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World Health Organization officials


After several months of battling the novel corona virus across the world, most sports leagues have resumed matches and fixtures seem to be stable. It however does not mean the threat of Corona virus is no longer with us. As many scientists have predicted, Covid-19 might end up being endemic among the populations of the world. According to CNBC, even  “A vaccine is not likely to eradicate the virus” This was said by UK’s chief scientific advisor.

This, among other discoveries, led to a realization that we might have to restart some aspects of our economies including soccer leagues. It is for this reason that leagues such as the English Premier League, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League and many others have been able to restart. This is despite the fact that some matches happen in the absence of fans or stadiums operating at half capacity.

The implication of this development is that matches are almost as available on betting sites as they were before the pandemic. A quick check on any betting site will show that there are hundreds of scheduled matches for any given day.

You as the punter should rest assured that you can continue placing your bets and we at SurebetSite are making sure we provide sure bet predictions, jackpot predictions and fixed matches as we used to before Corona.

Please note this update is not meant to be a guideline or a recommendation about dealing with any aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic. For verified Covid-19 information from World Health Organization please click here.


  1. Premium tips which used to contain up to 50 odds will be having 50 odds.

  2. VIP tips and fixed matches will not be affected.

  3. Most jackpot predictions are now available.

  4. The Shabiki jackpot prediction which was suspended is now available.

  5. Service delivery timelines and procedures are not affected.

  6. Sure bet tips are not affected.

  7. Correct Score tips will be 4 games per day.

  8. GG-NG tips are not affected.

  9. Asian Handicap tips are not affected.

  10. Euro Handicap tips are not affected.

  11. Half Time tips are not affected


Scientists are still working to find a cure or a vaccine for COVID-19 and there is no ready cure for now. The best thing to do therefore is to stay at home if possible. Follow COVID-19 guidelines from the World Health Organization and authorities in your country or town and observe high standards of hygiene.


We can not predict when normalcy will return. We however continue to provide online services to all our clients. When all leagues are reopened, then we will continue giving 50 odds for the premium package.

For more information about COVID-19 visit the WHO website here.

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