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Here we share links to articles and news sources where you can get recent updates on football. Some of the links are on informative issues, real news or just plain entertaining.

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After Manchester City won the EPL trophy for the 2021/2022 season with an impressive 93 pooints and an absolutely mind mindblowing goal difference of 73, it was conspicous that Manchester United were missing from the top 10. Then came an error on BBC that was attributed to a technical glitch caused by an intern who was testing how the tickers at the bottom of programming works. The error read "Manchester United are rubbish".

Oh God that must have been embarrassing for both the BBC and Manchester united. But a sincere apology from Annita Mcveigh was enough to calm the emosions of many. Although I wonder if the intern has gotten over that embarassing moment, I must say it is normal for humans to make mistakes.


We should not be quick to judge. A little compassion can go a long way. Everyone makes mistakes. Even myself recently made a similar mistake where I accidentally published a random post on the VIP page. It was a fictional piece where I was tickling my creativity by imagining myself in a situation and responding with fictious scenarios haha. That was funny in part because it was ridiculous and much to my embarassment, I had portrayed a real entity as a fictious villain. I really apologize if I offended anyone.

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