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Analyzing common types of football betting markets

We all know betting sites offer different markets in football but all said and done, we have bettors mostly prefer when placing bets. Under this article, we will focus strictly on types of football betting.

There are betting sites that offer only online betting while others support betting via SMS. 1X2 market is the most popular betting market in the world of football, but are you aware that you can have many options when placing a bet?

Let’s have a look at the common markets in football betting;

Most common football markets

Some of the betting markets on Sportpesa - screenshot
Some of the betting markets on Sportpesa

1X2 Market

This is the most common betting market among football bettors. The 1X2 market is also known as Full-Time Result, Match Betting, or Three-Way Bet.

In a football match, there are only three outcomes between two teams and are either 1, X, or 2. In this case, 1 means the home team to win, 2 represents the away team and X means draw.

For example, if Manchester United is playing Liverpool at Old Trafford, it means United is the home team hence labeled as 1. X is for a draw while Liverpool is represented by 2. If your bet is 1, it means you will win if United emerge with the victory.

Over/Under - Full Time

This is where a gambler predicts if there will be more or fewer goals than the suggested line during the regular time. Regular time is simply the normal 90 minutes of a match plus added minutes.)

Please note that extra time does not count.

Both Teams To Score Accumulators

Both teams to score is often abbreviated as BTTS while some bettors using GG. It is an extremely popular bet unique to football betting where you bet on both teams in a match will score or not. For a bettor to get returns on a BTTS bet, both teams need to score at least one goal, making any result from 1-1 and upwards.


Real Madrid v Barcelona

If the final result is 1-2, the winning selection would be Yes because both teams scored at least one goal during the match.

Anytime goalscorer

This type of football prediction allows you to predict the player to score anytime during the match. In the case of FT score 0-0, all bets will be voided.

Just like the first goal scorer type of a bet, if a player does not play, bets on that player will be void. Single bets will have their bet stake refunded while affected multiple bets will remain valid but with that leg removed from the bet slip.

Players that are substituted off or sent off before the goal is scored will be settled as losing bets. Every effort will be made to quote anytime goalscorer prices for all participants. However, players not quoted will count as winners should they score the first goal.

NB: Own goals do not count in settlements.

Double Chance

This type of market is so common with bettors as it covers two of three possible outcomes and increases your chances of winning. For example, a game finishes Arsenal 1-0 Manchester United. If you bet on '1X' or '12', then you win. If you picked 'X2', then you lose.


An over-under or over/under (O/U) bet is a wager in which a sportsbook will predict a number for a statistic in a given game (usually the combined score of the two teams), and bettors wager that the actual number in the game will be either higher or lower than that number.

Draw No Bet

This type of bet is also called 12 or Moneyline. It is a market where you predict the winner of the match without the draw selection. It simply means that whenever the match finishes with a draw after regular time, you will get your stake back. This type of football betting prediction is available for full time, 1st half and second half.

Your bet will lose if the team you backed is defeated.


Real Madrid - Barcelona

If the final result is 1-2, you will win in case your selection was Barcelona. If the final result was 1-1, you would get your stake back, but a Barcelona loss will mean you lose your stake.

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