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35 Free Sure bet Prediction Today

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

We have prepared a total of 35 free predictions today. The free tips are categorized into 7 betting markets. Do not make bets with more than 3 matches per ticket since these are free tips and are not guaranteed.


Get four, 100% guaranteed correct scores with over 2000 odds in total for only Ksh. 1000. Till number 5327441. For non Kenyans, send 12 US Dollars by Skrill to



There are two kinds of punters. Those that bet for fun and the joy of the football game, and those that bet for money and profits. In this section, I am talking to the latter.

When is the last time you won a bet of over 100 odds, and how did it feel?

I know many of you do not understand that feeling because it has never happened to you. Talking of winning, a big win does not just happen, you make it happen using proven and tested methods. I do not in any way underestimate the fact that once in a blue moon lady luck might smile on you and make you win a large amount.

The million-dollar question is, for how long will you depend on luck to win bets? Luck can not help you every day. If anything, you can only expect to get it on your side once every 20 or so multi bets.

Why all the trouble of waiting for luck when you can get expert surebet predictions for a song?

Surebet provides some of the best expert sure bet tips in the world. The methods used to come up with the tips include statistical and mathematical bet analysis, scientific simulations and machine learning algorithms and using connections within the football and betting industry to get fixed matches and odds.

Let us agree on one thing first, that every industry has the top 1% experts who do very well in it and the betting industry is no different. It is when you have connections with those people who seem to get it right that you also become an expert and a reliable source of industry information.

Surebet has some of the best networks in the betting industry. We get information on 90% of fixed matches and the best 1% of expert predictions. While this comes at a great cost, Surebet ensures that they reach a large number of people and help them get the tips cheaply so as to cater for the costs. It is like crowdfunding for tips fro the elite sources.

Besides, Surebet has very sophisticated football betting software that has almost all football data on earth. From these databases, advanced algorithms identify the best bets within matches. A match may for instance not have a sure tip in the win-draw-win market but have one in the GG/NG prediction section. We, therefore, divide the tips into the various categories. For example, you can visit our Over/under predictions page to see the recently won tips in that category.

Over/under tips especially over or under 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 tips are usually very profitable and the odds are ok.

For those who love the adrenaline rush of betting on correct scores, Surebet makes sure you are not left behind. Surebet's correct score tips have the highest winning rate anywhere on earth at 80%. This might not sound like a lot but remember they are very profitable and hard to get the 100% sure correct score predictions.

As you head towards becoming an expert in betting, you have obviously heard of Asian handicap tips an predictions.

These give you the liberty to actually predict by how much a team is going to win or lose. What I mean is that in Asian handicap tips you can bet that team A wins against team B by at least 3 goals, as an example. The advantage is that you get to bet on the favorite team without having to endure the agonizingly small odds when the teams have significantly different strengths. The best part is that they give you a chance of getting all or some of your stake back.

Talking of handicaps, Euro or European handicap predictions are almost similar to Asian handicaps with a few variations. Visit Surebet's handicap pages to read more about them. These types of bets are

the most preferred by exerts. Find out why.

Another type of sure bet tips you might be interested are half time tips which Surebet has mastered as to lead to wins almost in every match. Visit the half time tips page for more.

Subscribe to Surebet's VIP predictions and start getting yourself ready for consistent wins in betting today and every day. As a trial, subscribe to the 3 dollars tips (Ksh.250) and later on upgrade to the weekly tips or the VVIP tips.

If you are new to Surebet, your bets are safe because if you lose, your money is refunded and you get free tips the following day. We do this because losing is so rare we never have to refund more than twice a month.

To join visit our pricing page and subscribe. For those who use Mpesa, MTN money and Vodacom Mpesa, Equitel Money or Airtel Money simply send 250/= to till number 5327441 to get started.

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