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Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Betika Grand jackpot prediction is one of the most asked for type of betting tips on Surebetsite. It is for that reason I have prepared for you the most detailed Betika Grand jackpot analysis and prediction this for weekend. Here we will analyze the Betika jackpot matches one by one and give jackpot predictions for several matches.

Please note that this is different from the Betika Midweek jackpot which is played over the week days. It is also different from the Sababisha jackpots which play daily.

Before we begin, it is important to note that this Betika Jackpot predictions are the free type whose winning rate is high but now so impressive. To get the highest quality Betika jackpot predictions for all the 17 matches then you need to pay Ksh. 250 to 0700926210 by Mpesa. After payment, you will receive the predictions by SMS within 5 Minutes.


Dear Edinah, Below are the VIP Betika jackpot predictions this weekend. X1121222211211112


That was last week’s jackpot tips for those who paid. 23 of them won a jackpot bonus of Ksh. 12,563.

Back to this week’s Betika jackpot tips, below are the Jackpot matches listed on the Betika Jackpot page:


1. Cagliari vs Udinese

2. Benevento vs Genoa

3. Sassuolo vs Milan

4. Nantes vs Angers

5. St. Etienne vs Nimes

6. Tottenham vs Leicester

7. Freigburg vs Hertha

8. Aarhus vs Aaiborg

9. Pacos Ferreira vs Boavista

10. Granada vs Betis

11. Lorient vs Rennes

12. Atalanta vs Roma

13. Wolfburg vs Stuttgart

14. Cadiz vs Getafe

15. Westbrom vs Aston villa

16. Lazio vs Napoli

17. Sporting Cristal vs Universitario De Deportes


Cagliari vs Udinese - Betika Jackpot Prediction

The very first Betika Grand jackpot match this weekend is that between Cagliari and Udinese.

These 2 teams have met 2 times in the last several seasons based on the data that we have of them. Out of 2 previous meetings, Cagliari have won all the meetings with a goal margin of 7 goals which averages to 2.5 goals per match. No matches between them have ended in a draw.

Cagliari is in very good home form while the away team are performing relatively good at away matches. Previous matches between these two teams have averaged 7 goals while BTTS has happened 50% of the time. So far this season in the 2. A prediction on this game poses a challenge with the safest prediction Cagliari.

Benevento vs Genoa - Betika Jackpot Prediction

Benevento has won 2 out of 9 games played in the last few months. The home record for the last game has shown the weaknesses in the home team having lost 4 and drawn 3 of the las games played both home and away. Genoa has managed to win 2 out of 5 away games. Zero games ended in a draw and three matches were lost at home with this information in mind it is relatively easy to have a prediction on this game.

Based on H2H matches Genoa have the upper advantage having won almost all the games hence a prediction on Genoa to win this match is perfectly okay.

Sassuolo vs Milan - Betika Jackpot Tips

These two Italian rivals go H2H in a race to the top of the table making a prediction for this game a nutshell to crack. The last meeting ended with a win for Inter with goals of over 2.5. These 2 teams have met averagely 5 times in the last several seasons based on our database. Out of 5 previous meetings, Milan have won 4 matches while the home team have won none with one game ending in a draw.

Inter Milan are in a good away form and are the favorites to win this particular match therefore the Betika grand jackpot prediction for this match is a win for Inter Milan.

Betika Jackpot Prediction for Nantes vs Angers

These two teams have met on average 9 times in the Italian Serie A League out of which Nantes have won 3 matches with goals slightly under 1.5 goals. Angers have on the other hand won 5 of the 9 games played both home and away scoring goals of over 2.5 goals. This clearly gives you the best blueprint for the best prediction for this game.

Nantes in actual season average scored 1.50 goals per match. This compared to Anger’s 2.21 rate of goals per match. Angers are likely to keep the fire high and burning coming to this match and will score goals against their opponents Nantes. The Betika grand jackpot prediction for this match is a win for Angers.

Betika Jackpot Prediction for Freigburg vs Hertha

Freiburg have won 30% of their last 10 home league games and Hertha have won 60% of their last 7 away league games. The last time the home team had a win at home in the league was games ago against Montpellier which was a highly contested match. Freigburg have had rpough time finding the back of the net. This form is likely to recur to this match making it easy to make a possible prediction on this match.

Hertha have on the other hand had a smooth run both home and away having found the back of the net in the past 5 games and have actually won those matches. This makes Hertha the beasts of this match and a prediction on Hertha to win this match a safe prediction.

Betika Jackpot Prediction for St. Etienne vs Nimes

These two teams come to this match to a highly contested French ligue 1 league. St. Etienne have kept a clean sheet both home and away in the past 5 matches, they have also kept 7 clean sheets in their last 20 home games. They have also on the other hand been lucky to find goals and actually winning matches. This makes them our favorites to have a control on this game and gives a clear print on this game’s predictions.

Nimes have on the other half had a relatively impressive run in the league being 7th on the table. They have also had impressive run in front of goals with a goals rate of 1.07 goals per match. They are likely to score a goal or two coming to this match based on the recent form they have had therefore the Betika grand jackpot tips for this match is draw.

Betika Jackpot Prediction for Tottenham vs Leicester

The Epl will be back to action with these two rivals coming H2H with Tottenham being at the peak of the table with a point margin of almost 5 points.

Tottenham have had a good season coming to this match having scored on all the past 4 games they have played both home and away granting them a goals rate of 1.90 rate of goals per match. They have also kept a few clean sheets in the previous games but are unlikely to keep one coming to this match.

Leicester have had a relatively bad season and have let the bookmarkers down in the past games that they have played both home and away actually putting some predictions in limbo. They have however revived their spirits with recent wins in the league and are also like to give a competitive match against their rivals. Consequently, the Betika grand jackpot predictions for this game is a draw.

Betika Jackpot Prediction for Aarhus vs Aaiborg

Aarhus have won 20% of their last 20 home league games. Aalborg have won 70% of their last 20 away league games. This game’s prediction is a nutshell base on the history that these duel have had on the pitch. Aalborg have had a good impression in finding the back of the net having netted goals in almost all the 5 games that they have been involved in in the past.

This grants them a goal rate of 1.4 rate of goals scored per match. They have not conceded a lot of goals based on our database as they have only conceded 3 goals in the past 7 game played.

A prediction on Aaiborg to win this match would be encouraging.

Betika Jackpot Prediction for Pacos Ferreira vs Boavista

Its yet another jackpot prediction between these two teams in the Portugal primeira Liga. Of the 9 league games Pacos has won at home, they scored overt 8 goals averaging to 0.98 rate of goals per match. On the other half of the 5 away games Boavista has won, they have scored first 5 times scoring 9 goals in totals.

This averages to 1.4 rate of goals per match.50% of Pacos's last 9 home league games have ended with Both teams scoring H2H. This match is not likely to be high scoring match and a perfect prediction for this match is a win for Boavista.

Betika Jackpot Prediction for Granada vs Betis

Another prediction in the La Liga these two teams have been so impressive in scoring goals and keeping of clean sheets. However, it’s a game that requires thinking to make a prediction over. Real Betis have had the smoothest of season having scored 10 goals in the past 4 games that they have been involved in.

This translates to 2.01 rate of goals per match. This team has also had the upper advantage as compared to Granada as they have won 90% of the past 7 meetings H2H. Granada have had an unlucky time in front of goal in the past two games and are likely not to score in this match

A sure prediction for this Betika grand jackpot match is a preserve for those who have made a payment for the Betika VIP tips. To join send Ksh. 250 to 0700926210.

Betika Jackpot Analysis for Lorient vs Rennes

Rennes have had an inspiring run in the Ligue 1 League as they have been such a competitive team recently been competitors in the champions league. This shows their prowess and an improved confidence and motivation coming to this game.

They have been on a scoring spree back at the league having a record 12 goals out of 7 games played both home and away. They arte the favorites to win this match however the home team has kept clean sheets in the past 3 games hosted on their home grounds. The Betika tips for this game is available on the Betika Jackpot VIP page.

Betika Jackpot Analysis for Atalanta vs Roma

All eyes are on these two giant in the Serie A. Atalanta have had an easy run in the table having garnered 6 points in the pas3 games this is a rough translate of 2 points per game. This is a good form for a winning team and is an added advantage.

Roma however, have a strong squad coming to this match this is after a series of injuries having faced them. This match is likely to be a highly prolific one as both teams will come to show their masterpieces.

Betika Jackpot Analysis for Wolfburg vs Strutgart

Wolfburg is in average home form while Strutgurt are performing poor at away. Previous matches between these two teams have averaged 2.25 goals while BTTS has happened 50% of the time.

So far this season in the bundesliga, Wolfburg have averaged 5 goals with a goal rate of 0.89 rate of goals per match. This exposes their poor form in front of goal and are the underdogs in this prediction. Strutgart have had an average form scoring almost 10 goals in the league.

Betika Jackpot Analysis for Cadiz vs Getafe

A prediction between these two lads is a mere challenge as both of these teams have firing brand of the same measures coming to this match. Cadiz have kept 4 clean sheets coming to this match.

This run of good form in the back lineup. Despite the good home form and clean sheets displayed by the home team, Getafe have had a sharp attacking whom have scored a whopping 5 goals from the past 3 games.

Join VIP Betika Grand jackpot membership to get the real prediction for this match.

Betika Jackpot Analysis for West brom vs Aston villa

Its another Epl match prediction. West brom have had a bad season having lost 10 of their last 13 matches played this season. This clearly a rate points of 0 points per game. Aston Villa come to this game having their heads up.

They have kept clean sheets in the past 2 games played home and away scoring on all the last 6 games they have been involved in granting them a goal rate of 1.6 rate of goals per match.

West Brom have scored only 2 goals in the past 4 games showing their low scoring form.

Betika Jackpot Analysis for Lazio vs Napoli

It’s a prediction on the big dogs in the Serie A. Lazio are currently sitting second on the table with 26 points. Lazio have impressed with scoring of goals as they have 13 goals from 12 games which averages to 1.12 rate of goals per match. These teams have averaged goals of over 2.5 and both teams to score has occurred in 60% of the games played H2H.

Napoli have had a good away form and have kept 3 clean sheets and are on a good scoring spree with a goal rate of 1.2 rate of goals per game.

Betika Jackpot Analysis for Sporting Cristal vs Universitario De Deportes

The very last match on this weekend's Betika jackpot prediction is Sporting Crystal and Universitario De Deportes. Sporting Cristal have won 50% of their last 10 home league games and the away team have lost 40% of their last 20 away league games. Universitario De Deportes last failed to score away in the league 9 games ago and have missed the net in 3 of their last 20 away league games.

Its unlikely that they will have to score on this match as they have a low scoring rate of 0.5 rate of goals per match hence are unlikely to score coming to this match. A sure prediction for this match is a win for Sporting Cristal.


Being the best provider of the Betika Grand jackpot predictions, we strive to ensure you win at least a bonus on the Betika Grand Jackpot. You are welcome to join and win with us this weekend.

To join simply send Ksh. 250 to 0700926210 by Mpesa. The predictions will then be sent to you as a text within 5 minutes.

Till next week, bye for now.


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