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Our Betin jackpot predictions are the best you can get anywhere in Kenya. We have done the jackpot analysis and like most of the time, most matches are appearing in Betin jackpot and the Sportpesa mega jackpot.


Since the government launched a crackdown on gambling sites in Kenya in what they called a call for regulation, many betting sites have temporarily shut down including Betin Kenya. In a statement sent to GameYetu and seen by Surebet, Betin claims that they are trying to resolve the matter with stakeholders, Government aand regulators. They also say that they can not be sure as to when their services may resume. They finished off with an aology to their customers for the inconveniences caused.

A spotcheck on their website finds out that it is actually shut down for now. For this reason, you might not be able to place your Betin jackpot this weekend and we at Surebet have prepared no Betin jackpot prediction for weekend. We will however keep updating you and let you know when you can finally place your Betin bets again.

Lameck from Surebet.


5:00:00 PM 20-07-2019 Brommapojkarna - Norrby
5:00:00 PM 20-07-2019 Dalkurd - Varberg Bois
5:00:00 PM 20-07-2019 Orebro - Falkenbergs
6:30:00 PM 20-07-2019 Wisla Krakow - Slask Wroclaw
7:00:00 PM 20-07-2019 Zemplin Michalovce - Zilina
8:00:00 PM 20-07-2019 Senica - Trencin
9:00:00 PM 20-07-2019 Piast Gliwice - Lech Poznan
2:30:00 PM 21-07-2019 Juventus - Tottenham
4:00:00 PM 21-07-2019 Mjallby - Halmstads
4:00:00 PM 21-07-2019 Zaglebie Lubin - Cracovia
7:00:00 PM 21-07-2019 Strommen - Skeid
7:00:00 PM 21-07-2019 Kfum Oslo - Aalesunds
9:00:00 PM 21-07-2019 Dinamo Bucharest - Universitatea Craiova

Betin Jackpot tips

1 Day Betin Tips



Ksh 250

1 Month Betin Tips



Ksh 5,000

1 Week Betin Tips



Ksh 1000

Betin Jackpot Tips



Ksh 250



To get Betin daily Multibet tips send 250 till number 942028(buy goods and services)


Betin Kenya is the 2nd largest betting site in Kenya. Their odds are relatively good and their processes efficient and fast. Combined with our surebet tips, you will get a large advantage over other gamblers. Contact us after subscription and win big with our tips.


A VIP version of the Betin Jackpot prediction for this weekend is available on Surebet. The VIP prediction is more detailed, has double chances you might use and also has a higher chance of winning. The VIP Betin Jackpot analysis and prediction is done by betting experts both in Kenya and abroad. We spend money to pay the experts but it usually comes back as bonus, because the Surebet Team also bets in Jackpots. 

To get the VIP Betin Jackpot Prediction send Ksh. 200  to till number 942028(buy goods and services). You shall receive the tips via text and also a password shall be given to you to log into the VIP page to view the Betin jackpot predictions and analysis.


  1. On your Safaricom line go to Mpesa

  2. Select SEND MONEY


  4. Enter 0700926210

  5. Enter amount - 250/= for daily, or 1000/= for weekly or 4000/= for monthly

  6. Enter your PIN then Confirm to send

  7. Ensure name is LAMECK

  8. You will receive an SMS with your PASSWORD

  9. Go to login & ENTER YOUR PASSWORD. Congratulation, you are done!

  10. Time to receive predictions on your phone, email and Whatsapp + a password for this VIP link:

In case of any problem or questions about the Betin sure bet tips call 0700926210.


Below are archives of the past Betin jackpot matches. Click on each link and see the results of those Betin jackpot games. 

Betin Jackpot prediction 29th-30th December 2018

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 Betin kenya jackpot prediction November 2018

The Betin Jackpot comprises of 13 matches every week. There are prizes for correctly predicting 11 or 12 matches. You however win the Betin Jackpot once you correctly predict all the 13 matches correctly.

The Betin Jackpot amount is usually 20 million Kenyan Shillings, and is definitely worthy trying every weekend.

screenshot of betin jackpot this week.PN


Source: Betin Kenya website

To participate in the Betin Kenya Jackpot, follow the following steps:


Go to the Betin Kenya entry page. Make predictions for each of the matches listed. The Lucky Dip button places random outcomes for you if you do not have the knowledge to make your own selections.

One cumulative prediction costs only Ksh. 99. You can make more than one predictions in one match. This will however increase the amount you use in placing the bet.

sample betin jackpot selections - screen


Confirm that your predictions are the ones you meant to make. Then complete the bet by submitting.

screenshot of how to place a betin jackp



Results and prizes are listed in  the Previous Results section on Betin Kenya com/jackpot by noon on Monday or Tuesday, depending on whether the last match was played on Sunday or Monday.

sample betin jackpot results.PNG

SMS Your Jackpot Selections – To make it even easier to enter one or both of the Jackpots, you can SMS your selections to us and place your bet.


Step 1:SMS the word - JP#Result*Result*Result*Result*Result *Result*Result*Result*Result*Result to 29456 Example: JP#X*1*2*1*2*X*1*X*1*X*1*X*1


Step 2: You will receive a confirmation message from us: "Confirmation Jackpot Bet ID %$£^. X*1*2*1*2*X*1*X*1*X*1*X*1. Stake Ksh 99. Good luck!"


Betin Kenya Super 13 Jackpot (How to place a multi-line bet)


Step 1: SMS the word - JP#Result*Result*Result*Result*Result *Result*Result*Result*Result*Result to 29456



Example of betin jackpot prediction: JP#12*1X*2*X*1*X*1*X*X*1*2*1*2



Step 2: You will receive a confirmation message from us: "Confirmation Jackpot Bet ID %$£^. 12*1X*2*X*1*X*1*X*X*1*2*1*2. Stake Ksh 396. Good luck!"


Note: Matches will be settled on the official result after 90 minutes of play, including injury time. Extra time and penalty shoot-outs are excluded. See Terms and Conditions for full details on this competition.

This information was gotten from the Betin jackpots page.


The Betin jackpot prediction is done by various companies and experts across the world and we gather the predictions for you at only 250/= shillings. To get the Betin jackpot prediction for this weekend send 250 to till number 942028 (buy goods and services).

So below is the process of obtaining the sure Betin predictions:

  1. First we list down he jackpot matches that have been selected by the Betin company to feature in their Betin jackpot.

  2. We then identify the football leagues each match is playing so as to know the best experts in those leagues that we should request expert predictions from.

  3. We then send each individual game to the experts of the leagues and pay for the service usually over 50 dollars or Ksh. 5000 per game. The experts also include the fixed match proxies and insiders.

  4. We then start doing reseach for the Betin jackpot prediction ourselves to come up with an analysis of the jackpot matches so that when we receive the tips from the experts we can compare.

  5. We receive the expert jackpot predictions from our proxies and experts abroad. We list down all the predictions for the individual jackpot matches.

  6. Finally, we compare the expert predictions with our own in-house expert predictions to find out the similarities and the differences. We then give you the best prediction for the Betin Jackpot after thorough review.

Using these steps we have been able to provide the best jackpot prediction for following jackpots in Kenya:

  • Sportpesa mega jackpot prediction

  • Betika jackpot prediction

  • Betpawa jackpot prediction

  • Safaribet jackpot prediction

  • Dafabet jackpot prediction

  • Betway Colossus jackpot prediction

  • Betway Correct score jackpot prediction

  • Betway 1X2 15 picks jackpot prediction

  • Betway 1X2 13 PICKS jackpot prediction



Round 16.02. - 23.02.2019

The Betin Jackpot for the round of 16th to 23rd February 2019 is the latest to produce a Betin Jackpot bonus winner. The bonus winner walked away with a cool 557,500.00 KES. This was so far the largest bonus won by one pweson for 3 months now and it is encouraging for others who try the Betin Jackpot that the ultimate prize is around the corner, especially if you use our Surebet predictions. 

An unprecedented 7 Betin jackpot games ended in draws, a fact that saw many people get their predictions wrong on this specific jackpot. There were 4 away wins and only 2 home wins. This was a tough jackpot to win by all standards. We therefore congratulate the winner of this Betin jackpot, albeit a bonus. 

The sure Betin prediction for this jackpot was therefore to be: X212X21XXXX2X


Round 09.02. - 16.02.2019.

After almost a month of no winning, the Betin jackpot bonus was yet again won, this time, by 3 persons who predicted 11 Betin jackpot games correctly out of the possible 13. The 3 were awarded an impressive 191,666.67 KES each for their feat. 

Six of the 13 Betin jackpot games ended with home teams being victorious, 4 ended with away team wins and 3 ended in stalemates, or draws. This was a balanced jackpot, the reason 3 people correctly predicted it.

The very correct prediction for this jackpot was:



Round 11.01. - 19.01.2019.

After 1 week of no bonus, the Betin jackpot was yet again won in form of a bonus by 2 persons including myself. I can proudly say that I was amonth the 2 people who won a bonus of 192,500.00 KES for correctly predicting 11 out of 13 predictions on this date. My prediction was: 111222112X1X1

For almost a month by this date, there had been 4 consecutive Betin jackpots where home teams won disproportionately. There were 7 games that ended in a home win in this jackpot. 3 draws and 3 away wins were also recorded.

The sure correct Betin jackpot prediction was: 111122112X1XX


Round 29.12. - 05.01.2019.

11 correct Betin Jackpot predictions gave one single Kenyan an opportunity to win a cool 322,500.00 KES for being the only one who achieved that task. This was such a great way to start the year 2019.

Just like the previous jackpot, this Betin jackpot predictin was way easy since more home wins were recored. The participants however did not seem to take advantage since only one made the cut of 11/13 correct redictions. There were 7 home home wins, 2 away wins and 4 draws summing up the 13 Betin jackpot matches.

The sure Betin jackpot prediction was therefore: X1212111XX11X


Round 22.12. - 29.12.2018.

Asingle winner who predicted 11 out of 13 outcomes of the Betin jackpot walked away with a cool 300,000.00 KES on this particular week. There was no match that was cancelled and the jackpot was comprised entirely of English and Spanish teams.

Unlike the previous Betin Jackpot where there were a large number of teams that won while away, only 2 teams won while away on this particular jackpot. 7 other teams won while at home and 4 draws were recorded.

The Betin jackpot prediction was supposed to be: X11211X1X1X21


Round 15.12. - 22.12.2018.

Two persons managed to make 11 correct predictions for the Betin Jackpot on this weekend. The two were awarded 137,500.00 KES each for their prowess. They were the only winners of the Betin Jackpot. 

An unprecedented 8 away wins were recorded in this particular jackpot. There were only 3 home wins and 2 draws. This made thousands of the Betin jackpot analysis and predictions void since it is not normal for such a large number of away teams to win in any league or tournament, let alone in the Betin jackpot games.

The correct sure betin tips and predictions were therefore: 2X222212X1221


Round 08.12. - 15.12.2018.

A total of 220 people won the Betin jackpot on this dates. 34 of them shared 81,000.00 KES thereby walking away with 2,382.35 KES each. Another larger group of 186 people shared 40,500.00 KES for correctly predicting 7 of the 13 betin jackpot matches. Each one of them was therefore rewarded a rather unimpressive 217.74 KES. The Betin prediction for this jackpot was quite poor, the reson even people with as little as 7 correct predictions were awarded.

A jaw-dropping 4 games were cancelled on this particular weekend. The cancelled matches were:

  1. Caen Vs Tolouse

  2. Nantes Vs Montpellier

  3. Amiens Vs Angers

  4. Guingamp Vs Stade Rennes

Of the remaining 9 matches, 4 ended with home wins, another 4 with away wins and only a single draw was recorded.


Round 01.12. - 08.12.2018.

A whole 82 people gave correct predictions for the Betin Jackpot in this particular week. Using Surebet prediction, the 82 were awarded according to their performance in the Jackpot. 

One lucky person won 300,000.00 KES for correctly predicting 10 jackpot games.

There were also 13 people who gave correct predictions for 9 of the 13 games and therefore won 13,461.54 KES each while a whole lot of 68 people won 1,286.76 KES for 8 correct Betin jackpot prediction.

It helped that as many as 3 games were voided in this leg of the Betin jackpot. The cancelled games were Angers Vs Borseaux, Nimes Vs Nantes and St Ettiene vs Marseile.

The reason for the game cancellation are covered on this blog post we posted on our blog during this time. Below are the correct Betin predictions that won.

Of the 10 valid Betin jackpot games this particular weekend, 5 won while at home, 3 won while away and there were two matches that ended in a draw. The other 3 games were cancelled.

The teams that won at home include  Brighton, Cardiff City, West Ham, Hertha Berlin and Chelsea. Tottenham, Atalanta and Wolves won while away. The match between Valencia nad Sevilla ended in a (1-1) draw while that between Sassuolo and Fiorentina ended in a draw of (3-3).

The correct prediction for this Betin jackpot was therefore: 111X11--2X22-


Round 10.11. - 17.11.2018 of the Betin jackpot was a blessing for 3 Kenyans who won Betin jackpot bonuses. The best winner gave correct predictions for 12 of the 13 outcomes and therefore walked away with a cool 290,000.00 KES.

There were also other 2 winners who correctly predicted 11 of the 13 games' outcomes. They shared a Betin bonus of 145,000.00 KES. Each one of them therefore walked away with a mouth-watering 72,500.00 KES. Below is a breakdown of the correct game results for the Betin Jackpot on this particular leg.

Just like in the previous Betin Jackpot results, the home teams carried the day by the majority in this Betin Jackpot. There were 6 home wins, two draws and 5 away wins. The draws were greatly outnumbered in this particular jackpot just as away wins did in the previous. Only Exer City and Northampton drew alongside Italy and Portugal.

Burton Albion, Shrewsbury, Crewe, Grimsby Town, Newport County and Spezia all won their matches at home. Blackpool, Sweden, Scotland and Barnet launhed successful campaigns against respective hosts to win while away. The Correct Betin Jackpot prediction for this round was therefore: 1121X112X2122.


The Betin jackpot produced a jackpot bonus winner in the round of 3rd to 10th November 2018. Bonus was won by only one person who made a Betin prdiction of 11 out of 13 outcomes correctly. The bonus amount was 120,000.00 KES. Below are the correct outcomes for the Betin jackpot for this round.

The above table clearly shows the correct results of the jackpot matches for this round. There were 6 home wins, 5 draws and just 2 away wins. This was an easy jackpot to win since we are wired to predict more home wins and less away wins.


The Jackpot bonus winner got it right and sine it is not expected that the punter would include less than 2 away wins, it therefore stands that the draws are the ones which let him or her down in this jackpot. We congratulate the winner of this Betin jackpot and urge them to continue using Surebet for their Betin jackpot analysis and predictions.

The correct Betin jackpot prediction for this round was: X1X2X1121X11X

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