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For the purpose of understanding the Betika jackpot and how our predictions help one of our team members have made a Betika jackpot joke to light you up while making you understand the benefits of expert predictions.

At first I did not think a joke could come out of jackpot predictions but he really tried.


A young man went to hell and got a chance to speak to Satan. Here is how the conversation went down.

Satan: (About to finish a large bowl of a red liquid) Look who is here, the broke chap with dreams. But you never dreamt of going to heaven, did you?

Jeff: How dare you? Calling me broke when you sabotaged my every move.

Satan: And how did I do that exactly?

Jeff: I had no job for long and when I got one, it was paying coins. What did I do to you?

Satan: Did I tell you not to look for a better job?

Jeff: How even can I know, maybe you did.

Satan: Hell no. I am not as bad as you think. Had you used the little money you had well, we could not be having this conversation. You did not try as hard as you want to make it look.

Jeff: I even tried to bet the money to make more.

Satan: (Sarcastically while lighting grade 1 weed) Tell me more, how Lucifer made you lose.

Jeff: I bet for years and years without winning a substantial amount. Not even a jackpot bonus.

Satan: I am a lot of things but a bet sabotager I am not. If I remember correctly, you did a lot of guesswork.

Jeff: No, but. Others guessed too and won.

Satan: So was I supposed to come and guess for you? Even the government does not do that.

Jeff: Government?

Satan: Yes, the self-imposed dictator you call God. I am opposition in the spirit world, you are good in guessing I thought you could guess that.

Jeff: Am I allowed to bet here?

Satan: Even if I allowed it here you could not participate, you suck at betting. And by the way how easy did you think it was to win a jackpot? Did you know it is easier to become a dollar billionaire on earth than win a 17 game jackpot with guesswork? The human idiots are 1000 times more likely to be stricken by lightning than win the jackpot. Especially without expert tips.

Jeff: Why? Expert tips? Like?

Satan: Like Surebetsite. I am waiting for those niggers coz they lie that their predictions are 100% while they are actually 80% or 90%.

Jeff: So if they lie why should I have used them?

Satan: Because they do everything humanly possible to analyze and predict matches.

Jeff: That does not make them any better.

Satan: It does. The human brain is powerful, so when the motherfuckers analyse matches, they do a great job, but not perfect. At least they increase your chances of wining by over 80%.

Jeff: You seem to trust them..are they your agents?

Satan: Mmh...not really but they help people bet more and lose what was supposed to be tithe. You see that VIP section there, they will occupy that.

Jeff: What about me?

Satan: You like cheap things, I will send you to the slums where you will get free bones to eat. You like free things dont you?

Jeff: What about pussy?

Satan: FREE or VIP?

Jeff: FREE

Satan: Oh boy, you are finished.


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