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Kenya is a strong betting market. In a 2015 study done by Price Waterhouse Coopers on the African gambling market, Kenya emerged as the home of the betting population.

The Kenyan youth took the top as apparently the most addicted and maybe the richest of all youth in Sub Saharan Africa, if the amounts and frequency that showed up is anything to go by. Betting Companies are always on the lookout for such behaviors and before even a research is done to reveal the obvious, they would have minted millions out of gullible punters.

We are simply a betting nation.

Therefore in a nutshell, we have no shortage of betting companies in Kenya.

The following are the most popular betting sites in Kenya that you need to start with.


Some betting companies offer bonus and other incentives for first time users. Start with taking advantage of such initial offers; you may not get the chance later on when you become an existing user. Visit all websites of the companies, do not leave out any. Sometimes bonuses come and go depending to company strategy. So keep checking.



Some companies give better odds on some betting markets such as GG, NG, overs and unders.

According to experience, the trend may be interrupted once in a blue moon whereby the usual low-odd companies give higher odds but on average, there are better sites to be using than others. The smaller companies give better odds than bigger companies.

 It is up to you to find out which ones. However, if you are a member of Surebet, then you can be guaranteed to receive a full report and advice from us besides updates when changes emerge.


All betting sites in Kenya accept Mpesa payments and process Mpesa Withdrawals. You however should know that the time it takes to receive money after withdrawal from your betting account varies from one site to another.

You can experiment and find out the ones which make immediate transfers after withdrawal.


Match analysis is very important before making any betting decisions. Most sites have analysis systems integrated with their core betting system. The quality of analysis however differs from one site to another.

Check out the sites and see the kind of analysis they display and make your choice.


In making the decision of the website to use for your betting, ensure you consider all the above factors. However, if you need to make real money from betting, use the Surebet daily tips and betting predictions.

All the best in your betting journey.

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