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We accept limited opportunities for partnerships for betting companies and blogs. They come in the form of links that we can be able to provide from our website. High-quality links and brand mentions are important for any website with a conscious SEO strategy.

To be able to partner with Surebet your website must meet the following conditions:

  1. Must have no spamming tendencies

  2. Your website must have a real address and real people behind it that are not afraid of showing their faces.

  3. Must have quality content or service that is scam free and provides real value to users.

If your business website meets the above criteria then we can talk.

Below are the value packs we offer:

High-Quality Links

We offer high-quality links to betting blogs and websites. Our links come from inside the thick of content and have to be customized to reflect user intent so as to enhance click-through rate. We talk about the real value that our users can get by visiting your website. We may need more information from you to enable us to give you the most meaningful link that Google and other search engines appreciate as high quality.

Banner Adds

Surebet can display banner adds on the main website or the blog. The banner ads have to be of acceptable quality and they must not have spammy history.

Full Articles

We can also write an article praising one or all of your services that actually deserves praise. Please note that we can not lie for money. The article has to be between 1500 and 2000 words. It will include images, links, brand mentions, reviews, and even a video if possible.


If your business is good enough, we might decide to partner with you such that almost every article or web page includes a link, brand mentions or banner adds o leading to your website. Your website must be of good quality and you must be willing to spend an amount matching the effort and generosity. This is however reserved to those businesses that are not capable of tainting our name and this we discover over some time working together.

To set up a working relationship with Surebet please send us an email to

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