anything on this page, create a folder on your computer and name it "FIXTURE DOWNLOADS". When that is done, go back to the bookmaker website and specify that you would like to download a printout for today. Set the number of matches to 200 and click on "DOWNLOAD". On Betika, the download would be a pdf document. Save the downloaded document to your "FIXTURE DOWNLOADS" folder.


The aim of this whole process is to track the movement of the odds and observe it through time. So you need to make subfolders inside of your main folder and name them according to the time you downloaded.

This means that you need to plan your download intervals to be about 1 hour apart. The shorter the time the better. Assuming your chosen interval is 15 minutes, it means you have to download 4 time pe hour. Your subfolders would be:






Assuming you started at exactly 14:00, it means you save the downloaded file for the day's fixtures into the 14:00 subfolder. Then go on to change the date of fixture to be for the next day. Download this too into the 14:00 folder. Repeat this for all the fixtures available.

At 14:15, repeat the above process. Do so for as long as you can. Please note that you may need to work as ateam to achieve a 24 hours download routine. This is quite important if you want sure tips or fixed matches.


After wownloading the fixtures, you need to convert the pdf file into an excel sheet. There are many tools online that you can use to do this. To avoid this, you should use odds from websites that offer excel fixtures. Dfabet is an example.


When all your files are in excel format you need to merge them all into one. There are online tools you can use to do this. You can also do it manually if you have the time.


Finaly, you have a database of the recent odds fluctuations for hundreds of upcoming matches. At this point you can start to analyse the trends. It is fom the trends that you will get value bets, sure bets and even suspected fixed matches.

In part 2, I will explore examples of how the data above can be used for the purpose.


This 1st part is quite challenging because most bookmakers have placed some booby traps in their catalogue of odds such that compling the odds is not easy. With time however, you will certainly get around those traps that make your data unorganized. In case you encounter such a problem let me know so that I can advise you.

If you are a techie you dont need to use microsoft excel sheets. You can simply create a web crawer to do the dirty work of collecting data from the bookmaker wesites.

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