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The Goliath jackpot is the biggest jackpot in Africa with prize money of Ksh 350,000,000 for 20 correct predictions on the jackpot. The jackpot had disappeared for a while but has recently made a comeback and it is bound to capture the imagination of gamblers. The jackpot is available to play on Web, SMS, USSD and Android App.

Previously there were concerns over their bonus system with Betlion offering bonuses starting from 17 correct predictions, which was a difference of 3 games making it unpopular with users who saw the difficulty in achieving the set target. Betlion have adjusted their terms accordingly to satisfy this need and are now offering bonuses starting from 15 correct predictions which is up to par with other jackpots like the Sportpesa Mega jackpot. The amount of money to be won has also gone up with Ksh 100,000,000 in bonus money up grabs. This is a far cry from the amount of money on offer previously for example 18 out of 20 correct predictions earned the gambler Ksh 1 million and 19 correct predictions on the other hand, won you only Ksh 5 million.

The following are the terms and conditions of the jackpot;

1. Bets on jackpots are accepted for up to 15 minutes before the first game in the coupon begins. For example, if the first game starts at 19:00 on Saturday the deadline for submission will be 18:45 on the same Saturday.

2. In order to participate in the jackpots you need to purchase tickets. This is done by depositing money into your Betlion account from which the ticket price will be deducted after placing their jackpot bet

3. Once the jackpot bet has been captured on the platform, the selections on the bet cannot be cancelled or amended.

4. For you to win the Jackpot you need to correctly predict the outcome of the given matches which are 20 in total.

5. In the event of a cancellation or postponement for the purpose of having a positive result to the jackpot the outcome of the fixture will be determined as follows;

· If one fixture is postponed or cancelled, the result will be deemed to be the same result as the result of the first match which is published in the jackpot list that has returned a valid result. This is normally the first match, except in the event of the match being cancelled in which case the result of match two will then be used as the result of the first match.

· If a second fixture is postponed or cancelled the result will be deemed to be the same result as the result of the second game that is published and has returned a valid result. This will be game two, except in the event of one of the first 2 games being cancelled in which case game 3 and 4 respectively will be used

· If a third fixture is cancelled or postponed the result will be deemed to be the same result as the result of the third game that is published and has returned a valid result.

1. A game shall be deemed cancelled or post postponed if the game does not kick off within 24 hrs of the scheduled kick off time.

2. In case four or more are not played within the 24 hrs of their scheduled kick off time the jackpot will be deemed void and all stakes will be refunded to player accounts

3. The results of all matches are based on standard full time betting rules that are overtime, golden goals. Penalty shoot outs will not be included.

4. The stake amount is Ksh 100.

5. The bonuses will begin from 15 correct predictions to 19 correct predictions.

6. The jackpot will be resulted within 24 hrs of confirmation of the results of all jackpot matches.

7. Should any amount of prize money be won the person to whom the phone number is registered will be deemed the winner irrespective of the name on display on the Betlion account that has been inserted in the registration form.

8. A prize will be deemed to be shared if 2 or more persons predict correctly the same amount of games results across the Betlion Brand, irrespective of whether they have registered in the same country or not.

9. Betlion reserves the right to pay by any means including mobile payment, bank transfer or cheque.

10. Jackpot winnings are subject to tax deductions based on the laws in the respective countries.

The Betlion Goliath jackpot is one that jackpot enthusiasts must simply take a chance on. Surebet is the place to access the best tips on these matches for a chance to earn jackpot bonuses and even win the entire thing.

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