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Basketball predictions and tips are forecasts and insights of possible outcomes for upcoming basketball matches for betting purposes. Sure basketball predictions or tips refer to forecasts made about the outcomes of a match that are so certain that they have no or limited chances of losing out. The predictions are the outright forecasts of results based on exert analysis while the basketball tips are pieces of useful advice from experienced betting experts meant to enable you make informed decisions when placing bets in the basketball matches.

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Surebet gives some of the best basketball predictions and tips to help you win big everyday in betting. Many tipsters do not involve in basketball prediction due to the complexity involved and since they think most people are only interested in football betting tips.

Truth is, basketball predictions can be as profitable as or more profitable than the football sure bet tips. What’s more, due to a smaller number of people using sure bet predictions for basketball, the odds on the basketball betting platforms are more realistic and therefore more profitable. There is also less chance for odds manipulation and psychological tricks employed on football betting platforms.

Done well, basketball predictions can generate massive profits for the user in a way most sports cannot manage.

Below are today's free basketball predictions:



This basketball Betting market gives you a chance to bet on either of the 2 teams winning the match. The home team's win is denoted by 1 while 2 denotes an away team win.

Whenever the teams are playing on neutral ground, the team listed first is deemed the home team


You can place a bet for either of the teams to win after applying a handicap of 0.5,11.5...9.5 points. I this case therefore, you bet for one team to win by a certain margin as opposed to the outright win. For more information visit the football handicap predictions page. Handicaps in football or any other match work in an almost similar manner.


You can bet on the total number of points to be scored by both teams in a basketball match. You can, for instance, predict over 179.5 or under 179.5 points to be scored in total. Below is a list of other sample bets you can place for a basketball game:

Over/Under 181.5 points

Over/Under 183.5 points

Over/Under 185.5 points

Over/Under 187.5 points

Over/Under 189.5 points

Over/Under 191.5 points


3-way First Half - Here, you can predict if the home team or away team will win or if the match will end in a draw. It is similar to the 3-way final results predictions except these predictions are made for the first half of the match. The first half of a Basketball match has 2 quarters each 10 minutes long.

First half handicaps - These are predictions that involve giving a point advantage to the weaker team before the match starts. They are similar to Asian handicaps in football predictions.. An example of first half handicap predictions are (+1.5) or (-1.5).

Total points first half  - Here you predict the number of points to be scored during the first half. The choices available are usually over 91.5 points and under 91.5 points.


Highest Scoring Quarter - You can predict the quarter during which the highest number of points will be scored in a basketball match. The first and second quarter are the ones usually with the highest points on average. The odds for the first 2 quarters are therefore smaller compared to the third and fourth quarter. According to research, the third quarter usually records the lowest number of points in most matches.

Over/Under Quarter time predictions - You can predict the number of points for each quarter using the over and under cut-offs. The cut-offs are not fixed or identical. Below is a typical over/under cutoffs for the 4 quarters of a Basketball game:

  • 1st Quarter - Over/under 46.5 points

  • 2nd Quarter - Over/under 44.5 points

  • 3rd Quarter - Over/under 42.5 points

  • 4th Quarter - Over/under 44.5 points

Quarter Handicap predictions

You an also predict the handicap results for each quarter of a basketball game.

These quarter handicaps are usually (-0.5) and (+0.5).


Home Team over/under predictions - This gives you an opportunity to predict the number of points for each team using over and under cut-offs. Below is a list of a typical options available for the home team in this betting market:

  • Over 89.5 points

  • Under 89.5 points

  • Over 91.5 points

  • Under 91.5 points

  • Over 93.5 points

  • Under 93.5 points

Below is a typical list of under/over cut-offs for the match above, but for the away team involved:

  • Over 86.5 points

  • Under 86.5 points

  • Over 88.5 points

  • Under 88.5 points

  • Over 90.5 points

  • Under 90.5 points


You can predict the margin by which a team will win. Below is a list of typical predictions you can make for a match:

  • Home by 1-5 points

  • Away by 1-5 points

  • Home by 6-10 points

  • Away by 6-10 points

  • Home by 11+ points

  • Away by 11+ points

Each of these options will depend on the strength of the teams involved. The stronger the team the higher the margin by which they are expected to win.

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