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This is the home of Sure GG/NG tips today. GG/NG Predictions are also called BTTS especially in Asian and Western European countries. Our GG/NG tips are mainly in our VIP package but are also included in the free, premium and Fixed matches packages.

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GG/NG tips & predictions are forecasts about if each or both teams playing in a match would be able to score at least one goal against one another. If both teams score at least one goal each then the result is termed as Goal-Goal or GG. If any or both teams fail to score in the match then the result is No-Goal or NG. You can get these predictions daily as part of the sure bet prediction package after you register.

One advantage with this GG/NG prediction market is that like Over/under predictions, there are always only 2 possible outcomes in a match. This is unlike for instance the correct score predictions where the possible outcomes in a match are infinite. It is not even like the 1X2 sure bet tips market where there are 3 options involved

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Definition: GG/NG or Both Teams to Score (BTTS) Prediction

This refers to the activity of predicting if both teams in an upcoming match would be able to score at least 1 goal each. If both teams are able to score a goal each then a GG/NG prediction is won, otherwise, it is lost. Some people like to call this kind of prediction BTTS or both teams to score in full. There are only 2 possible outcomes for this type of bet:

  1. GG(Goal-Goal)

  2. NG(No-Goal)



The GG/NG prediction market is well familiar among gamblers and bettors world over. It is actually only second to the 1x2 betting market that is the most popular in football betting.

The odds that accompany Both Teams To Score tips are usually not bad, well over 1.5 in most cases and less than 2.5. These reasonable odds coupled with the ease of understanding this market have made this betting market not only popular but also liked by most punters. To appreciate the popularity of this betting market, GG and NG odds are usually listed immediately below the conventional win-draw-win betting market, which is usually the first on the list of possible bets.



Before making a GG/NG tips for a match there are match analysis steps that you have to take first. This will not only minimize the risk of making a poor choice but also increase your chances of maintaining a profitable bet book. Below are 6 steps you need to take before placing a BTTS prediction for a bet:

  1. Compare and contrast the results for each team in their last 10 games

  2. Consider the results of the past 10 to 15 head to head matches

  3. Consider the league averages for GG/NG outcomes

  4. Use the Poisson distribution method to predict the number of goals for each team

  5. Run Monte Carlo simulations of the match using the Poisson probabilities

  6. Analyze the results of the simulation and choose the most likely outcome

We now delve into the details of each of the 10 steps above one by one to make you more comfortable in making your own superb GG/NG football predictions.


Compare and contrast the results for each team in their last 10 games

This will give you a clear picture of the ability of teams to score and give way for conceding at the same time or vice versa.

If teams are strong with strong defenses, a match could end with one or both teams have not scored leading to a win for the NG prediction and a loss for the GG/NG soccer prediction.

Team strength is therefore not of much importance in the analysis of bets in the category of GG and NG.

To illustrate the point we are going to use an example of Umea FC vs Brage.

Below are the matches Umea has played at home and their GG/NG results:

From the table above we can see that Umea has had twice as many matches end in GG than NG. This gives a picture of the pattern that is most likely in their matches.

In the case of Brage (while away) they have shown a tendency to end matches with more NG outcomes than GG outcomes.

So how do you go about making sense of this data?

Here you now need to look at what we call nearest neighbors. This buys from the Nearest Neighbor algorithms from Machine Learning.

It simply means (as the name suggests) looking at matches that had the most likeness with this upcoming match.

It is very likely that you will hit this dead-end when doing GG/NG analysis for football betting. But the nearest neighbor method always comes handy. One way to look at it is that the outcomes from other matches are figuratively “far’ from predicting the outcome of this game. A better category to look at is the head to head matches because they seem like nearer neighbors to this upcoming game.


To make GG/NG predictions consider the results of the past 10 to 15 head to head matches

The 2nd thing is to look at the most recent results for similar matches between the two teams involved. This kind of analysis is known as head to head match analysis. There are teams, regardless of all factors, that find it difficult to score each other while others have a tendency(and a history) of scoring each other quite easily.


Remember, it does not matter if one team is stronger than the other. In case of a weak team up against a remarkably stronger team, it only takes the weaker team one goal for a bet of GG to be won.

For the case of Umea FC vs Brage, if the number of GG or NG outcomes is more than the other, that is a better indicator for the prediction of the upcoming match.



Consider the league averages for GG/NG outcomes(Very essential for GG/NG tips)

Some leagues are notorious with either GG or NG outcomes. Below is a table with the number of matches that ended in either GG or NG for the last 10 years.

The data shows that all the English leagues have almost similar tendencies of having matches ending with GG at around 47% while those that end with NG at 53%. Never mind that the bookers usually give lower odds for GG outcomes, since people generally assume that more matches could end with gg as opposed to ng. I am sure this leads to massive profits for the bookers.

In some leagues, the percentage for GG can be as high as 70% you, therefore, should do your homework and see what is more likely in the league you are planning to make a GG/NG 1st & 2nd half predictions.


Use the Poisson distribution method to predict the number of goals for each team

After getting the picture, it is time now to make scientific predictions for this football game. To do this, you will first need the average number of goals the teams have scored in their recent 10 to 15 matches.

Our database, for instance, shows that Umea FC has averaged 1.4 goals while at home for the last few years. Brage, on the other hand, has averaged 1 goal while playing away for the last 10 years.

You now need to run a Poisson process with the means to predict the probabilities for each exact number of expected goals from each team in this upcoming match.

The results for the Poisson analysis gives the following data:

GG-NG Prediction poisson distribution gr

The graph shows the probability of scoring a specific number of goals for each team. For instance, Brage has a 36% chance of scoring one goal in this match with the same probability for 0 goals. Umea, on the other hand, has a smaller probability (24%) of scoring 0 in this game while the probability of scoring 1 goal is at 34%. They also have a not-so-bad probability of scoring 2 goals at 24%.

Run Monte Carlo simulations of the match using the Poisson probabilities

The next step is to run a Monte Carlo simulation with the above data so now see the most likely outcomes. The simulation results will have to list if an outcome qualifies as GG or NG alongside the associated joint probabilities.

Analyze the results of the simulation and choose the most likely outcome

Our simulation resulted in 47% for GG and 53% for NG. This, therefore, means that this game is more likely to end with GG than it is to end with GG. The most likely outcome for this game is therefore NG.

That is as far as mathematical analysis of GG and NG football predictions can take you. This method has however proven to be correct over 70% of the time and if used correctly, it can lead to massive profits in both the short term and the long term.

It is, however, advisable that you let Surebet do the dirty work and come up with BTTS predictions with the highest chances of winning your bets.

It only costs 3 dollars to get this kind of predictions per day so why not join and make profits with Surebet?

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