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This is the chezacash Jackpot prediction page where you get jackpot tips for the Chezacash jackpots.


1. Understand how to bet on the Chezacash jackpot,

2. Go to Mpesa,

3. Go to send money,

4. Enter Mpesa number +254700926210,

5. Amount Enter 250/-,

6. Enter Pin and confirm to send,

7. You will receive the Bet254 jackpot tips immediately after payment.


1. Go to M-Pesa menu,

2. Select Pay Bill option

3. Enter Business (Pay bill) number 290030

4. Enter your Account Number (the account is Cheza cash)

5. Enter the amount you want to deposit (dictated by the service provider)

6. Enter your Mobile money pin and Send

7. You will receive a confirmation SMS from M-Pesa,

8. Your account will be automatically credited with the amount deposited.


You can only bet a few minutes before the match starts and at half time. You can place as many bets on a particular Game/Event as long as it does not exceed the maximum of Ksh. 70,000 for the particular game. There are three options to select from when betting as indicated below;

1. Home Team wins

X - Draw result

2. Away Team wins

1x- Home team wins or draws

X2- Away team wins or draws.

3. Either or the teams win


A single bet is a players prediction of a specific sports event of which the odds of that event are multiplied by the stake.


The customer will send a text '8962#2#500” to 29030 where;-

· “8962” is the Game ID,

· “2” is the prediction (Home win means “1”, draw means “X”, and “2” means away win)

· “500” is the bet amount.

The player will then receive a confirmation SMS for his/her bet with possible win


A multi bet is a player’s selection of 2 or more matches in a single bet slip

The matches can comprise of different sports events provided by Chezacash.

A single bet slip cannot hold more than 20 matches.

For participant to claim the possible win all the predictions on the multibet must be correct


The player will send an SMS to a Chezacash short code 29030 with the selected game ID’s and the total Stake.

The player will then receive an SMS confirming the bet placed, possible win and their current Chezacash Balance e.g. 2323#2#4444#2#250” where

“2323”is the First Game ID,

“2”is the 1st prediction

“4444” is the second Game ID

“2” is the second prediction

“250” is the stake.


a) The player has to login into with your user ID and Web password.

b) Select one or several games from the list

c) Click on an outcome (1, X or 2).

d) Your bet will then appear in the bet slip on the right-hand side of the home page.

e) Then indicate the amount you wish to bet with.

f) In the final phase, the punter can either confirm the final placement of their bet or cancel it.

g) A confirmation message will appear informing the participants bet that has been placed.


A Jackpot bet is the punters prediction of 13 selected on specific week


To place a bet on the Jackpot via SMS:-

1. send the word "JP"

2. followed by "#"

3. Then the 17 predictions of the pre-selected Jackpot games to 29030.

4. You will receive a confirmation message from 29030 showing your Jackpot Bet ID and all the 17 predictions you have made.


To place a bet on the Jackpot Online;-

i. Log into your Chezacash account

ii. Click on the Jackpot tab at the top of your screen.

iii. Click on the team that you predict to win.

iv. Click on either the Home team (first listed team) or the Away team (second listed team). If you wish to predict that the outcome of the match will be a draw,

v. Click in the middle of the two teams to select X (DRAW).

vi. Select your predictions for all the 17 Jackpot games.

vii. A bet slip will appear with all your predictions and Click on place a bet.


· You will receive a confirmation message from 29030 showing your Jackpot Bet ID, all the 17 predictions you have made.

· You are a winner when all your 17 predictions match the games outcomes.

Terms and Conditions of the Chezacash Jackpot

1. Players will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions and agreed to be bound by them when entering this competition.

2. The Weekly Jackpot is based on seventeen (17) pre-selected football events which will kick off every weekend.

3. The Weekly Jackpot prize is fixed at Kshs. 10 million.

4. Bonuses are awarded for 15 and 16 correct predictions outcomes.

5. Chezacash will, in our absolute discretion, determine the cash bonus prize amounts to be awarded.

6. At the end of the last match in the Jackpot list, once the correct outcomes of all the 17 matches have been acquired, the Jackpot winner(s) will be the ones who have predicted 17/17.

7. The Jackpot prize is to be divided equally amongst all the Jackpot winners.

8. The bet amount is fixed at Ksh. 10

9. Jackpot bets can be placed online and on SMS and are unlimited and each bet costs Ksh 10.

10. All jackpot bets selections should be confirmed before placing a bet, as once submitted, Jackpot bets cannot be canceled, amended or refunded.

11. Jackpot bets are accepted just before the scheduled kick-off of the first football match of the Jackpot.

12. Where one, two or three jackpot games is/are canceled, interrupted, abandoned, suspended or postponed, an official public draw shall be carried out within 48 hours from the time of cancellation, to determine the result of the missing game’s result.

13. Where more than Three (3) games are canceled, interrupted, abandoned, suspended or postponed, Chezacash may at its discretion, cancel the Jackpot and refund the stake placed.

14. The presence of an authorized BCLB officer, shall ensure authenticity of the draw.

15. If a match is abandoned or postponed from its scheduled date/time but is then rescheduled to take place no later than the advertised kick-off time of the last match on the list, then provided the match is played to completion at the re-arranged time, all selections will stand.

16. In all cases of postponements, cancellations, suspensions of matches, the local date and time of the event is taken into account (local time). The official kick off of every match is the last officially publicized time by Chezacash. Therefore, any subsequent time publicized, supersedes any previous and is henceforth considered the new official kick off time of the match.

17. Chezacash reserves the right to use the names, radio recordings, motion and still images of the winner or winners, for purposes of publicity, marketing campaigns and administering this competition. By entering this competition, players agree that Chezacash and its business partners may use the details provided by the player to contact them about its products and services and for marketing purposes.

18. Winners shall be required to avail themselves in Chezacash offices with proof of identity before any payment is made. Chezacash reserves the right to verify, with the relevant authorities, any identification document presented, before making any payment.

19. The official results of the Jackpot will be announced on the website and all available Chezacash Social Media platforms.


To check your Cheza cash balance text “Balance” to a designated short code 29030.

You will receive a message indicating your Cheza cash Balance.


Is available to all new Chezacash participants.


a. Once a person has registered, player deposits a minimum of Ksh 200/=

b. One stakes a minimum of Ksh 200/= on a prematch SINGLE BET of 2.5 odds or prematch MULTIBET of at least 5 games using minimum odds of 2.0 per game.

c. After placing the bet the player will automatically get a free bet of 25% of the stake.

d. if the player is using the KARIBU BET amount then he/she must place a MULTIBET of at least 5 games with minimum odds of 2.0 per game. The maximum free bet payout is Ksh 10,000.

f. the Free bet expires after 7 days of issue.


The player will accumulate Cheza Points by placing bets on games with a minimum bet amount of Kshs 100 and minimum total odd of 11.00

How to calculate your Cheza Points:

Minimum total odds MINUS ODDS BOOST of 11.00 on bet placed

Minimum bet amount of Kshs 100

Kshs 100 – 500 bet amount earns a maximum of 50 points

Kshs 501 – 5,000 bet amount earns a maximum of 100 points

Kshs 5,001 and above bet amount earns a maximum of 200 points

Normal Cheza Point award is calculated by= (Total Stake X Total Odds (Net ODDS minus any boost))/100

Note: The maximum daily points that can be earned by one user is 500 Cheza Points.

Jackpot and Virtual bets DO NOT earn you points


Points accumulated can either redeemed by

ü Online means or

ü sending redeem#500 or #1000 to 29030.

to redeem 500 points for Kshs 50 and 1000 points for Kshs 100 bonus.

N/B The maximum points that can be redeemed in a day is 1000.

You can REDEEM POINTS and WITHDRAW as cash

100 Cheza points can be used to place bets on the Weekly Jackpot.

Points' validity period will be determined by Cheza Cash from time to time.

To check your Cheza Points balance:

· sms POINTS (without any spaces between the words) to 29030

· login to

Terms and Conditions of Multibet boost:

a. The selected games must have a minimum odd of 1.33 per game.

b. .One can place a maximum stake of Ksh 20,000 per betslip on Multibet extra cash.

c. One will receive a maximum extra cash reward of Ksh 1,000,000 of their possible win.

d. One is ENTITLED to Money Back based on respective percentages above IF their prediction is lost by 1 match.

e. One will not be entitled to a refund of the stake if a match is postponed and if he/she wrongly predicts an outcome of one game on the said bet.

f. There is no limit to the number of multibets a participant can place.


This is a program where a player refer a friend to Chezacash participants recommend or introduce their friends to Chezacash and earn a free bet of Ksh 30.


a. To Vuta a friend one must be registered to Chezacash.

b. The referred friend must place a bet of Ksh 30 within 72 hours for the referee to receive the free bet.

c. Using the free bet amount one must place a MULTIBET on at least 5 games with minimum odds of 2.0 per game.

d. The maximum payout from the Vuta friend free bet is Ksh 10,000.

e. To Vuta a friend to Chezacash one has to SMS WIN#0722,XXX,XXX


· WIN is the registration command,

· # is the separator

· 0723 XXX, XXX is the recommended friend's number.

How to register

SMS “WIN” to 29030 then you will receive a PIN message from 29030

Steps to follow:

1. Please visit and click on the "REGISTER" tab on the top RIGHT corner of the website.

2. Fill in your Phone Number and Press OK.

3. Enter your Phone number, the Registration Code sent to your mobile number and your chosen password.



v For all deposits, the number of the depositor must be identical to the mobile phone number registered on the Company account receiving the funds i.e. the registered Cheza Cash account.

v If not so the, the deposit will be rejected and the funds returned to the depositor mobile number, from which they came from.

v You can at any time log in to your account and view a statement which would show all transactions made i.e.

ü Deposits,

ü Bonus credits,

ü Winnings, bets

ü Withdrawals.

Should you notice any mistakes you should immediately notify the Company via written or electronic notice. Such anomaly once confirmed, will be rectified by the company in the shortest time possible at NO cost to the player.

v Withdrawals will only be remitted to the same account from which funds paid into the customer’s/player’s account originated.

v You can withdraw your money any time.

v Any charges levied by the Mobile Money gateways (MPesa) will be deducted from the players account.

N/B In order to withdraw winnings from your Cheza Cash account, you may be requested to send a copy of your Identification Card or your passport’s bio data page (both sides). Whenever a transaction is made through bank transfer, the first withdrawal request will be processed only after a security check has been performed. In such instances you may be required to supply the following papers together with the ID, in order to comply with our security policies:

i. A copy of an official document showing your billing address if it differs from the one registered in the ID;

ii. Any other document that may be relevant in order to complete the check.

iii. Full compliance with our requests will speed up the verification process.

v Participants will manage their own Chezacash accounts and be able to collect their winnings via M–Pesa ( the payment system will operate under the M-pesa bulk payment system of B2C and C2B)

v Customers/participants will be allowed to make a minimum bet of Kshs.30 and a Maximum of Kshs 70,000 on any given game

v Customers/participants will be bound to a maximum limit pay out of Kshs. 1,000,000

Based on the number of bets placed

v limit pay out per bet will be bound to 1 million either in single or multibets

v Customers/participants will be bound to a limit of 20 matches per bet slip in the multibet market

v Bet payout is bound to 1 million per day for each user


The Customer will Text withdraw#

The PIN that you received upon registration#

The to 29030 for example “Withdraw#5555#500”

Where; - Withdraw denotes withdraw,

5555 is your PIN that you received upon registration

500 is the amount participant wants to withdraw

Upon the successful completion of the withdrawal request you will receive a message.

A punters M-Pesa account will be credited with the amount withdrawn from their Chezacash account.


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