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Volleyball predictions are matches and odds listed on volleyball predictions sites to give insights of expected outcomes in a bid to help users in decision making concerning volleyball betting.

Due to the nature of the game, volleyball predictions tend to be volatile.


This is because a final scores are determined on the basis of won sets. Most volleyball matches play in 3 sets which means the winning team is the one that wins at least 2 sets out of the possible 3. This is regardless of the aggregate points scored or the aggregate point difference in a specific set. This means a weaker team can win marginally in 2 sets and be considered the winner.

Due to this, volleyball predictions and tips must be given with consideration on a teams proven winning strategies as opposed to the height of players or their perceived strength. To give sure predictions for volleyball matches the predictors or the tipster follows a professional volleyball process.

Volleyball predictions from Surebet are meant to give you tips and expert forecasts on upcoming volleyball matches.

Surebet gives some of the best Volleyball predictions and tips to help you win big everyday in betting. Below are today's free volleyball tips.

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The following are the volleyball predictions you can make during betting:


You can directly predict the winning team for a volleyball game. The option of a draw in non-existent in volleyball since teams can not draw. The volleyball matches are divided into sets of 25 points and the first to reach that number is the outright winner of that particular set. Therefore, there is no way teams can draw. You can predict if the home team or the away team will win a volleyball match.


The cut-off for this kind of prediction is 178.5 points. This means that you can predict a volleyball game to end with over 178.5 goals or under 178.5 points.


Note that scores may be calibrated with points in volleyball matches but points only enables a team to win a "set". There are usually 3 sets i a volleyball match. These are the correct scores that you can make predictions for.

Below is a list of the possible correct scores for any volleyball game:

  • 0-3

  • 3-0

  • 1-2

  • 3-1

  • 1-3

  • 2-3

  • 3-2

As you can see, there are no options like 2-1. This is because for a volleyball team to be deemed a winner in a match, the team has to win 3 sets. The first team to win 3 sets is the winner of the game. The number of sets played in a volleyball match therefore depends on how fast a leading team will record 3 sets. 


Set winners - You can predict the winner of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd set winners. This can be the home or away team, with no possibility of a draw.

Set-point handicaps - You can make predictions on the handicapped points for volleyball matches. Just like typical Asian handicap predictions, you can make handicap predictions such as:

Home Team[-2.5]

Home Team[+2.5]

Home Team[+3.5]

Away Team[+2.5]

Away Team[-2.5]

Away Team[-3.5]

Set Overs/Unders - You can predict if a volleyball match will end in over or under a certain cut-off number of points. The following are popular options:

Under 44.5 points

Over 44.5 points

Under 45.5 points

Over 45.5 points

Under 46.5 points

Over 46.5 points

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