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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

I have always followed and made efforts to perfect Electronic League games prediction but I have never envisioned a day when they would make the majority of matches on the betting platforms.

Now that we are at near apocalypse scenario due to Corona Virus officially known as COVID-19, almost all soccer leagues across the world are either suspended or postponed. Turns out, Electronic games have taken over the betting site. They have ensured some form of business continuity despite their shortcomings.

For those who dont know, electronic games are so predictable that betting companies engage them during emergencies scenarios.



These are games played by pro-gamers on the FIFA electronic platform that encampases numerous leagues and tournaments across 5 continents. Each year has a "Series" where leagues and tournaments are played i a orerly way with players accumulating points and getting upgraded as they proceed.

The objective of players is to participate in the e-world Cup. The journey to the e-World Cup starts with in-game matches with FUT Champions. According to FIFA Global Series website,

"Once a player registers for the EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Global Series, they must reach the Elite 1 rank by earning 27 wins in a single weekend of Weekend League to become a FUT Champions Verified player. FUT Champions Verified players may be invited to play in online qualifiers for FUT Champions Cups and become eligible to earn Global Series Points.

This year, players will continue to have opportunities to play in FUT Champions Cups, the eNations Cup, the eClub World Cup, LQEs, PlayStation Events and of course our many League Partners."


FUT Championships Cups

This is the largest open tornament n the EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Global Series. The players who accumulate the largest number of points in this tournament get to participate in the FIFA eWorld Cup. 6 FUT Championship tournaments will take place this season. Each tournament has 32 players competing for 200,000 USD by accumulating as many points as possible.

FIFA Majors

FIFA eNations Cup and FIFA eClub World Cup are tournaments that seek the wining country and club globally respectively. Take them as the FIFA World Cup and FIFA Club World Cup respectivey. The winners in the FUT Chamionship Cups are the ones who participate in this leagues.

Licensed Qualifying Events

FUT Champions Verified players might be allowed to participate in smaller events in collaboration with major partners, mostly, betting companies. The games available on betting platforms dduring this Corona Virus period fall in this category.

League Qualifying Tournaments

FIFA 20 Global Series allows players from various countries to represent their favourite local eagues. FIFA 20 Global Series therefore allows 20 leagues to be represented by players in tournaments. The most common leagues include Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, Premier League, and the Champions League and many others.

e-Champions League

This is a digital versio of the UEFA Champions League and is available exclusively PlayStation 4 Verified players. The competitors participate in 3 stage tournament which results in identification of the continental champion.

Playstation 4 Country Tournaments

According to EA Sports FIFA Series, PlayStation will run tournaments in countries around the world as part of the FIFA 20 Global Series. These events may have country or region restrictions and will be limited to the PlayStation 4. More details will be revealed by Sony at a later time.

FUT Champions Weekend League

FUT Champions Verified players are able to earn Global Series games by participating in games over the weekend. They don't have to leave the game to get the points. The number of points depends on their best weekend performances calculated at the end of each month.

Global Series Playoffs

According to EA Sports "The top 64 players on the PlayStation Rankings and the top 64 players on the Xbox Rankings will secure a spot in the Global Series Playoffs - the final chance to earn Global Series Points before the FIFA eWorld Cup. An absolutely massive number of points will be available at the event and any player who makes it can secure themselves a seat at the FIFA eWord Cup making this one of the highest pressure events of the season."

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