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It is no secret that Kenyans love jackpots. Ever since the sportpesa mega jackpot was started in Kenya nd winners announced in various media houses, Kenyans have always wanted to join the lucky few who have won jackpots. Since some of the most favorite betting companies were suspended in Kenya as a result of new regulations however, Kenyans lost their most beloved jackpots namely Sportpesa and Betin Jackpots.

Similarly, after the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of jackpots were either suspended or cancelled. The only good news is that competitive games from popular leagues have restarted and are already being used by betting companies for listing in jackkpots. In short, a few jackpots are already up and running again. This gives you the opportunity to continue placing your jackpot predictions in some sites. This article lists the 10 best jackpots that have been reopened after the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Betika Mid-week jackpot offered by Betika was already one of the most popular jackpots before COVID-19. It has always been comprised of 15 games all of which you need to predict correctly in order to win 15 million Kenyan shillings. Over a million people bet on the Betika Midweek jackpot every week.


· 15 jackpot games

· 15 million Shillings to be won’

· Has Auto-picker option

· Allows for at most 3 double chances

· Stake amount Ksh. 15

· Cash Betika jackpot bonuses available for those who predict 12/15, 13/15, 14/15 outcomes correctly.

· Multiple bets accepted.


Betlion jackpots are already available for you to bet on. Aside from their biggets jackpot, the Goliath jackpot worth over 300 million, the other jackpots are already listed and being bet on by players.

There are daily jackpots at Betlion, the Midweek jackpot and other league jackpots.

Betlion Daily Jackpot


· 8 matches

· Ksh. 200,000 to be won

· They have 3 auto selectors, Lucky Dip, Guru selection and Magic Selection

· Double chances are allowed

· Stake amount is Ksh. 20

· No cash bonuses are available

· Ksh. 25,000 cash prize for the most accurate predictions

Betlion Midweek Jackpot


· 15 matches to predict

· Ksh. 15 million to win

· Auto selectors available

· Double chances are allowed

· Stake amount is Ksh. 50

· Cash bonuses for 12, 13, and 14 correct predictions

· Ksh. 100,000 if you make the most accurate predictions


Mozzart bet has one jackpot known as the Super Jackpot


· 13 Matches to predict

· Ksh 10 million to be won

· Auto selectors available

· Cash bonuses for 0, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 correct predictions

· Stake amount is Ksh.50

· Multible bets accepted.

4. M BET

The jackpot is ready to be played. There is one available jackpot.


· 12 Matches to predict

· Ksh.4,041,108 to be won

· Stake amount is Ksh.60

· Multiple bets accepted

· There are 5 reserve games in case of cancellation of games

· The jackpot is daily

· Bonuses are given for 9, 10 and 111 correct predictions

· Incase there are more than one winner the jackpot is distributed equally amongst the winners


Offers a unique jackpot model that is the pooled jackpot which refers to either soccer 4, soccer 6, soccer 10 or soccer 13x pooled jackpot and is available daily. Each game consists of a number of matches eg soccer 4 has 4 matches ,soccer 6 has 6 matches etc.


· Prize money in a jackpot pool is made up of all bets in specific pool and the more bets are placed the bigger the pool gets.

· The jackpot is available daily

· Winnings are paid in dividends to all customers who got the correct selections which is calculated as follows : jackpot poolsize/numer of winning tickets

· Stake is as follows ; SOCCER 6 minimum bet is ksh50 ,soccer 10 minimum bet is ksh 20

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