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This Betika grand jackpot prediction may be the difference between you winning the Betika jackpot or at least a great Betika jackpot bonus. We have done a detailed analysis of the Betika grand jackpot for this weekend, all the 17 matches. In this analysis, I will predict most of the matches that we are 100% sure of.

There are a total of 4 other predictions we are 95% sure of that we will not give here but are available for the VIP Betika jackpot members. You can easily upgrade to VIP to get the full Betika Grand jackpot prediction (17 matches) ticket by SMS. You only need to visit the Betika jackpot page and fill in the registration form then make a payment to get the tips. Alternatively, you can simply send Ksh. 250 to 0700926210 and you will receive the full JP by text immediately.

Once you upgrade you get a free sure bet tips ticket for multibet.

Without much ado, let us dig in into this weekend’s Betika jackpot analysis.


The Betika grand jackpot amount is a mouthwatering Ksh. 100,000,000. To win the full Betika grand jackpot amount you need to correctly predict 17 matches.


25-Apr-21 2:00:00 PM Wolves Vs Burnley

25-Apr-21 2:00:00 PM Ufa Vs Pfk Sochi

25-Apr-21 2:00:00 PM Nice Vs Montpellier

25-Apr-21 3:00:00 PM Huesca Vs Getafe

25-Apr-21 4:00:00 PM Leeds Vs Man Utd

25-Apr-21 4:00:00 PM Basaksehir Vs Alanyaspor

25-Apr-21 4:00:00 PM Strasbourg Vs Nantes

25-Apr-21 4:00:00 PM Lorient Vs Bordeaux

25-Apr-21 4:30:00 PM Spartak Moscow Vs CSKA Moscow

25-Apr-21 5:45:00 PM Twente Vs Utrecht

25-Apr-21 6:30:00 PM AIK Vs Hammarby

25-Apr-21 7:00:00 PM Cagliari Vs Roma

25-Apr-21 7:00:00 PM Rubin Kazan Vs Krasnodar

25-Apr-21 7:30:00 PM Celta De Vigo Vs Osasuna

25-Apr-21 9:45:00 PM Standard Liege Vs Genk

25-Apr-21 10:00:00 PM Lyon Vs Lille

25-Apr-21 10:00:00 PM Athletic Bilbao Vs Atletico Madrid



The very first match in this weekend’s Betika grand jackpot is that between Wolves and Wolver Hampton. Betika company may have underestimated the probability of Wolverhampton winning this match. As of today, 21st April 2021, the odds for Wolver Hampton winning on Betika website are much higher than on other bookmakers. This clearly shows the reason they decided to include this match. For those bookmakers that know better the chances of Wolves winning are really high.

To start with, when playing at home, Wolves have no lost to Burnley in their last 3 encounters. Burnley has also lost 3 of their last away matches. Their form is not good this season generally. At number 17 on the English premier league, Burley have only scored 26 goals and conceded 45 goals this season.

Wolves on the other hand, have scored 6 more goals and conceded 4 less goals than Burnley. At number 12 on the English premier league table, Wolves are also 8 points ahead of Burnely. With players like Ruben Neves and Pedro Neto who are angling to humiliate Burnley the outcome of this match couldn’t be more predictable.

Therefore, as Burnley travel to Molineux Stadium for Betika Grand jackpot’s first match, it is almost certain that Wolverhampton will win the match.

The Betika Grand jackpot prediction for this game is therefore a home win, for Wolves.


UFA Manager, Aleksey Stukalov is anxiously looking forward to welcome PFK Sochi on Sunday this weekend for the match listed 2nd on the Betika Grand jackpot. He is anxious and rightly so because it is clear including to him that Sochi is not a walkover.

The intriguing fact about these teams is that they have recorded 3 draws in a row during their last 3 head to head matches. This however, should not send into thinking that this game is also likely to end in a draw. That is what the bookmaker wants you to think. It is a trap which is enhanced by the fact that both teams have won 2 of their last matches with other teams and lost in 4. Given those facts, you may think that the 2 teams have equal strength and current for.

To strip that fallacy, note that while both teams did lose most of their recent matches, Sochi was facing particularly strong teams including Lokomotiv Moscow and Saint Petersburg while UFA lost to smaller teams such as Akhmat Grozny and Rubin Kazan. In fact, in their latest match, Sochi stun CSKA Moscow to climb to the 7th position with 45 points, only 12 points behind league leaders Saint Petersburg.

UFA on the other hand are clinging onto the 14th position with no morale to defeat a team like Sochi.

The Betika grand jackpot tips for this match is a sure win for PFK Sochi.


Nice vs Montpellier are like siblings on the French Ligue 1. They are only 2 positions apart with Nice at position 10 with 43 points while Montpellier is at number 10 with 47 points from 33 matches. Besides, Nice and Montpellier have goal differences of -3 and -1 respectively. Finally, in the last 7 h2h matches they have encountered each other; they have been alternating the winner and the loser.

Like 2 best friends who agree when to win or lose a duel, Nice and Montpelier have only broken the cycle recently when Montpellier became the “monster who won twice; (2-1) in 2019 and (3-1) in September 2020. Nice must be a pissed off, or what do you think?

Anyway, the point is that these 2 teams have almost identical drive, strength and form. In this week’s Sportpesa grand jackpot match going down at Allianz Rivera, they will create a stalemate. Montpellier’s slightly better form for the season will be cancelled by Nice’s home advantage resulting to a non-impressive draw.

The Betika grand jackpot analysis therefore foresees a draw manifesting in this Sunday early afternoon match.


Huesca vs Getafe is the fourth and my favorite on this weekend’s Betika jackpot. They are a weird pair of opponents if their recent statistics is anything to go by.

For starters, Getafe is in bad away match shape. They have not only failed to win any of their last 6 away matches, they have also not won any of their last 6 matches, home and away. The bad form notwithstanding, Getafe has actually not lost in any of their last 6 H2H matches against Huesca. For the 6 matches, Getafe won 3 of them and the other 3 ended in draws.

Simply put, Getafe has been dominating their matches against Huesca in a spectacular show of strength and resilience.

The fact that Huesca managed 2 recent wins against Elche (3-1) and Levante (0-2) does not make them a s stronger team than Getafe. Of course, Huesca has scored 9 more goals than Getafe this season, but its more important to remember that they have also conceded a whole 12 more goals this season. That is the reason they are stuck at number 18 on the Laliga.

The weaker defense will not go well with them given they are facing their ever more dominant opponent Getafe.

The sure Betika grand jackpot prediction for this game is a win for Getafe.


Given that the objective of those who make jackpots is to make them as hard as possible, it is not always you can see a match like Leeds vs Manchester United on a big jackpot like Betika. So, what happened here to make this our 5th Betika Grand jackpot match? Isn’t it obvious Manchester United will win this game?

Well, it turns out; Leeds is not the team you knew they were. Well, this started to change for Leeds last month on 13th March 2021 when they forced a barren draw against Chelsea. After that, Leeds went on to defeat Fulham (1-2), Sheffield (2-1) and Manchester City (1-2). Many were not so convinced about their newly acquired indomitable strength. That was until this week when they forced a draw against titans, Liverpool.

It is at this point that even jackpot managers started paying attention. Leeds is now a team thought to be an equal of the big 4 teams, at least for the moment. I guess more people would have paid even more attention this weekend if Leeds won against Manchester United in this upcoming Betika Grand jackpot match. Unfortunately, their undefeated spree’s end is nigh. This weekend, at Elland Road stadium, Manchester United will put Leeds in their place.

A win of at least 4 goals is projected against Leeds in this highly anticipated match. The 100% accurate Betika Grand jackpot Prediction for this match is a win for Man U.


The 6th Betika match this week will be played at Basaksehir Fatih Terim Stadium and is the first and only Turkish match on the jackpot. Turkish matches are not very common on this jackpot and whenever they appear, they come with a catch supposed to make their prediction confusing. This is what we need to find out.

First off, Alanyaspor is a stronger team than Basaksehir. At number 6 on the Turkish Supr Lig, Alanyaspor have amassed an impressive 52 points from 34 matches while Basaksehir have only managed 33 points from 33 matches. The latter, however, enjoys some home advantage and when playing at home, they have not lost to Alanyaspor in their last 4 head to head matches.

Alanyaspor, despite being in the top 6, have suffered a weak current form having lost 4 away matches in a row. Will Basaksehir take advantage of Alanyaspor’s away losing streak and make a killing out of them?

Turns out it is actually what is going to happen. Most away losing streaks, when they come, it means there is a problem with team morale. This is not an issue that is resolved with a week. We expect that they will only regain the morale in a few weeks, but not now. Basaksehir, having the experience of holding Alanyaspor at home tightly, it is not even possible for Alanyaspor to score one match in this upcoming Betikajackpot match.

A draw might seem like a very good prediction but even better is a home win. If I were you, I would place a double chance for this game on my Betika jackpot prediction slip. The prediction for this match in the 100m grand jackpot is 1X.


Referee Ruddy Buquet will definitely have a hard time officiating this Betika jackpot match given Nantes and Strasbourg have almost identical defense powers but drastically different patterns and striking force.

Of course Nantes comes off as the weaker team being at number 19 on the French Ligue 1 with 28 pints from 33 matches compared to Strasbourg who have 37 points from a similar number of matches. This, however, is a trap you should not accept to be caught in if you want to win the Betika Grand jackpot bonus. You see, most indicators are in favor of Strasbourg, except one.

Strasbourg have scored a total of 42 goals this season and conceded 51 goals this season. Majority of the goals they scored, however, came from away matches. They have better strength away from home as marked by 17 of the goals being scored while at home and 25 goals while away.

On the other hand, Nantes is more likely to concede when at home than while playing away. Out of the 51 goals they have conceded this season, 27 have been conceded at home while 34 have been conceded away.

Teams with such a confusing form usually end up with unexpected results. In this case, the most unexpected result is that of Nantes winning against Strasbourg. And that, my friend, is the sure Betika grand jackpot prediction for this match.


Lorient vs Bordeaux is the first match in this weekend’s Betika jackpot with both teams being weaklings if the positions they take on their league table is anything to go by. You see, Lorient is at number 17 on the French League 1 table with 32 points and a depressing goal difference of -21 goals. Bordeaux are not any better as they occupy the 16th position with 36 points from a similar number of matches.

When playing at home, they have not lost to Bordeaux in their last 2 head to head matches. Bordeaux, on the other hand, have won majority of the head to head matches since 2014. In fact, Lorient has only managed one draw out of their last 7 matches. All the other matches have been won by Bordeaux.

The most recent 6 matches Lorient have played n the French League 1 ended with 3 losses, 2 draws and one win. Bordeaux have lost 5 of the last 5 Ligue 1 matches and won only one.

Both teams are depressingly poor in form and predictability that this forms one of the 4 matches that we do not have a sure Betika jackpot prediction.

The best prediction you can use for this game is a double chance, 12.


Spartak Moscow vs CSKA Moscow is one of the biggest matches of this Betika JP. There are many things I can say about this match but the prediction is ridiculously simple.

I think it is only reasonable if I give some statistical indications and analysis first. Spartak Moscow have won 4 of their last 6 matches and lost 2 while CSKA Moscow have won 3 of their last matches and lost in 3 of them.

This does not give any significant differences in form or morale. So let me try this, Spartak are at number 3 on the Russian Premier League while CSKA Moscow is at number 5. Spartak is ahead of CSKA with only 3 points. That’s another failure.

I hope you now see why statistics alone cannot predict a match like this. It is the keen eye for detail that gives up the sure bet.

It is a secret I won’t want you to spread around freely without being paid for it. Whenever Spartak Moscow and CSKA meet and their point difference is less than 10, whichever team that is playing at home always wins.

Look in the past 30 matches, you will see the pattern. In the last 5 matches for instance, Spartak Moscow was at home thrice, and those three matches they did win.

CSKA was fortunate to be at home against Spartak twice. Twice did they win, as well? Yes they did.

I won’t say much except that the best Betika tips for this Jackpot game are a win for the home team. You tell me the home team in this match.


For those who are not aware, Twente is also called Enschede. SO, Enschede will be welcoming Utrecht for a match that the 10th on the Betika Grand Jackpot this weekend. It is a fact that Twente have had not recorded a single win against any team in their last 7 matches. But it is also a fact that their opponents, Utrecht, have not won against Twente in their last 3 encounters at Grolsch Veste Stadium.

Interestingly, just like Spartak Moscow and CSKA Moscow, the home team always wins. In the last 14 matches between these teams with any of them being home or away, there has only been one away win out of 14. Yes, you got that right, one away win in 14 matches, and yeas, one draw as well.

That leaves us with 12 out of 14 matches that the home team won, whichever it was.

I would not be so wrong to say that the sure prediction for this game is a win for Twente.


AIK have lost 3 of their last 6 matches in the Swedish Allsvesnskan. They have also won 3 of the remaining matches with no draw recorded. Hammarby have won 5 of their last 6 matches and lost in just one of them.

In 2020 Last season AIK won both games against Hammarby (3-0 at home and 2-0 away). This by no means something to take for granted. However, that information is not enough to make a decision. The Betika grand jackpot prediction for this game is a guarded secret only available to VIP members. Remember, when you upgrade to VIP jackpots, you get the very best predictions capable of winning the jackpot bonus. There is no month that goes without the VIP members winning at least 20,000 in the form of jackpot bonus.

Some of you who like saying thing like I can never pay tipsters, well, who forced you to. You can go to he…

Those who know, know. There is a big difference between free and VIP predictions. There’s nothing that has the potential of changing your pocket situation this weekend like our predictions for Betika JP.

To subscribe simply send Ksh. 250 to till number 5327441. Or call 0700926210 for assistance. Let us continue with the free tips below.


Even as Cagliari tries to heal from 4 losses in a row including a loss to Inter Milan, they still have some chances to keep redeeming themselves. They most recently won against Udinese (0-1) and Parma Calcio (4-3) but that must not be enough for Coach Leonardo Cemplici.

Therefore as Cagliari hosts Roma this weekend at Sardegna Arena for a Betika jackpot match, many might think that 7th placed Roma is the favorite.

Of course, Cagliari are currently reeking of poor performance and are at number 18 on the Serie A. That, however would be not be conclusive. What about the fact that Roma have lost 2 matches in a row while Cagliari has won 2 consecutive matches?

The keen eye and wisdom of the Surebet team is what is needed to give us the conclusive Betika jackpot prediction for this game.

Upgrading to VIP is the only way around. Send Ksh. 250 to till number 5327441 and you will receive all 17 matches via text ASAP.


At position 4 on the Russian Premier league, Rubin Kazan are all set to face the 11th placed Krasnodar this weekend in a Betika jp match. Rubin have also won the last 3 matches ina row. Their form is good and are playing at home. This mix of good indicators are however not enough to determine the winner.

Krasnodar is not a weak team. They might have conceded 9 more goals than Rubin Kazan this season, but it is also true that they have scored a whole 11 more goals than Kazan. Besides, Krasnodar have won 3 of the last 4 head to head matches against Rubin Kazan.

The Sure Betika prediction for this match is available for VIP members.


Osasuna manager is a proud man. His boys have not lost any of their last 6 matches. As they try to push upper on the LaLiga table, they will visit Celta De Vigo for a grueling match.

According to, Osasuna should be able to put one past this Celta Vigo outfit, but it possibly won’t be as many as they will have scored against them.

Checking out their prior head to head duels going back to 03/05/2014, it’s been all-even between these two clubs with Celta Vigo winning 2 of those games, Osasuna 2 and 2 being draws after 90 minutes of play.

A combined sum of 12 goals were shared by the two clubs during those clashes, with 7 of them from Os Celestes and 5 for Los Rojillos. That’s an average goals per game figure of 2.

The previous league contest featuring the two was La Liga match day 5 on 04/10/2020 which finished with the scoreline of Osasuna 2-0 Celta Vigo.

In that game, Osasuna managed 39% possession and 12 attempts at goal with 5 of them on target. Goals were scored by Facundo Roncaglia (23') and Jonathan Calleri (76').

Celta Vigo had 9 attempts on goal with 3 on target.

The match was refereed by Ricardo De Burgos Bengoetxea."


In the 15th Betika jackpot prediction today, we will see Standard Liege hosting their Beker van Belgie counterparts. Standard are enjoying some stardom after winning 3 home matches in a row.

Genk, on the other hand, are also doing well. They have not only won 4 of their last 6 league matches but have also managed to hold Standard Liege in their past H2H matches.

These teams, though, are known to hold each other in manners that promote a draw. In the last 5 matches between them, 3 ended in draws.

Both teams are strong. The possibility of a draw is high, so what is the best prediction here. Find out more in the VIP package.


Lille have only lost once to Lyon in their last 6 head to head matches. Anyway, let me not jump the gun. You see, last season, Lille won both matches against Lyon. Whenever Lille is playing against Lyon, you always end up in shock when the match is over if you are not privy to their playing patterns.

In the last 6 matches these teams have faced one another, there have been 3 draws. It is not like a draw is expected in this match though.

Lille are at the top of the French Ligue 1 table with 70 points from 33 matches while Lyon is at number 4 with just 3 points less. This shows both teams are strong.

There is one more detail though. Lyon may be at a lower position, but they have actually scored more goals this season than Lille. This is a game that is supposed to be confusing to the untrained eye.


LaLiga frontrunners Atletico Madrid will be hosted by Athletic Bilbao in our last Betika jackpot prediction this week. We must appreciate the effort Atletico Madrid has put this season to be ahead of giants such as Barcelona and Real Madrid.

This only means one thing; that Atletico Madrid are on fire. It is not uncommon for them to win the Laliga and I am honestly hoping that they do.

There is one problem for them though, they still have matches to win for them to be crowned. One of them is this one against their eternal competitors, Bilbao.

You see, Bilbao might be at position 10 on the LaLiga with 38 points but they been known to be strong at home. Besides, they have drawn 4 of their last 6 matches, indicating the possibility of a draw.

The Betika grad jackpot prediction for this match is a draw.


There are 10 predictions so far that we have categorically given. The summary for the matches is as follows:

  1. 1

  2. 2

  3. X

  4. 2

  5. 2

  6. 1X

  7. 2

  8. 12

  9. 1

  10. 1

As for the other 7 matches, there is an analysis for each but no categorical prediction. That is we only share those with those who pay for VIP Betika jackpot prediction. To get VIP simply send Ksh. 250 to till number 5327441. Or send directly to 0700926210.

The other 7 matches are the ones that make a difference between winning the Betika Grand jackpot bonus or not.

You decide which side you want to be on.

I really wish you well and I will let you know as soon as the next Betika jackpot is out.

As always, stay safe and Good luck.

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